BFL Tour 2015


Live In Alignment with Your Truth & Beauty

Join Tara for this small, intimate event and learn to the Beauty Drop process for dropping in to your own truth – anytime you desire.

BFL tour stop LA only

There is a lot of talk about beauty, the media tells us what beauty should look like and we have made decisions about our own beauty growing up. Maybe we felt beautiful, maybe we didn’t…

I’m inviting you into a new element, called the BEAUTY DROP. Leave with new found awareness on how you can choose to embody beauty and what beauty can actually do for you in your life. I am NOT just talking about physical beauty, I am talking about how you embody your truth as a woman.

And here is a hint: It gets BETTER with age (no special creams required) 😉

Imagine not only feeling beautiful but KNOWING your beauty…

It’s time for you to embrace your beauty and your truth!

I’ll guide you personally through the Beauty Drop process and you will be stepping into a new way of embodying your truth. No more feeling self conscious, fearful of others approval or afraid to speak your deepest truth. It is time to embody who you really are and share the true aspect of you with the world.

Yes, You’ll be coached by me personally!



“Thank you for an amazing day at the Beauty Drop today, Tara. I’m so grateful to have you in my life and excited to see what is next!”

Carla Z.


“Thank you Tara. Your courage, strength, grace, honesty, and self-love amaze and inspire me to grow to the fullest. I realize and accept the fullness of who I am. I feel so much gratitude for this present moment. It’s truly a miracle.”

Rhina Ju


Together we’ll be spending 4 full hours defining beauty for YOU. You’ll receive all the tools you need to redefine it so you’ll KNOW how to be beautiful for life.

It is possible to be authentic, make an impact AND be feminine and I will show you how…

During this live event you will be guided by me as I share intimate details of my journey and show you how to once and for all embrace the life that has been calling you without sacrificing. You can have it all (you just need to get our of your own way and shift into evolution and away from achieving).

You will also have an opportunity to experience a 1:1 makeover with me, a Femme Spot, where I will assist you in discovering your unique FemmeTypes and what you can personally do to shift into the life you have been craving.

Are you ready to embody beauty as YOU?

Many say that entering into Elegant Femme is like coming into a secret society with a new language, a new way of being, a new way of doing and a new way of enjoying-I feel that it is true. We represent a “New Way of Every Day…” So if you are tired of trying to fit in and done with explaining yourself to others who don’t understand you, perhaps it’s time to connect with women who feel the way you do!





BFL tour stop LA only