Hear, Listen and Respond to your intuition with the confidence to receive your desires

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Receive Your Soul Opening
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Chère femme,

There is a place inside that knows...

You know you would feel the confidence you are seeking to say yes to your desired life

You know your intuition is strong.
You can feel it, and you know if you could listen. to it and trust it, your world would shift

You know you have all you require inside.
You know everything around you is a reflection of your inner world

And yet you find yourself still second guessing, still reacting in a way that doesn't fully serve you

You have created your life with your current level of confidence.
You know there is a life for you beyond what you have now.
You know if you believe it, trust it and allow it…


You require a new source of confidence
A confidence beyond your current set point
A confidence that activates the true resonance with your desires


A confidence that is sourced in intuition

Guidance that reaches beyond logic.

The ability to hear, feel and say yes to your intuition with pleasure.


No matter what


Honor your inner knowing and ability to make decisions truly in alignment with the highest good.

Receive Your Soul Opening
 3 Part Video Mini Series


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Bonjour, Chérie

I’m Tara

Frenchie, EnNeAgram 4, ManifestinG Generator, Author, Fashion Designer, Lover of beauty and soul

Elegant Femme was born when I healed my own relationship with desire. Miraculously, that journey revealed my life’s purpose–– to support women as they awaken the truth of their feminine souls.

This work is ethereal, it’s transcendent, it’s transformative. And you, too, can let go of unworthiness and guilt to reveal beauty and truth. Trust yourself, femme. You were created to experience the pleasure-filled life you desire.

Mentor, maman, & creator of the FemmeTypes that guide women to their most sacred & heartfelt desires.