Training 1 – An Unconventional Path

Chapter 8:

your unconventional path

An author’s notes on how I personally follow an

unconventional path by finding my Soul-Led focus and

experiencing some of my wildest dreams…

As I sit here and write to you, I’m touched by my surroundings. I would never have thought I would be here today.

In fact, if I had gotten every MY way..I wouldn’t be here today. Thank God I didn’t have my way…

Instead, I was led down an unconventional path.

My intention in sharing this letter with you is to open up to a new level of honesty both together and also inside of yourself.

I will share with you how I’ve utilized an unconventional path again and again in my life to live out my Soul’s Purpose, AND how you can too!

Sometimes we feel like God/Spirit/Universe is missing in action, that our lives are HARD…

Sometimes life hurts…

Sometimes we feel lost, confused, angry, jealous, scared…

Sometimes we doubt things…including ourselves.

I GET it! And I want you to know I really get it…

I feel so many women are over the hype, over the million and one things to do and just…over ‘it’ in general. The constant push inside to strive, to prove, to validate their worth.

There is a deeper knowing inside, a deeper, more reliable and sustainable truth.

Are you over trying to prove yourself?Are you over trying to force your life? Are you tired (exhausted) of feeling like you are doing all the ‘right’ things but not getting where you desire?

Real women are ready
for a different conversation altogether.

Enrollment Opens January 14th

What if you followed your deep inner knowing without second guessing yourself?

When you gift yourself permission to follow what is true for you (really true), your life shifts.

Here’s the thing….

You may have a hard time even knowing what your truth is. Or maybe you think you know, but you have a hard time honoring it.

To make things even more complicated, your truth is often buried under a bunch of ‘shoulds.’

Which means that even if you feel you are following your truth chances are it may still be clouded with the safety of what you think you should want/have/be.

Your truth is often ‘hidden’

(sometimes even from yourself)

So how then do you know, really KNOW?

Ok, let’s get real.

The KNOWING you have been taught to rely on is often not your REAL KNOWING.

I used to think that if I was following my “correct” path, I would feel so confident inside I would KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that whatever I was intending was right/correct/aligned/best for me…

So I would wait to make decisions until I KNEW they were right(holding pattern anyone?)

WHY do we do this?

Because the ego LOVES certainty. So very often, we (and this happens to the most spiritual of us btw) think we have to have ALL the answers before we can make movement in our lives.

So we PLAN. We think the plan will guarantee us what we want.

The ego LOVES a 100% iron-clad guarantee.

Guess what?

It doesn’t exist!


I know, I hear you…

It can be hard to let go of that level of control and admit inside that you really don’t know (at least not the way your ego would like you to know.)

So great, where does that leave you?

You are seeking a different type of ‘knowing.’

The knowing that you are seeking is a Faith-Based Knowing.

I will share with you more about Faith-Based knowing tomorrow and how this is different from what you are used to.

Let’s recap for today.

1. Begin to feel the difference between the plan you have set for yourself and the process your soul is asking you to uncover.

2. Begin to consider that you may be overly attached to aspects of your life, your identity and what you want (it is ok, believe me, I have lots of experience with this;)

3. Look at yourself and your life, see if there are areas you feel you have to control or else???? Just notice which areas those are…

Meet me back here tomorrow and I will share with you about Faith-Based knowing and how it connects you to your unconventional path.