What’s it About

What is Beautiful for Life about?


for life is about



You are personally invited into the most remarkable, life-changing,
and LOVING experience you will ever have at a dynamic,
“women only” event in San Diego, California…

It’s All About YOU! As you will soon see for yourself, Beautiful For Life will be a catalyst for transformational breakthroughs, clarifying
insights, newfound freedom to “BECOME”, and fabulous FUN!

When you let your deepest desires lead the way, you recognize that the greatest gift you can give yourself is a commitment to your unique evolution as a woman. Unlike typical conferences or seminars, Beautiful For Life stands uniquely apart from “average” as…

An Unforgettable, Extraordinary Experience

let’s start with a
spectacular location!

From Saturday May 16th through Monday, May 18th, we will gather at an absolutely one-of-a-kind luxury
beachfront hotel in beautiful San Diego, California.

All will be revealed when you register for the event, but for now love the fact that this unforgettable location
is right on one of the most gorgeous beaches in Southern California.


EVENT Beautiful For Life – An Elegant Femme Live Event
LOCATION Sunny San Diego, California
DATES Saturday 16th – Monday May 18th
ARRIVAL Arrive on Friday May 15th and enjoy the beautiful weather
DEPARTURE The experience will end at or before 6:00 pm on Monday, May 18th
HOTEL You will receive all the details after you register. This is not a “conference” hotel
This is an elegant, beautiful location you will not want to leave.
AIRPORT San Diego International Airport (SAN)


And Now It’s YOUR Turn!


From the moment you receive my elegant surprise welcome gift, to the last moment of the treasured time we’ll share
together, YOU will experience the kind of luxury and beauty you deserve!


Here’s What You Can
Look Forward To


I’m known for luscious surprises at ALL of my events, and this will be no exception. From the moment you enter our elegant space, you will be transported to an almost magical place of beauty, luxury, and elegance.

Even better, you will find the safe harbor you need to grow into your next stage of evolution as a woman with complete trust and confidence in the process.

It’s safe to say, you will not have experienced anything like this before.

Beautiful For Life is not a conference or seminar where you sit obediently being talked at while you try to stay awake.

Beautiful For Life is a completely embracing EXPERIENCE, created to ALLOW you to luxuriate into the sensual unfurling of your unique essence.

As you will soon see for yourself, the experience is intensely pleasurable, richly rewarding, and positively electric with possibility! But that’s just the beginning as we continue on to…


3 glorious days of…
powerful elegant femme

taraatbeachSilky, sensual sand between
your toes as you… FREE your spirit in an amazing way!

I don’t want to take away from the surprise of this, but suffice to say, you will find it unforgettable and life changing as you feel the fresh salty breezes caressing your face, and the soft sand kissing your toes! Ooh-la-la, another surprise! You’ll just have to be there to see what I have up my silky sleeve. It’s all about merging mesmerizing womanly beauty with astounding success. You’ll see…

taraatstageShared success from the Creme de la Femme’s including… Motivation, confirmation, affirmation & fun!

There is a certain “breed” of women I adore spending time with. Women who are positive, committed to their own evolution. Women who KNOW they are meant for BIG things. Women, very likely, like YOU! If you are tired of the stereotypical scene of “competitive women who walk over each other in 5” heels to get to the top” you are in for a huge sigh of relief.

fuggingAnd best of all, the enduring gift of forever friendships & conscious connections…

At Beautiful For Life you will find supportive, generous, loving, and caring women who understand the importance and value of creating an enduring support system of FRIENDS who are there for you over time.

If you will open yourself to the experience of warmth, caring, and trust, you will soon discover the power women can share. It’s as beautiful and fulfilling as this…

How is Beautiful for Life going to transform your life and
assist you in creating your OWN beautiful life?