Creme Preview Stories


– Christine Ford –
I joined the Crème because there was something inside me that knew this is where transformation happens.

Stepping into The Crème has been like coming home to my true self.

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– Joanna Oakley-Levstein –
The Crème program was a gift for me.

Today, I have evolved into the person I longed to be– ME, and I love being a Crème in my own life!

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– Dawn Infante –
The Crème program has changed my life!I have released old beliefs about myself and now know the beauty and truth of who I am! By choosing me and my desires first, I have abundantly more to give my children, my family and friends, and my husband-to-be!

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– Sheila James –

Before the Creme, I had been on a deep spiritual path of transformation for the previous 20 years and felt the group I had been studying with was missing something. I was missing something.

I have never experienced such a high level of conscious supportive women before the Cremes.

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– Ana Poirier –

I’m no longer trying to fit the mold that someone else creates or dictates.

I have really come to see what TRULY matters, and have begun to live my life from that space.

It’s worth its weight in gold.

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– Bonnie Tarantino –

Now that I am connected to this Crème evolutionary energy, I am part of a conduit for change that I had only imagined in my wildest dreams.

I almost doubled my income and ventured into things that really inspired me and sourced my desires.

In becoming a Creme, I feel that if I really want to reach for something I no longer have to do it alone or even wait.

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– Claire Brewster –

When I look in the mirror now – I see so much more love and beauty for myself –I love my Frenchie.

Cherish your evolution and create time for it in your life.

I am loving my evolution and loving seeing how the elements of the jigsaw in my life are coming together in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

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– Leslie Brice –

It was not that I did not have the extra money to invest; I did not have money, at all. . .

Saying yes to the Crèmes was the scariest thing I have done. . . .outside of my children, it was outside of giving birth to my children, it is also the most magnificent thing I have ever done.

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– Lori Elgin –

when Tara told me about the Creme it was exactly what I required; exactly where I required to be.

I love my body. I am loving me. My relationship with who I am is so amazing. I allow others to see me exactly as I am. I no longer have to hide.

There are a grace and beauty to my life I never knew was possible.

I have discovered the way to balance my big loves: my spiritual walk, my family, and friends, high-risk pediatrics, beauty & grace-coaching, speaking traveling and writing.

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– Rosemarie Beltz –

Accepting ME, Embracing me, Loving Me, Expressing me…Fuller, more meaningful, honest relationships. Courage.

The Crème is a program like no other – It brings together high vibrational women from ALL OVER THE WORLD, to share life, culture, support, love, and growth.

Being part of such a phenomenal group of women has really assisted me in stepping into the phenomenal woman I discovered in me – but kept hidden for fear of rejection.

I now own the woman I am and have fallen in love with ME. It is a priceless feeling of authentic, beautiful, elegant, effortless BEING and power (in an Indie way )

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– Carrie Dale –

Before joining The Crème, I felt like I was constantly searching, yet never truly feeling satisfied.

I am a writer and I struggle with finding the words to explain just how much being a Crème changed my life.

The Crème changed my life in profound, exquisite, magical, and miraculous ways:

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– Mital Khatri –

I have a totally new relationship with my body. I had struggled with body image since my teenage years, and now I feel more confident, accepting, and loving of my body than I did when I weighed 30 pounds less. I never thought I could feel so beautiful!

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– Lori Latimer –

The Crème has allowed me to trust myself, and my inner knowing, in ways I never knew was possible before.

The Crème has brought pleasure and joy back into my life in ways I had forgotten.

I no longer fear taking steps toward the things I desire because I know that I will receive exactly what I need, when I need it.

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– Marlene McNally –

For the first time in my life, I feel ‘at ease’ with who I am.

There is much more pleasure in my life. There has been a rebalance in my relationship with my husband which I thought was impossible.

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– Wiluya Graham –

The Crème changed my life. My life moved into more harmony and balance; towards authenticity, creative freedom, and confidence in my dreams and possibilities!

The Crème gave me tools to become whole.

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– Antiqua Lisha –

The Crème has helped me accept, love, cherish and admire my life. I get to choose how I enhance what is and always has been me.

I am confident. Secure in myself, even when the not- so-great happens…ready for the next phase of life…

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– Sonia Petecka –
I am more aware and awake than I ever have been before. I take care of myself and love myself more than I ever have before.

This year was truly amazing–I traveled around the world, I redefined my relationship with my mom, I made some amazing friends both in the Crème and outside of it.

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– Caroline Nasif –

Through the Crème I was able to both find myself and understand myself better than I ever had.With this new self-knowledge, I am excited to see what will unfold going forward.

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– Marcia Maunder –

Embracing and honoring my Frenchie has allowed me to receive more pleasure and power than I ever thought possible

The Rendezvous was one of the most delightful and deeply sacred experiences of my life.

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– Samantha Kennedy –

During the Rendez-Vous, I experienced healing on a level I never had before,and it was actually a profoundly pleasurable experience for me. Before that, I had always believed that healing had to be difficult and painful, but at the Rendez-Vous, I discovered that I could let go of what no longer served me in a way that felt expansive and joyful.

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– Valerie Fayard –

The Crème helped me connect to my true self.

The group support was something I had never experienced before at that level: so much love, trust, compassion, sharing and desire for evolution..

The Crème gave me the unique opportunity of being myself without justification and without asking for permission.

There I became visible, visible to myself.

I love myself more and more each day…

I know that this is only the beginning.

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– Kelly Greene –

In the Crème program, I discovered who I am.

I learned to tap into my deepest desires and to give myself permission to actually allow them to come true.

My life completely transformed during the program..

I feel alive, awake and engaged, and I love this way of experiencing life.

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– Jan Hoath –

I have never felt so supported and loved upon to own all of who I am, especially those less desirable parts, in a deeply self-loving way.

I doubled my business income.

I cleared out nearly $1 million worth of real estate and credit card debt

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– Rebeca Castella –

Now I…

  • Value myself so that I feel good about charging people for my offerings
  • Have the ability to make money through offering what I’m passionate about
  • Finding a deeper balance in my life between rest, play and work (being, enjoying and doing)

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– Jennifer Kronenberg –

Before joining Crème de la Femme, I felt like a race car in neutral, revving and spinning in circles and spewing exhaust everywhere..

The Crème program, with the help of Tara and my Crème sisters, helped me to be more balanced, fulfilled, happy, healthy and abundant. It helped me to discover myself, my true essence (which much to my surprise is Frenchie :), my desires, and my gifts.

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– Alicia Morrow –

Before the Crème, I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, resentful, and exhausted most of the time.

I felt trapped, disappointed in my life, and like I was a victim in my own story.

The Crème program has shown me that life can be easy, delicious, luxurious, and everything I could possibly want without limi

My business has more than doubled.

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– Julie O’Gara –

To describe my life after Crème, in comparison to before my Crème experience. Imagine your life black and white not knowing anything about color (even the possibility of color) and now the full on spectrum of color.

I have created the most amazing relationship with the man of my dreams.

I am standing on the Evolutionary Edge of where relationships are going and experiencing first hand what is possible.

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– Petra Ooms-

I learned to trust myself being me – without the war paint on.

Before I joined the Crème, I had just begun my journey into feeling alive again. I was severely depressed in the months prior, and was in denial about that until my senses had started to hurt so badly that it was unbearable.

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– Pasha Millican –

I’ve stopped trying to “fix” myself. Instead of trying to figure out how to “be” I began to practice the art of being. I have a deeper level of self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and self-love than I believed to be possible.

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– Shellie Nelson –

Since joining Crème I have opened to a new level of receiving with ease.

  • My six figure business nearly doubled…
  • My relationship with my life partner has deepened…
  • I feel a greater connection with my family…..
  • I love myself deeply…

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– Mayra Perez –

I am the co-creator of my life …My feminine energy is awakened. I feel in harmony and peace within me. I have a Sensual Life.

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– Natalia Shpek –

The Creme program helped me to be the woman I really am, it taught me how to shed the layers and shine my light. I no longer hide or adjust my real self. I accept and love myself more than I have even done before.

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– Tyla Fowler –

As a Crème, I’ve learned to love myself in ways I never thought possible. I’ve healed wounds that I thought would never heal. And I’ve let go of heavy burdens I wasn’t even aware I was carrying. I’ve come home to myself in a way I didn’t think possible.

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– Cami Elen –
From the moment I arrived at Rendez-vous, it felt like a mystical, magical fairy tale.
It truly was a once in a lifetime experience and I am forever changed.

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– Josephine Auciello –

I am re-connected with my true gifts and learning to use my healing gifts for the greater good of all.

These days I am feeling aligned, whole, ready to continually expand into my true potential, excited about the endless possibilities available to me and excited to be alive at this time on our planet.

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– Barbara Fedors –

I feel a much deeper stability and reference point of peace. Stepping up into fuller expression and being visible is the place to be and go.

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– Rachelle Raven –

I feel more empowered than ever.

I am finally embodying MY Beauty, MY Truth, My Sensuality and My Joy.

I’ve learned to create– from my natural essence–talks, products, and packages, that turn ME on, bring ME joy, and allow me to serve from the truth of who I AM.

Words just don’t do it justice… a woman requires to experience it…that’s the only way she’ll KNOW!

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– Stephanie Rosalee –

The Crème awakened my entire being. . . This was the best year of my life – seriously.

The Crème women helped me see that beauty is about embodying your Truth, in every way. Being a part of Tara’s Crème is refreshing, invigorating, supportive and powerful.

I get butterflies knowing that “the better it gets, the better it gets” … and it truly does!

There’s SO much to share … words cannot fully express the extent of the life transforming experiences and growth that opened up within the year.

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– Leslie Tolbert –

This experience has proved to be something even better for the highest GOOD of all concerned!

I take with me a newfound sense of self, a better relationship with my husband and a gaggle of new sisters that will be forever in my life.

This experience has proved to be something even better for the highest GOOD of all concerned!
It is an evolution that keeps giving.

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– Dana Canneto –

The Crème journey has been profound and way beyond what I ever expected. It has allowed me to break out of a protective shell I had been hiding in. It allowed me to see me for who I truly am and not who I thought I should be.

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– Karen Knowler –

Before Crème, in many ways, I still felt like a girl. After Crème, I feel like a complete woman..

I now truly feel and know that I can create whatever level and quality of life I desire for myself, as I continue to evolve.

At the end of my Crème experience, I am now completely on track and aligned with creating the next level of the life I want to live.

I am living the way I want to live, working the hours I want to work, creating the business I desire in order to do my biggest work in the world.

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– Justine Halliday –

I changed something very big in my life that I have wanted to change for a very long time. I moved through these changes with an internal steadiness and support that, on one hand feels miraculous, like I finally have that internal ballast that I had been searching for my entire life and on the other hand just feels so natural, like “wow, this is me, I am doing this”.

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– Haumea Hanakahi –

The Crème elevated my desires, my self-image, my authenticity, my experience saying “YES!” to myself.

I have lived with more courage in my interactions with others this year. And my holy dream of going to France was realized.

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– Aileen Smith –
I live my life with beauty, style, simplicity, peace, with passion and purpose.

There’s no push, no struggle, I am living my glorious life with full visibility and unlimited joy. All my life I’ve been a giver, and I am now a receiver and a giver in all aspects of my life.

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– Cassandra Thompson –
I feel like I have been reborn and have a clean slate to create my new life…

Now I know I can do ANYTHING as long as I trust myself and listen to my Indie, Frenchie & New Yorker.

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– Bella Verita –
My life as a Crème is luxurious…

  • I quadrupled my business in the 9 months.
  • I traveled more than I ever have in my entire life.
  • I have several successful businesses.
  • I allow myself to enjoy the beauty life has to offer.

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– Diana Barrett –

Everything in my life has changed since the Creme… EVERYTHING!

It feels like a whole new life. I am a very different person and showing up very differently than before joining the Crème.

It feels like I need to pinch myself daily in order to remind myself that this is indeed MY real LIFE and not A DREAM!

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– Tamara Curtis –
I knew in that moment, that creating the sacred space for women to connect to their own light is what I am meant to do.

I am creating magic and wonder.

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– Marie-Catherine De Bodinat –
I’ve let go of many veils about myself, my story (history), my life. My biggest change is the way I relate to myself–I’ve started loving myself.

After Crème de la Femme, I’m own who I am. I listen to myself and am moving to a new place that feels good. I live my life FULLY.

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– Rachel Stivers –
This has brought freedom, openness, and freshness into not just my relationships, but my entire life

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