Step 1 – What aspect of myself am I currently denying?

We rocked the boat a bit, and I’m soooo glad!  I’ve been easing out for sometime now and I’m done playing it safe.

For so long in my life I was afraid that other people (especially women) would think I wasn’t beautiful if I shared my full truth.

I was afraid if I stepped too far outside of the norm I would be abandoned, left behind, secretly laughed at, talked bad about…

Well, I did it anyway!  From moving to France with two little boys (which no one said I could do;) to growing a 7 figure business based on sensuality, beauty and the FemmeTypes™, to launching a fashion line and growing more and more into a beautiful marriage of 14 yrs… And now…taking new big steps that support my beautiful life–like taking my kids out of school!!!!

I share this with you because there is an ache and a longing inside us to live our most fulfilled lives.  And what we are called to create at every life stage of our Beautiful life changes.

Wherever you are in your life, it is time to stretch into the next stage of your Beautiful life and today I’m sharing HOW I did it and continue to do it!

And you can too.

I’ve NEVER shared this before–ever!

I’m sharing something with you today that will take your life to another level–and it’s my complete gift to you.

If you are feeling unsettled, unsatisfied, bored, or you’re aware you’ve outgrown your current life–THIS is for you;)

Welcome to Elegant Femme Beauty School–Step 1!

What aspect of yourself are you currently denying?

What does that mean?

The basis of our beautiful life is our FemmeTypes™.

Foundation of the FemmeTypes


  • Body image
  • Relationships
  • Enjoying
  • Pleasure

New Yorker

  • Organization
  • Power
  • Strategy
  • Prosperity


  • Balance
  • Calm
  • Peace amid the storm
  • Your Truth

The first step is to assess which aspect you are currently ignoring.

Right now–what aspect of yourself are you currently denying?

Is it your Indie…your Frenchie…or your New Yorker?

I want to hear from you! Write back and let me know!

PS. Next time I’ll be going deeper into the beauty equation!