Your Life Transformed

Now that you know your FemmeTypes…
how do you integrate them
into your life?

your life transformed

The power of attending Beautiful for Life doesn’t fade away after you return home. In fact, it GROWS. The lasting transformations that are born from Beautiful For Life are mind blowing. Not only are they powerful, the beautiful benefits grow organically beyond your wildest dreams as you continue to evolve with your FemmeTypes™. Here are just a few of the amazing “after glow” benefits of BFL…

At this point, it’s possible that right now you may still be wondering…

will elegant femme’s
beautiful for life
help you?

I totally understand this question. Remember, I have had my share of struggles too, even to the point of thinking I might never emerge from the dark days of despair. It’s an ongoing process, as we all continually EVOLVE together.

So let’s make this easy for you to determine OK? Here are some “clues” that may already be whispering to you saying…

  • You constantly find yourself feeling frustrated, unhappy, or exhausted. You know there has got to be a better way.
  • You realize you’ve lost your unique inner “spark”, perhaps even to the point of not knowing WHAT it is anymore.
  • You get the sense that struggle is your middle name—and it’s time for a change!
  • You feel confused about how to find “YOU” in the midst of all you do every day. You love your family and friends, but it’s time to put yourself first so you can blossom.
  • You long for passionate, lasting love with your current partner or are still waiting for your Soulmate to appear. You are not willing to settle or go through life alone anymore.
  • You want to reconnect with your feminine power and essence, and live life from your Divinely gifted womanly authenticity.
  • You are worn down from carrying a burden of unresolved guilt, shame, self-loathing, or blame. You feel in your heart that you were created for more than this—and deserve to be FREE of crippling, negative energy.
  • You’re afraid you are running out of time and will never fulfill your heart’s desire. You know the clock is ticking—and the time is NOW.
  • Or perhaps you are already “evolving” to the point you KNOW in the deepest part of your spirit that you are READY to take the next step forward!


how evolving your femmetypes
will transform your life


You begin honoring your body through acceptance with an unexpected result of losing weight, gaining fitness, feeling BEAUTIFUL as you, sometimes for the first time in years…

Your lukewarm or even rocky relationships regenerate into the kind of passionate, close bond you have always dreamed of…

Money appears almost out of thin air with new abundant opportunities flowing to you…

Depression, unhappiness, and frustration seem to fade away, with joyful anticipation and happiness taking their place…

Courage you never knew you possessed rises to the surface, enabling you to pursue desires you have longed for, but been too afraid to go after…

Exceptional healing occurs, from loss, sadness, heartbreak or betrayal. Finally, you see the sunshine of your life again…

Fear of rejection, abandonment, or simply running out of time transform into hope, optimism, and energized intention…

Uncertainty and insecurity are banished by growing self-confidence and clarity about your Divine perfection…


If even ONE (or more!) of these “clues” resonates with you, the only answer is…


Elegant Femme’s Beautiful for Life Is Perfect For You
And NOW is exactly the right time to turn up your vibration and embrace your true essence.
Together, We Will Step Into Your Elegant Femme
Power and Light…

This is YOUR time to shine…YOUR time to fully reveal and align with your Divinely gifted feminine power.

Celebrate The Brilliance Of YOUR Radiance At Beautiful For Life…

What more is there to say but this?

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequte. Our deapest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves: ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’
Actually who are you not to be?

Marianne Williamson


I’ve seen it time and time again…you truly ARE powerful beyond measure IF you will ALLOW yourself to be.
However, sometimes the ALLOWING gets shouted down by those deepest fears…
so let’s look at how you can take back your power right now…


Turn 3 Tired Old Fears Into

So You can Live, Love
and Thrive

Through working with thousands of women all over the world, I have found three common threads of FEAR rising
to the surface when it comes to committing to your amazing potential.

You may be hearing one of these three fears beating the drum right now—and it’s holding you back
from stepping into your authentic self.

It’s crucially important for you to take your fear and DISSOLVE it with a new FABULOUS
intention that sends fear packing once and for all.

For one thing, this “fear stuff” is OLD news. It’s draining, it’s disempowering, and it’s a pack of downright LIES you are
playing like a broken record in your head.

It’s long past time for a change!

And it’s as simple as making an intentional shift from fear to FEARLESS FABULOSITY, just like this…


So Now, I Ask You To

Speak Your Truth…

What would it be be like to rise to your full potential, with the full loving support of a community
of like-minded conscious women who totally “get” you?
How would it feel to allow the hopes, dreams and desires you’ve been carrying unfulfilled
since you were a little girl to become your living, breathing reality?
What would it mean to know at your deepest core that you are finally on the path you were meant for, before it’s too late?
It’s An Experience Beyond Measure
And I want you to have it. All this and more is available to you at Beautiful For Life.
It is my intention to make this as affordable and achievable for you as possible.
Yes, it IS an investment in yourself. One that will pay you back many, many times over in a multitude of ways.
One that will sustain and support you long past the more fleeting things in life we often throw money away on.
It’s all about CHOICE. You have the power.
It’s Time To Elegantly Flex Your Feminine Muscle
You are now at a crossroads. You can either continue to settle for less by doing the same things
you’ve been locked into for years, with more of the same disappointing results you are getting now.
Or you can make a loving, intelligent, thoughtful decision to love yourself enough
to step into MORE by growing into your unique destiny.
Give yourself the greatest gift by registering right now.
I understand you may still have some uncertainty about whether or not Beautiful for Life is right for you…
I intend to remove every possible barrier so you may gift yourself this experience without guilt or remorse.
The biggest risk we take is not making the shifts we know we require in our lives.
Let’s work together to make TODAY the day you commit to YOUR beautiful life.
I am 100% confident that Beautiful for Life will assist you in creating YOUR beautiful life…so here is what I guarantee.



I truly fell madly in love with my body and to know Spirit on a deeper level. I had no idea Tara was going to go as deep as she did. It was really a spiritual, as she did and I’m so grateful for that.


Beautiful for Life was an amazing experience – beautiful and elegant but also so profound and transformational.
Since the Beautiful for Life I have felt incredible shifts in my daily life. I relate to myself in a much more loving and kind way. My interactions with loved ones have been wonderful. I show up as myself fully in my relationship and I have experienced so much more pleasure in my life every day since the event. I feel more connected to my Femme Types. I have finally been able to connect with my New Yorker, all her wisdom and strategic thinking, and as a result I do less and focus on my vision more. I feel calmer and I am experiencing a lot less confusion and scattered-ness (which has been a big issue for me for a while). I feel more beautiful, sensual and happy.


My life feels significantly different since BFL ended. I am taking more chances, trusting myself more, and relying less and less on the input of others. My vision for the future has become clearer and things have started to line up to lead me in that direction. I’ve been connecting with people more authentically and from a space of greater loving. I have been more patient and kind with myself. I am reacting to things differently, which already started before BFL thanks to the Indie program, but was really enhanced after being surrounded by so many supportive women in that magical environment. I am so incredibly grateful for the event, Tara, the entire EF team, and the other women there. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and I can’t wait to experience it again.