An Unconventional Path Training 2

Chapter 8:

your unconventional path

An author’s notes on how I personally follow an

unconventional path by finding my Soul-Led focus and

experiencing some of my wildest dreams…

The knowing that you are seeking is a Faith-Based Knowing.

A faith-based knowing is a feeling, a connection, a relationship inside that sounds a bit like this…

“I really don’t know what is in my highest good, what I DO know is that whatever happens, I will be ok. In fact, whatever happens really is in my best interest.”

ugghhhhhh totally frustrating right?

I mean come on just tell me if it’s going to work or not. Then I can save myself the pain, the despair, the doubt, the…


You see all of what you experience, all of it…is guiding you somewhere special.

Your unique, unconventional path is being laid out for you
in every given moment.

An unconventional path is a way for you to reach your highest level of transcendence, evolution, and fulfillment as a soul. The path that your soul requires to take evolve, remember and recognize itself fully.

The very essence of an unconventional path is that it may seem that you are actually going OFF course.

At least for a while.

It may even be that you are going in the ‘wrong’ direction at times.

So if it is true that your soul has a path, if it is true that there is a unique unfolding of you in this lifetime, AND if it is true that your life is orchestrated in a way that supports your highest good…

What is left for you to DO?

I mean come on, you have to DO something right?


Yes and No.

Let’s start with the no.

No, you don’t have to chase it, force it, push it, make it…In fact that will typically bring you further away.

The Yes is…

All about




You must identify the difference between a personal focus and a Soul-Led focus in your life so you can get what you want and more….

What is a personal-led focus?

This is a focus based on your ego’s idea of what needs to happen in order for you to get what you want. Let me be clear this ISN’T a bad thing. In fact, committing to a personal focus can sometimes (not always) get you what you want. Yet, it doesn’t get you what you NEED.

A personal focus is limited.

How do you know if you are chasing

a personal focus?

If you are overly attached to the results. If you feel inside of yourself that x needs to happen in order for y to happen and in a specific ORDER.

In a sense, you put blinders on. You create your OWN path, your OWN way.

Yes, yes, this is very feminist of you, and I applaud your drive…


It is limited, and it is EXHAUSTING.

Here is the thing.

A personal focus usually makes a lot of practical sense. It is very logical. It is a plan that you can sink your teeth into. And you like a plan; it makes you feel safe…

For example,

I want to have a baby, I can not have a baby naturally so I am going to do an IVF cycle and that way I can have a baby.

I have no idea where that example came from, but that gives you an idea.

Here is another one…

I feel whole and complete when I am in France. Therefore, I must live in France for the rest of my life to feel whole and complete…

Another random example, so bear with me…

Right now think about your own ‘limited’ beliefs on the HOW you can get what you want…

Think about something you have wanted in your life for a long time.

Maybe it’s a soul mate.

Maybe it is to travel the world.

Maybe it is to start your business.

Maybe it is to write your book…

Whatever it is, bring it forward for yourself right now.

Now think about the LOGICAL way you have thought you need to go about that a+b=c right?


But it should…right? It SHOULD work!

I mean come on God, I am doing all the ‘right’ things!!!!

…or maybe, just maybe, you are being asked to shift your focus

*If you are finding yourself longing for more in your life, or less in your life.

*If you are craving a shift, if the ‘thing’ you feel you want to experience in your life (husband, money, lifestyle, etc.) is not in your reality…

I am going to invite you to consider a

more effective approach.

Yes there is another way.

One that often alludes us (even the most evolved…

And I want to share it with you

I am inviting you to consider a Soul-Led focus…

So what is a Soul-Led focus?

A Soul-Led focus comes from a different place entirely. It comes from a place that feels illogical.

In fact, a Soul-Led focus might seem in complete contrast/opposite direction from where you want to go…but you feel CALLED.

You will want to argue with your Soul-Led focus.

It might go something like this…

“What the *&^& do you mean, leave Paris? Why would I do that? I LOVE Paris, I am whole here. What do you mean leaving will bring me into a greater sense of wholeness-are you nuts?”

(again random example)


If you are longing for a husband maybe your soul-led focus sounds something like this…

“What do you mean I should focus on my book? What does that have to do with finding a man? How could spending time on writing bring me any closer to a relationship? It doesn’t make SENSE!”

Yep, Oui, YES..your Soul-led focus will not make ‘sense.’ It may seem like you are going in the opposite direction of what you want at times.

Tomorrow I am going to share with you a special graphic I created to show the difference between a conventional and unconventional path. I will also be sharing with you what YOU can do about it!

For today spend some time with the following,

1. Feel into a time in your life when you were connected to Faith-Based knowing. (When you felt something was in your best interest without having all the answers.)

2. Feel into a time when you avoided your faith-based knowing and waited (and waited and waited…to have the ‘correct’ answers before moving forward with your life.)

Take 5 minutes and reflect upon these questions and I’ll share the Unconventional Path infographic that will help you see the power of your unconventional path.