An Unconventional Path Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The Divine Unknown

As she made her way to the car she glanced behind her. Her husband of 4 years and her children playing in the background.

Her eyes began to fill with tears and she felt nervous. She had no idea what was waiting for her or what it would require. Her body felt tense and she felt afraid. Even though she knew everything was going to be ok, suddenly it didn’t feel so easy.

It had been almost 5 years since she had fallen on the floor and Sue found her. She knew at this moment she was going to be asked to go ‘there’ again.

‘There’ is an interesting place she thought to herself as she continued to follow the man in the Brioni suit.


Wherever she was meant to go. She knew she would.

Yet, as she continued her feet felt heavy. She stopped for a moment not wanting to move.

She had followed her soul before why was this feeling so hard?

She smiled at the question.

She knew that following her souls calling was about faith and it frustrated her that she was reacting this way.

Don’t I know better? She whispered barely loud enough to hear.

The man in the Brioni suit turned around and smiled at her. She still didn’t know who he was exactly, but she knew enough.

He was kind, gentle and also firm. To her, he represented a powerful masculine in a GQ outfit. She laughed, could it be that her guardian angel was this hot man?

She laughed again, humor was always a resolve in times like these.

She realized she was still standing in one spot. The man came towards her and reached out his hand and she saw a slight mark on his wrist.

She wanted to reach back, but she felt so afraid.

This is ridiculous, she thought to herself.

I have done this before, I should know better, I know everything will be ok, why am I reacting like this?

Not realizing that she had been talking out loud, the man in the suit responded.

“What you are experiencing is normal. Your physical form is reacting to a deeply seeded karma. It is normal to feel a bit paralyzed as you open and surrender. You are aware inside of your body that karma is being brought forward for you to heal. In this healing, you will experience a choice to let go or hold on.”

She felt the impact of his words. And although she didn’t fully understand, she could feel in her body a powerful truth.

“What do I do then, she asked tenderly?”

Now he knew she was ready.

“Ah you see, that is where you require to begin. To be open to not knowing. When one is being asked to grow and the ego responds with the need to KNOW what to do, you will be blocked. You must surrender into the Divine Unknowing, just as you did the first time.”

She smiled, it made sense and it still felt scary.

“I am scared,” she said.

He looked at her with understanding eyes.

“I know, I know.”

She looked at him and she felt her heart begin to open in a new way.

Words began to form inside of her…

“I surrender to the divine unknowing, lead me.”

She opened her eyes and saw a shimmer of light in front of her. It was so beautiful. It glimmered and glistened like a lake. She could move again and began to walk towards it.

As she moved closer she saw the faint mist of a waterfall beckoning her forward.

“It is ok, you are safe.” She heard the faint voice of the man in the suit she had come to trust.

She walked forward and into the slight mist.

She was gone.