The Coaching System

Femme Design Coaching explores the unique design of a woman and all of her facets. This system is designed to take women to the next level in their lives. After filling out a brief form and having an initial Femme Design assessment, we are able to see if the potential client is a good fit for our program. The women who are drawn to Elegant Femme are typically very unique. They have a sense that they need to play a bigger part in the world and may be experiencing a feeling of transition, and that something is missing in their lives. That “something” often manifests itself as a feeling or pull towards greater spiritually, a change in career and purpose, or an increased awareness in relationships.

We tend to attract very powerful women who have a deep desire to make a difference in the world. Once we have a match and feel confident that we can help our client achieve their design, we start the program right away. Elegant Femme Coaching comprises 12 sessions, once a week by phone with email support, weekly accountability forms and action steps.

Working one-on-one allows us to customize the program for each woman’s specific goals and inherent design. Some of the tools may be the same, but we guarantee that each woman’s experience is entirely unique to her journey.