Embody bonus all

As I sit here after my yoga class, I’m touched by my surroundings. I would never have thought I would be here today.

In fact, if I had had my way I wouldn’t be here today. Thank God I didn’t have my way…

Which is why I decided to write a short story series. I decided to choose an unconventional path and share with you in a new way an opening, a possibility and an insight into your own next level.

Insted, I was led down an unconventional path.

My intention in sharing this letter with you is to open up to a new level of honesty both together and also inside of yourself. I will be sharing with you how I have utilized an unconventional path again and again in my life to receive my beautiful life.

This cute little cottage coffee shop has a greeting card section with the most amazing empathy cards I have never seen. They are by Emily McDowell. I love them…

Here is the one that caught my eye this morning…

As soon as I saw it, I laughed at loud!

Why ?

Because it it REAL. And we need REAL.

Sometimes we feel like God/Spirit/Universe is missing in action, that our lives are HARD…

Sometimes life hurts…Sometimes we feel lost, confused, angry, jealous, scared…

Sometimes we doubt things…including ourselves.

I GET it! And I want you to know I really get it…

I feel so many women are over the hype, over the million and one things to do and just…over ‘it’ in general. The constant push inside to strive, to prove, to validate their worth.

There is a deeper knowing inside, a deeper, more reliable and sustainable truth.

I am going to write to you, talk to you, share with you and invite you.

That is right; I am going to follow


Easy, simple, open…


I am ‘over it’ too!

And you know what maybe I will find it’s not effective. Maybe we still require those bells and whistles to make movement, to make a decision, to take action.

But I think we might be MORE than that…

And I am willing to take a leap of FAITH that YOU can show up inside of that.

Real women are ready
for a different conversation altogether.

What if we didn’t need the hype?

What if we followed the deeper inner knowing without all the

I realize I am going out on a limb here and I could be making a
mistake…but honestly, I don’t care.

I would rather EMBODY who I am right now and enjoy this process inside
of my authenticity than do anything in a way that feels inauthentic.

When you gift yourself permission to follow what is true for you (really true), your life shifts.

Here is the thing….

You may have a hard time even knowing what your truth is. Or maybe you think you know, but you have a hard time honoring it.

To make things even more complicated, your truth is often buried under a bunch of ‘shoulds.’

Which means that even if you feel you are following your truth chances are it may still be clouded with the safety of what you think you should want/have/be.

Your truth is often ‘hidden’

(sometimes even from yourself)

So how then do you know, really KNOW?

Ok, let’s get real.

The KNOWING you have been taught to rely on
is most likely from the ego.

I used to think that if I was following my “correct” path, I would feel so confident inside I would KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that whatever I was intending was right/correct/aligned/best for me…

So I would wait to make decisions until I KNEW they were right(holding pattern anyone?)

WHY do we do this?

Because the ego LOVES certainty. So very often, we (and this happens to the most spiritual of us btw 😉 think we have to have ALL the answers before we can make movement in our lives.

So we PLAN. We think the plan will guarantee us what we want.

The ego LOVES a 100% iron-clad guarantee.

Guess what?

It doesn’t exist!


I know, I hear you…

It can be hard to let go of that level of control and admit inside that you really don’t know (at least not the way your ego would like you to know.)

So great, where does that leave you?

You are seeking a different type of ‘knowing.’

The knowing that you are seeking is a Faith-Based Knowing.

I will share with you more about Faith-Based knowing tomorrow and how this is different from what you are used to.

Let’s recap for today.

1. Begin to feel the difference between the plan you have set for yourself and the process your soul is asking you to uncover.

2. Begin to consider that you may be overly attached to aspects of your life, your identity and what you want (it is ok, believe me, I have lots of experience with this;)

3. Look at yourself and your life, see if there are areas you feel you have to control or else???? Just notice which areas those are…

Meet me back here tomorrow and I will share with you about Faith-Based knowing and how it connects you to your unconventional path.

The knowing that you are seeking is a Faith-Based Knowing.

A faith-based knowing is a feeling, a connection, a relationship inside that sounds a bit like this…

“I really don’t know what is in my highest good, what I DO know is that whatever happens, I will be ok. In fact, whatever happens really is in my best interest.”

ugghhhhhh totally frustrating right?

I mean come on just tell me if it’s going to work or not. Then I can save myself the pain, the despair, the doubt, the…


You see all of what you experience, all of it…is guiding you somewhere special.

Your unique, unconventional path is being laid out for you
in every given moment.

An unconventional path is a way for you to reach your highest level of transcendence, evolution, and fulfillment as a soul. The path that your soul requires to take evolve, remember and recognize itself fully.

The very essence of an unconventional path is that it may seem that you are actually going OFF course.

At least for a while.

It may even be that you are going in the ‘wrong’ direction at times.

So if it is true that your soul has a path, if it is true that there is a unique unfolding of you in this lifetime, AND if it is true that your life is orchestrated in a way that supports your highest good…

What is left for you to DO?

I mean come on, you have to DO something right?


Yes and No.

Let’s start with the no.

No, you don’t have to chase it, force it, push it, make it…In fact that will typically bring you further away.

The Yes is…

All about




You must identify the difference between a personal focus and a Soul-Led focus in your life so you can get what you want and more….

What is a personal-led focus?

This is a focus based on your ego’s idea of what needs to happen in order for you to get what you want. Let me be clear this ISN’T a bad thing. In fact, committing to a personal focus can sometimes (not always) get you what you want. Yet, it doesn’t get you what you NEED.

A personal focus is limited.

How do you know if you are chasing

a personal focus?

If you are overly attached to the results. If you feel inside of yourself that x needs to happen in order for y to happen and in a specific ORDER.

In a sense, you put blinders on. You create your OWN path, your OWN way.

Yes, yes, this is very feminist of you, and I applaud your drive…


It is limited, and it is EXHAUSTING.

Here is the thing.

A personal focus usually makes a lot of practical sense. It is very logical. It is a plan that you can sink your teeth into. And you like a plan; it makes you feel safe…

For example,

I want to have a baby, I can not have a baby naturally so I am going to do an IVF cycle and that way I can have a baby.

I have no idea where that example came from, but that gives you an idea.

Here is another one…

I feel whole and complete when I am in France. Therefore, I must live in France for the rest of my life to feel whole and complete…

Another random example, so bear with me…

Right now think about your own ‘limited’ beliefs on the HOW you can get what you want…

Think about something you have wanted in your life for a long time.

Maybe it’s a soul mate.

Maybe it is to travel the world.

Maybe it is to start your business.

Maybe it is to write your book…

Whatever it is, bring it forward for yourself right now.

Now think about the LOGICAL way you have thought you need to go about that a+b=c right?


But it should…right? It SHOULD work!

I mean come on God, I am doing all the ‘right’ things!!!!

…or maybe, just maybe, you are being asked to shift your focus

*If you are finding yourself longing for more in your life, or less in your life.

*If you are craving a shift, if the ‘thing’ you feel you want to experience in your life (husband, money, lifestyle, etc.) is not in your reality…

I am going to invite you to consider a

more effective approach.

Yes there is another way.

One that often alludes us (even the most evolved…

And I want to share it with you

I am inviting you to consider a Soul-Led focus…

So what is a Soul-Led focus?

A Soul-Led focus comes from a different place entirely. It comes from a place that feels illogical.

In fact, a Soul-Led focus might seem in complete contrast/opposite direction from where you want to go…but you feel CALLED.

You will want to argue with your Soul-Led focus.

It might go something like this…

“What the *&^& do you mean, leave Paris? Why would I do that? I LOVE Paris, I am whole here. What do you mean leaving will bring me into a greater sense of wholeness-are you nuts?”

(again random example)


If you are longing for a husband maybe your soul-led focus sounds something like this…

“What do you mean I should focus on my book? What does that have to do with finding a man? How could spending time on writing bring me any closer to a relationship? It doesn’t make SENSE!”

Yep, Oui, YES..your Soul-led focus will not make ‘sense.’ It may seem like you are going in the opposite direction of what you want at times.

Tomorrow I am going to share with you a special graphic I created to show the difference between a conventional and unconventional path. I will also be sharing with you what YOU can do about it!

For today spend some time with the following,

1. Feel into a time in your life when you were connected to Faith-Based knowing. (When you felt something was in your best interest without having all the answers.)

2. Feel into a time when you avoided your faith-based knowing and waited (and waited and waited…to have the ‘correct’ answers before moving forward with your life.)

Take 5 minutes and reflect upon these questions and I’ll share the Unconventional Path infographic that will help you see the power of your unconventional path.

Week 1

The process starts with The Embody Equation which is based on the science of exponential power (which is what happens when you follow your soul by the way.) A+B no longer equals C, it equals infinity!

The beauty is that The Embody Program is designed to assist you in uncovering your Soul-Led focus, so your Unconventional Path is revealed to You. Once your Unconventional Path is revealed, you will have clarity about WHICH actions are truly yours to take…NOW

Your Unconventional Path might be to write book, go to Italy, take singing lessons…

Truth is, I don’t know what your Unconventional Path is–it’s likely YOU don’t know. What I do know is that when you commit to and follow this process your Unconventional Path will be revealed to you!

Week 2

Inside of The Embody Equation you will be guided through a process called “The Beauty Truth Analysis.” This is the key that allows you to identify your true Soul-Led focus at this time.

This is really important, your Soul-Led focus changes based on what you require to learn to receive the highest level of fulfillment, peace and alignment.

Once you have identified your Soul-Led focus it is time to ALLOW yourself to Embody that focus and follow through with your intentional actions.

Week 3 + 4

Week 3&4 focus on infusing Trust & Permission into your Soul-Led focus. SO you know WHAT to do or not do to honor your unconventional path.

In essence which actions are aligned for you now?

Week 5

This week is all about assisting you in constructing the new boundaries you will need (both internally and externally) to embody your Soul-Led focus. When you make a shift in your life and start following your true north, *&^ may hit the fan. It’s normal, it’s powerful and you’ve sooooo got this! (And yes, I will help!)

Week 6

Is about taking it to The Next Level and learning how to live this way. You will learn the practical application of your Soul-Led focus and YOUR Unconventional path.

You will know:

How do you continue to Embody it?

How do you follow through?

How do you ACT in accordance going forward?


This is the most freeing, heart opening process I have created to allow youth FOCUS on the ONE area of your life that is requiring movement at this time.

So here is where you want to know what you get out of it right?

So can I promise you a million dollars, a cute new Italian husband, or shedding 20 pounds?


Why do this then?

Why bother?

How in the world will you justify this investment to your ego? (or your husband or your accountant or your mother?)


What if you didn’t need to justify anything? What if the longing to experience this program was enough? What if the longing to EXPERIENCE YOURSELF inside this program was ENOUGH?

What if following your inner calling to be a part of this energy WAS ENOUGH?

What if you are happier in the end?

What if you are more fulfilled?

What if you feel a new level of peace inside?

What IF you realize you are enough?

What if you feel whole

(even without the husband, the $, or the boys of your dreams!)

WAIT – what???

What if you feel good about exactly where you are NOW?

What is the point of that????

This is where it gets good….really good.

THIS is where the magic happens.

When you allow a Soul-Led focus to come forward you ride on the energy of your Soul. You will experience peace like never before. The ‘knowing’ of your personal focus will no longer DRIVE your life. You will know that you are led to exactly what is yours in perfect time.

Not just know it as an idea..you will EXPERIENCE it as a truth inside of you.

So that is what this program is all about.

If I could narrow it down to a couple of sentences (obviously, totally not my thing!) I would say…

is for women who are called to live life differently. Women who are willing to forsake the path of ‘logic’ and let go.

You must be willing to focus on ONE area of your life (not dictated by you, but by your SOUL)

An area of focus that is congruent with your soul’s calling (no matter how illogical it may seem.)

You must be open to DO things differently than you have before!

This program is for women who value their happiness above their external image. (I know not easy these days!)

You must be WILLING

To make a new commitment to EMBODY YOUR message, YOUR loving in the world.

You must be


to let yourself

be loved

If you are still here after this long-winded journaling session–God bless you ;).

And you are feeling the call to experience yourself; your Soul-Led focus, with me over the next 6 weeks…

And you would like my live support…

Join me…(you can see the nitty, deets below…)

There are 2 ways to participate online or in person…

see which one feels more in alignment with your Soul at this time.


Life stage process | embody chic time saver guide | private community

Bonus 1

Life Stage Process

(an excerpt from our Crème program

VALUE: Know your energetic foundation & Honor your flow.

I originally created this for the Crème program, our $25,000 program, and since my sabbatical, I have reconnected with how crucial this is for all of us.

We experience different seasons in our lives. You are either in an Indie, Frenchie or New Yorker life stage. I’ll guide you through a process to determine which life stage you are in so you can finally follow your flow.

Once you know your life stage you will…

  • Benefit from your natural flow and energy of your current life stage. (Without this knowledge you will be going against the flow and miss opportunities that are being created just for you)

  • Have greater clarity as to ‘why’ things are occurring in your life<

  • Feel more comfortable in your skin

  • Allow yourself to surrender to the reflection of your life and stop spending unnecessary energies

  • Feel a sense of peace and relaxation in your life and your energy centers/chakras

Bonus 2

Embody Chic Time Saver Guide

(Embody Cliff Notes)

VALUE: Save time & know your focus

What happens when you’re done with the program? How do you quickly access the information you need now? This bonus will save you hours. It’s your cliff notes to the program. You don’t have to go back through the entire program to find what you’re looking for. You’ll have a quick reference guide to skip to the exact portion of the program that you require now.

This gorgeous reference and support guide will be your personal map after the program. As you discover and follow your Unconventional Path, this tool is something you will return to over and over to assist you. It will be here to assist you so you can

  • Reference exactly what you need WHEN you need it.

  • Shortcut to the process that matters to you

  • Reaffirm you are going in the “right” direction

  • Your notes to the program.

Bonus 2

Embody Chic Time Saver Guide

(Embody Cliff Notes)

VALUE: Save time & know your focus

What happens when you’re done with the program? How do you quickly access the information you need now? This bonus will save you hours. It’s your cliff notes to the program. You don’t have to go back through the entire program to find what you’re looking for. You’ll have a quick reference guide to skip to the exact portion of the program that you require now.

This gorgeous reference and support guide will be your personal map after the program. As you discover and follow your Unconventional Path, this tool is something you will return to over and over to assist you. It will be here to assist you so you can

  • Reference exactly what you need WHEN you need it.

  • Shortcut to the process that matters to you

  • Reaffirm you are going in the “right” direction

  • Your notes to the program.

Bonus 3

Private Community

VALUE: $197

The level of support, collaboration and authenticity that exists in our private groups is one-of-a-kind ;). Wait until you join with powerful women around the world who are committed at this next level! The conversation, energy, and expansion you will feel are truly priceless!

Choose your way to experience Embody:

package 1



  • Lifetime Access to the Embody Program
  • 6 video modules
  • 6 live q & a calls
  • 6 embody workbooks
  • bonus: Life Stage PROCESS (excerpt from the Creme Program)
  • bonus: Embody Equation Chic Time Saver Guide

package 2

only 20 14 available



  • the exquisite embody weekend experience (January 20 – 21, 2018)
  • PLUS a full weekend with Tara in a luxury home to support your next level of Embody.
  • Gorgeous Location in The Outer Banks North Carolina January 20&21st 2018.
  • Intimate and Exquisite weekend surrounded by nature, beauty and ease to facilitate a powerful integration of your Embody Equation.
  • Lifetime Access to the Embody Equation Program
  • 6 video modules
  • 6 live q & a calls
  • 6 embody workbooks

The spots for each option are limited.


For option 1, I am doing all the live calls and I want to make sure I can get to as many questions as possible.

For option 2, there are 20 spots available and we had already sold out of many of them. Check here to claim your post. This event will be held at a private location and I am limited to the physical number of spaces. PLUS we will be doing intimate work and I want to spend as much time with each of you as I can.

I would love to support you in honoring the place inside of you that is seeking the awareness of your wholeness, to encourage you and cheer you on to EMBODY your divine calling-right here,

Right now.

With deep love,

les details

*6-week program starts November 9th

*Audio recording each week, guided through the stunning templates

*6 LIVE q&a calls starting Nov 9, once a week

*Embody Weekend Jan 20 & 21, OBX, North Carolina

Will this be the only time in the history of the world that you can take this program?

I doubt it. I have no plans for when/if. What I can say is that if you are in the waiting game, you are in the personal focus arena. If you are feeling called, I invite you to cross the threshold of later and honor the now.

Will you never be happy or fulfilled or find love if you don’t take this program? Will you never doubt, fear, etc…? Will this answer all your prayers/be the golden key?

I hope not:) Of course this program isn’t the holy grail, only thing you can experience to assist you in your healing. It will be for some of you and not for others.

I invite you to approach this opportunity in a BRAND new way…

If you are like many of my clients, you are TIRED of taking programs, tired of trying to make it all work, you have done tons of programs, journaling, etc. and you’re feeling like you are STILL dealing with the same &^%

Let’s reframe this right now, shall we?

What if you approached EVERYTHING differently

including the opportunity to join this program?

What if you saw it as an experience? Instead of a fix?

What if you saw it as a celebration instead of a HAVE to?

How do you know if you are this is ‘right’ of you now?

What about the money? This is expensive!

Yes, yep, oui, totally…I own that completely. My programs are expensive, the value I offer is massive and I feel totally in alignment with that…I am good with it. I have found that when women invest in themselves significantly their results and their commitment reflect their level of investment. I have poured myself into this program and will be joining you fully present on the live q&a calls to supporter personal unfolding.

What about the Live Embody Weekend? How can I justify spending time away from my family, my business, my husband? How can I justify the money for two days? How can I justify…

Here let me help you out. Let’s make this SIMPLE. You CAN’T! You can not justify this experience and fully receive from it. It doesn’t work, it’s like oil and water. As soon as you move into justification energy you cut off your receiving energy. I see it happen all the time. And remember I have personally been there, I am not coming from some pie in the sky or ethereal idea of what works…I have lived it (and continue to live it, I am in nooooo way perfect!)

So how do you move into this then? How do you make the decision? How do you know what you require?

Set your intention.

Arrghhhh, that again?

I know, but it works.

If you are aligned inside of yourself as to what you feel you require. If you allow the inner dialogue to take place that reveals why you are called to this and what you are seeking to receive…THAT is enough. Looking for justification, approval or “yes” from anyone will not support you in this decision.

What is happening at the weekend?

I have NO idea…just kidding (kind of…)

Here is how I work (and yes this drives my husband and sometimes my team crazy…but they have come to trust it over the years!):

I create an intention, a deep intention based on my personal Soul-Led focus. Then I create the space for that intention to unfold. Then I show up and follow the actions laid out before me.

This is where the MAGIC happens.

Here is what I know so far…

We will be coming together for 2 full days in an exclusive and luxurious location. Think beach, chic. We will be in the Outer Banks North Carolina, surround by nature, waves, mist and fresh air.

You will breathe…

You will have the opportunity to BREATHE and RECEIVE in brand new ways.

Your surroundings will cocoon you, spoil you even (believe me I had no idea until I came to OBX either! But this place is MAGICAL) It is one of the top destinations in the world for families who want to bond, for couples who want to get married and for retirees who are committed to the “Good Life!”

We will enter into an integration process based on your Embody Equation through internal and external group and inner work.

You will have some sort of guide. I have not created it yet and yet I promise you it will be beautiful and EXACTLY what you need.

You will be nourished in many ways.

You will be LOVED.

The rest is up to God…I have learned over the years I require to leave a LOT of space for spirit.

When I try to ‘fit it all in’ over commit, or stick to a plan…it limits what is possible.

You will have my personal support in person to coach you, see you and honor you! I will share with you, I am not an ‘easy’ coach. I will not always tell you what you want to hear. I will not underestimate you or walk on eggshells.

That being said, I will not claim to know what is best for you, or ‘force’ any belief, activity or energy on you.

I am here to bear loving witness to your unfolding, your knowing and your precious embodiment.

SO what kind of “coach” am I?

I am a woman, embodying her truth to the best of my ability, committed to my soul’s evolution.

My commitment is to the message of the loving, to the perfection of your own soul’s journey.

I have learned over the years it is less about what I DO and ALL about what I embody.

Over the course of the 2 days, you will see what that looks like and perhaps open up to new inspirations, possibilities and desires for your own life.

I LOVE deeply…I always have.

So what do you say? Are you meant to be a part of the Embody Weekend?

That’s all I have…for now!

I am here, follow what feels true to you, pray about it if you require to


Just say YES!

See you soon!

Join me…(you can see the nitty, deets below…)

There are 2 ways to participate online or in person…

see which one feels more in alignment with your Soul at this time.