Embody Evergreen Sales 2021

Bonjour femme…

I know your deepest desires…

You are longing

For a life that reflects ALL of who you are… to stop chasing, proving

Yes you have had success in your life. And yet you are not feeling the level of fulfillment you expected.

You are longing to Follow YOUR PURPOSE daily instead of feeling stuck in the day to day cycle of mediocrity, numbing out and pretending that you are fully satisfied

You are longing to KNOW that you are here for a reason

YOUR VERY OWN Raison d’être…

And you catch a glimpse of it sometimes…

Mais…you are second guessing yourself

Wondering if you are going in the direction you are meant to…

Feeling like the path that is actually pushing your desires further away

Feeling confused, lost and even ashamed (you’re a spiritual girl you should know this right now right?)

Does this sound like you?

  • You have been playing small for years and it’s hurting so badly (some days are worse than others)
  • You feel lost and disconnected from your purpose and secretly know you are waiting for someone else to give you permission to live the life you desire, maybe your partner, or your parents, or God?
  • You sometimes go through your day with a heavy heart, feeling a conflict between the way you want your life to look and the way it really does? (And yet you feel guilty because you have SO much to be grateful for…)

Do you secretly worry if you don’t do something soon you will feel trapped for good?

It’s painful, right?

When I signed up for Embody last year, I was at a crossroads…

“When I signed up for Embody last year, I was at a crossroads. I was feeling a myriad of things – overwhelm, disconnection and confusion over what I was supposed to “be”. I felt like I was wasting time and needed to go faster and figure it all out, but my body was saying, “STOP. Slow down. You need to listen to yourself.” Then Embody came into my life.
Only by slowing down and working on myself was I able to get out of my rut. Embody helped me start that journey.”

– Vicki Hitchcock


What would it be like to…

  • Wake up every morning being filled with purpose and passion for who you are and what you do
  • Know you are in alignment with your deepest purpose
  • Move through your day confident, aligned and feminine following your intuition knowing it is guiding you exactly as it should
  • Trust yourself implicitly and open your heart to even more abundance, more grace and more love
  • Allow yourself the experiences, the joys, the exciting adventure of your life and let go of the force, the have to and the supposed to’s…

“Before Embody I was at pivotal year in my career growth. I was named to one of the most senior positions at the international newspaper where I work, I’d traveled to more than 20 international cities, was featured as a thought-leader
in several publications and headlined conferences worldwide.

And yet, I felt overwhelmed, oversaturated, burned out and out of touch with my body, relationships and true calling. I’d been busy on the achievement rollercoaster, working to achieve the goals I thought I SHOULD achieve, but had given little time or thought to what my soul desired for me.

Giving myself the gift of the Embody program helped me learn how to create space in my life for the quiet self-exploration I needed to clarify what I require.

During the program I uncovered my Soul-Led focus and I

*began working with a writing coach and am working on a plan to publish my memoir, which I have been “wanting” to write for years

*began working out with a trainer to lose weight and gain muscle (nearly ten pounds down already!);

*started communicating with my husband in a brand new way that centers on honesty, openness and vulnerability; and joined the Creme (but that’s ANOTHER story for another time).

Through the program, I have learned a new framework and process for staying in conscious contact with my soul’s calling and am practicing that every single day, with gratitude, respect and commitment to living my life’s desires

– Carla

If you…

  • Secretly worry that you are worth more but you are afraid that…if you say what you really want, you will seem ungrateful or selfish
  • Feel like there is an invisible ceiling on your life, and no matter how hard you work on yourself or how many coaching programs you take you feel like it’s not available to you?
  • Feel you are feeling trapped in a life that is low vibe? Less than what you deserve and Desire? Are longing an ache to uncover your Soul’s calling

I want you to take a breath and really hear me

You are not crazy, it is not too late and your best life is NOT behind you…

What you are feeling is real…

Your soul is calling you…


Mais…where do you start

Today is the start of this conversation into your truth, into your Beauty…

Into the places inside of you that long to experience the fullness of who you are.

Recognize you are stuck in a life that does NOT fully reflect all of who you are!

So you end up…
  • Feeling a little nagging inside, but you can’t put your finger on what it is
  • With some (or a lot) success in your life, but something still feels incomplete
  • Longing for something in your life–and have for a long time (husband, body shift, abundance, etc.) and the MORE you focus on it, the harder you try…the further away it feels.
  • Feeling like you are moving backward–away from what you really want–yet, you are DOING all you can to make it happen
  • Deflated, tired, ‘over it’–and if you admit it to yourself–a bit desperate
  • Angry (maybe even angry at God- and you are a pretty spiritual person!)
  • Feeling confused and out of options.

So how do you uncover your

Souls purpose?

Real Women…


Introducing Embody

The only 6 week program that shows you how to embody your being and move from a medicore existence to a full on

OUI OUI on purpose life!

EF Logo

I customized this 6 week program so you can clearly identify your next level (and follow it confidently) instead of wandering down path that is build on should’s and have-to’s

So what is the process?

The Embody program consists of 6 modules that support the foundation of your next level Including identifying your Soul-Led focus so you can spend time on what matters most AND a customized plan for you to follow your desires so you can
life life in alignment with your deepest truth.


The process starts with

The Embody Equation.

You will be brought through a STEP by STEP process and have your Soul-Led focus revealed to you

  • Uncover your Soul-led focus through the Embody Equation so you know where to put your time and energy (and stop feeling drained and confused about your life)
  • Your unconventional path will be revealed to you, so you can stop chasing and forcing your life
  • You will have CLARITY about WHICH actions are truly yours to take…NOW

Inside of The Embody Equation you will be guided through a process called

“The Beauty Truth Analysis.”

  • Beauty truth analysis process so you can MAKE sure this is your truth, and let go of any should’s or have-to’s that have derailed you in the past
  • You will have CONFIDENCE and COURAGE at this stage
  • Plug into a more aligned and easy power for your Soul-led focus

This is really important, your Soul-Led focus changes based on what you require to learn to receive the highest level of fulfillment, peace and alignment.



Trust & Permission

into your Soul-Led focus.


  • Know WHAT to do or not do to honor your unconventional path.
  • Take aligned actions towards your Unconventional path (without second guessing yourself!)
  • Trust yourself at higher level than ever before to move towards your quantum leap!


The Femmetypes are the most effective way to integrate, honor and experienceyour beautiful self

Be fearlessly authentic and receive what you desire

(without feeling guilt, overwhelm, or shame)


Every woman has three aspects (Indie/Frenchie/New Yorker) and most of us feel we have to choose….which stops us from identifying what pleases us…we feel we have to choose between these aspects of who you are.

Once you integrate all three you will feel a new level of relief and permission in your life!


*You will make confident decisions that are in alignment with you

*You will easily create boundaries that support you (and those you love)

*You will embody your beautiful authentic self while honoring your unique Soul’s Calling in the world

All Of You Wellness

This week is all about assisting you in constructing the

New Boundaries

you will need (both internally and externally) to embody your Soul-Led focus

  • Create new boundaries specifically for your Soul-Led Focus
  • Move through your day with confidence knowing you are doing exactly what you should be doing to follow your desires

There are ONLY two reasons why you are not creating effective boundaries in your life.

1. You secretly feel you aren’t worth the boundaries and don’t deserve them so you stay stuck in pleasing mode


2. You believe you are worth it but you are afraid you will lose the ones you love and appear selfish and guilty so instead you find yourself waiting for permission or stop being so nice or stop ‘saving’ those you love

If you are not setting healthy effective boundaries you are actually

*DENYING your loved ones the true connection. You are denying who you really are, and hiding (playing NICE) thinking this is going to support, serve or protecting the ones you love

*You are not here to protect the ones you love

*You are denying them the opportunity to grow by over protecting them and compromising yourself in the process

If you get this wrong you will always feel a level of guilt or pressure either pushing people away to protect yourself or allow the doormat syndrome in some or even all of the areas of your life and never experience real respect and trust that is in alignment with your soul

If you get this right you will experience more powerful intimacy, trust and safety in yourself that you have ever know that you will find yourself creating, on purpose and in LOVE with your life


Is about taking it to

The Next Level and learning how to live this way.

You will learn the practical application of your Soul-Led focus and your unconventional path.

  • How do you continue to Embody it?
  • How do you follow through?
  • How do you ACT in accordance with what you truly desire going forward?

Enroll now

and you will also receive…

Free gift with purchase!

  • Gorgeous Embody Moi Candle
  • 11oz (Nice size so it lasts a long time)
  • Soy Based (no black smoke from the wick)
  • Long burning
  • Jasmine Scented

Bonus 1
Bonus 2
Bonus 3

Almost $4000 value!

Embody Program
Pricing Table
Never before have I been so calm and assured of decisions in my life!

“Embody. How to even put it into words?!! I have boundless gratitude for Tara’s endless work of inspiring beauty, not only did I grow into a more accepting and whole version of myself but my intimate relationship became closer
and my direction clearer. Never before have I been so calm and assured of decisions in my life. Through Embody, I discovered a beautiful framework for allowing myself to identify closer
with the desires of heart. Yet it really goes beyond that- truly aligning awareness of ALL my senses and my feminine, I find life becomes an organic unfolding of co-creation rather than pushing and struggling.

Not pleasing others or floating in a sea of uncertainty, instead I found power in honoring my femmes and growing the courage to live fully my own life, on my own terms”.

– Suzanne Forbes
It was truly transformational. The shift was huge… huge, yet it felt easy.

“Over the course of Embody, I completely devoted myself to the program, and allowed myself to go deep… deep into the depths of my being.

It was truly transformational. The shift was huge… huge, yet it felt easy.

The flow of the program took me seemingly effortlessly through the steps I needed to take – more like a gentle guidance. The shifts were not shocking and jarring, but rather one a-ha moment followed by another. I felt encouraged, guided and cradled through this awakening.

In the year since taking the course, I continue to feel a calm and serenity surrounding my finances. I actually look forward to my ‘date-night with my finances’ twice monthly. At the beginning
of the year, I set up a spreadsheet system, and diligently sit down with it every two weeks – stress-free, confidently and of course, elegantly.

This was a beautifully and thoughtfully put-together program. I had taken the Live You Fully program previously, which was magical in itself, however following up with the Embody program has shaped me in ways that I just can’t explain. The inner-calmness that I now feel regarding my finances, has overflowed into other areas of my life. Overwhelm, anxiety and reactiveness are in the past, and I am enjoying a new level of inner peace in my life.”

– Suzanne Forbes



Click the enroll button and chose your payment option. OUI OUI you are IN! You will receive a special link in your email and immediate access to begin uncovering your soul-led focus.


Join the private Facebook community and share your intention. Then allow yourself to be guided through the modules. Don’t worry, you do not have to rush, go at a pace that serves your Soul-Led focus.


Receive support from our amazing coaches and find yourself LIVING and experiencing the most authentic, vibrant beautiful expression of YOU!

Embody Program
Pricing Table

Please know that Embody is not for everyone…

but it is for you if you

* are a woman devoted to your next level, mediocre and average just won’t do

* care about your consciousness and you can’t bear not to live your Soul’s calling

* are open to being guided and tired of feeling you need to do it alone

so…what is the investment?

You could keep on being grateful for what you have even through you know your Soul is calling you in a new direction…

You could play it safe, especially since everyone on the outside can see how successful you are…


you can take the gorgeous leap into the DIVINE UNKNOWING and into your Soul

Limited time
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The Net WILL appear…It is time to…

Reclaim the Energy of your Soul’s calling!

Forget overwhelm and struggle, relax with your truest desires and meet your soul in this very easy and graceful unfolding.Tara created a simple, easy, and elegant process to help you
identify and narrow your current soul calling. From there you put your new framework in place and that becomes your guide in your life and decisions.

I discovered very deep longings inside myself and from there I could ask myself about any person, place, or thing presently in my life or asking to join my life, making sure it was
aligned with my deepest longing.

My life has clearly improved by leaps and bounds. I work from home, I spend less money, and I honor myself by soulfully selecting who is in my life and who is not.

I released a relationship of four years which seemed great from the outside because I finally had the clarity and inner commitment to myself and my soul first and foremost. People respond easily when they feel your commitment and truth. I clearly see my soul has always been guiding and supporting me on my life’s journey.

The way Tara guides us to our soul led focus is GENIUS and SO POWERFULLY EASY. I feel more confident, grounded, and sure I’m on my path without concern about the how, instead looking
at the overall direction and “Now or WOW” feeling.

– June Watts
I now have a deeper confidence in my ability to change what is not working for me without worrying about pleasing others or disappointing them.

“The Embody Program came at the perfect time as I was in the midst of changing a huge aspect of my career.

I was able to take aligned actions that were supportive of what I really wanted to Embody.

It helped me prioritize and become aware that I was living to please others rather than embodying my soul’s truth.

I now have a deeper confidence in my ability to change what is not working for me without worrying about pleasing others or disappointing them.

There is more freedom and expansiveness that I have experienced since making the changes. I am grateful to have a framework to evaluate various soul-led focuses in the future as circumstances in my life evolve.”

– Veronica Quezada
How Much Time Will This Program Take?

This transformation is an investment in time and money. I would invite you to block out 2-3 hours a week to truly receive what is here for you. There are a couple of ways to look at the investment of your time. You can ask how much time it will take or you can look at how much you will receive. And see what is the biggest priority for you in your life right now. If you are a woman dedicated to your connection with your Soul and you intend to live out this life without letting a piece of you and your Unconventional Path go uncovered…is there anything more valuable you could spend your time on?

How Is The Program Delivered?

Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive an email with your login and membership information. You will receive immediate access to week one which includes a powerful video lesson and a workbook to support you in beginning to uncover your Soul-Led Focus. Over the course of the next 6 weeks you will receive your weekly lessons and workbook support.

Is there Live Support with this Program??

This program is recorded designed for you to go at your own pace. You have access to the Live FB group where you can ask questions and connect with our coaches and the program participants.

I Am Afraid To Invest In Myself? How Do I Justify The Investment?

You Can’t! You can not JUSTIFY an experience and RECEIVE from it at the same time. It doesn’t work. It’s like oil and water. As soon as you move into justification energy you cut off your receiving energy. I see it happen all the time. And remember I have personally been there. I am not coming from some pie in the sky or ethereal idea of what works… I have lived it (and continue to live in, I am in nooooo way perfect).

I have found that when women invest in themselves significantly, their results and their commitment reflect their level of investment.

What If My Husband Does Not Want Me To Spend Any Money? How Do I Prove To Him This Is Worth It?

Although it’s not easy for women to admit, we often can hold ourselves hostage to someone else’s ‘ok’. I used to do this ALL this all the time. In fact, I used to hide charges from my husband (more than once!) and it always left me feeling guilty and secretive.

So what to do? First you must align with your desire and intention for this program. Why do you feel called to it? This is a powerful question for you to answer and a necessary one for you to receive full value from anything in life (not just this).

When you gift yourself permission to get real inside, you will often find that your own fear will surface. For example, being afraid of failing, the fear of not following through, past behaviors, a fear that you are not worthy of spending the $, etc. It is ok to let this come up and CHOOSE to honor what is true for you.

Once you have come into alignment inside THEN (and only then) have a heartfelt conversation with your husband from that place. No proving, no justifying, but a true heartfelt “this is really calling me and I deeply want to honor that knowing inside of me” place.

Is There A Payment Plan?

Yes we have an affordable payment plan of 8 payments of $97. You can get started for only $97 today and begin to activate your Soul’s calling now!

Do You Offer A Refund Policy?

Yes! You have 60 days from the day of purchase to receive a refund. If you take Embody and go through the process and complete the steps and do not feel 100% overjoyed…please let us know and we are happy to refund you. That being said YOU MUST SHOW UP and you must do the process, or you will not get the results you are seeking. We are only interested in supporting women who are serious about their growth and evolution.

Real Results…

“Going through the Embody program was life changing. I’m not just saying that. It. Literally. Changed. My. Life. Prior to the program, there were aspects
of my life that felt out of alignment and some pieces that were missing. I was no longer feeling as connected to the Universe and was unsure of what I was being called to in the next steps of my life.

Once I uncovered my Soul-Led focus, every step of my path started to become more obvious and the Universe started to shift things around based on what I was desiring and asking. Throughout
each of the modules, I finally started to feel back in alignment with who I am and what I am here to do. I was reminded of the power in surrendering to my highest good.

The program gave me the courage to leave my high paying job that was no longer serving me and pursue becoming a certified crystal healer. In addition, one of the clear visions I got about my path is that I was meant to return to Elegant
Femme as a team member (I was here a few years ago)…. and voila, it actually did happen! I am now living a divinely fulfilled, happy life and am confident of the path being shown to me as
I am now completely connected again with the Universe. The Embody program is truly one of the greatest gifts!”

– Amy Basingstoke


100% Money back guarantee

You will experience an incredible transformation as a result of joining The Embody Equation. If for any reason you don’t feel like it’s worth double the investment, let us know within 60 days from the day you joined and we’ll send you

No Hassle! No Questions!

Join us..


  • The premier women’s boutique coaching mentor for women in the world who desire beauty and truth on the physical and spiritual plane.
  • A fancy way of saying women who desire to be connected to their Soul and the REAL world…whether your expression of beauty is a Gucci bag or an ashram you can have BOTH!
  • Mentor of mentors, Tara has helped hundreds of women create their beautiful soul led life and experience their deepest soul’s calling
  • Specialty is to assist women to prioritize themselves, CLAIM and experience their desires, shine their light and honor who they are in the world (while having loving relationships) without guilt/selfish overwhelm

As seen on

“I truly LOVED my Embody journey! There is also a magic and a mystery to this program that makes it really special and unique and I am all for more of that! I would urge any woman who is feeling lost, confused and ready to see herself in a whole new way, to step into the energy and gifts of Embody.”

– Karen Knowler

Perfect Timing

“[In the Age of Aquarius] the power is turning over to the Individual, and giving the freedom for you to choose your own reality based on what aligns with your soul.”

– Adama Sesay, astrologer

Limited time
and Experience the Life of your Dreams…

Join us..

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