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Author’s Notes
(The story behind the story)

It is my intention that you enjoyed reading this story as much as I loved creating it.  I created it for you and yet also for myself.

We received a lot of questions about the story and the power of this unfolding.

So why did I decide to do this?  How did I tap into my creativity this way, so quickly?  Was it easy, was it hard? (it was both BTW)

I decided it would be powerful to take you behind the scenes and share with you the story behind the story…

The idea to write a short story series was actually my husband’s idea.

After the sabbatical, I knew I wanted (and needed) things to be different for me inside of my business. I wasn’t sure exactly what that would look like (you will see that has been a HUGE theme in my life.)

I was ‘over’ doing things the same way.

We recently opened up our new Embody program and I was looking for a new way to share the transformation that is possible for you.  I felt like doing something new and fresh.

My husband suggested a short story to share and open to a deeper transformation both for you and for myself that would elegantly lead women who were ready and aligned to the program.

It sounded like a GREAT idea…at first.

I was excited to explore my writing again and so incredibly nervous.  It felt risky to share my writing.  It is a new level of vulnerability and challenge for me.

We ended up getting into a huge fight as soon as I started the story.


He had his idea of how it should go and I had mine.  In fact, he read the first two chapters and wanted to change it!  (I know the NERVE;)

He even wrote his own version of the first chapter.  WHAT?

Well, you might side with me here and say it was MY story…but what actually surfaced was the perfect opportunity for me to OWN what was coming through me and take a HUGE risk!

I even considered going with his version.

Actually what I think I exactly said was

“Fine, you *&^*^%$&% write it then!”

I required to breathe and OWN my unconventional path and my soul-led focus inside of this short story.

When I write my stories come alive, any direction of how I think things should go quickly disappears and I allow myself to write what is asked of me.

It may sound a little crazy, yet that is how it works for me.

So when my dear hubby wanted to know what was going to happen next and how I was going to allow the story to lead the transformation and the program. All I could say was… “I don’t know.”

My writing really is a reflection of how I live my life.

It must be ALIVE for me and many times (most often, always) I don’t know.

When I write there is a magic and a flow and I fall IN LOVE with the characters. I had no idea I could write something so short and have you connect so deeply.

I really thought in 7 days we would just skim the surface and at the end, I would share with you the opportunity for you to receive the fullness of the transformation through the Embody program.

Yet the story came alive and took on a life of its own.

If this story has resonated with you, it is time for you to honor your unique path.

You can join us here inside Embody and allow your unconventional path to reveal itself to you.

We are going to deepen this together.

It is now time to LIVE the story.

With love,

Tara Ann

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