Let’s Talk about THE NEW YORKER !

Lets talk about

The New Yorker

I want to share that context so you can begin to look at your life through a new, more
advanced lens and consider a new conversation between your Indie and New Yorker
that is available to you now.

Why it is critical to know your REAL NEW YORKER- consistently (not just the mere idea of her)

Here are two things you already know:

No. 1

Without her you are making things harder and more complex than they have to be.

No. 2

Your ego will also be attached to what you have to do to get what you want OR you fear you’re not able to do what is required so you do not allow yourself to take aligned action.

This actually STOPS YOU from feeling really, truly happy and satisfied with your life…and it is beyond exhausting. Truthfully I feel the more spiritual and connected you are the more diffiicult this is because you are already coming from a space of service and anting to assist the loving so it is a little bit of a cluster f when you realize that you are addicted to making is hard and complicated.

The reason this happens is because the faux new yorker receives value and importance by making it hard and begins to set up a case for you to feel justified to receive what you really want.

This context is FALSE.

Take a moment.
What is more present in your life?
Not enough aligned action?
OR Misdirected and complicated action?

Biggest fears of activating the real New Yorker I feel you are already aware of

These two actually lead to the largest underlying fear and faux which is the fear of being ALONE.

An INSYNC New Yorker knows when to REST and when to MOVE

Inside of the New Yorker context you must discern between making vs allowing at higher levels and be able to feel

what serves and what is forcing. This will require you to trust at new levels than ever before.

You must be willing to slow down and properly access.

The New Yorker is the key to the fullness of your femmes.

When you are aligned inside of your New Yorker energy,
your relationship with doing shifts from one of fixing and forcing and having to figure it all out
to one of facilitating and fulfillment.

I would LOVE to assist you in this next opening and support you in the final activation of your Femme layers.

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