The Story

The Story



My name is Tara Marino. If you’ve been around the Elegant Femme Community for long, you know I’m deeply committed to guiding women to discover and LOVE their authentic power by allowing their sensual femininity to lead the way.

Today, I have a very special invitation for you to meet me in San Diego, California, which I’ll tell you all about in just a moment.

First, I desire to share a little bit about WHY you should accept my personal invitation.

Today, I am blessed to enjoy a beautifully spirit-nourishing life with my husband and two little boys in the city of my dreams, Paris. And I am very grateful every single day. But it wasn’t always this way…


How a Mother’s Tragedy
Changed My Life

One of my greatest desires in life was to be a mother. I saw this as the pinnacle of my role as a woman. And soon after I married Dave, the love of my life, I was expecting our first child. We were ecstatic with joy. However, our joy and excitement abruptly became the greatest sorrow of our lives, when our one-week old infant son died in my arms from pneumonia.

As you can imagine, we were devastated. And for me personally, it was the beginning of a very dark journey to healing that took more than a year. During that terrible year, I felt lost, as if nothing I did would ever heal the depth of what I perceived as my failure as a women.

I didn’t care what I wore or how I looked. I didn’t want to care for myself in any way—after all, I had not been able to save my sweet little son, so what did it matter? I was more than hard on myself. I was angry and bitter. In fact, I felt utterly victimized and powerless.

But Along The Way, Something Miraculous Happened…

I began to realize that while the loss of my precious son would always be part of me, there was also a healing, learning, and EVOLVING that was unfolding within my heart. Slowly the pieces started coming back together again. And as they did, I noticed three distinct aspects emerging that were essential parts of myself as a woman. The process became so engaging that I even started journaling and dressing from theperspective of these aspects. I began calling them…