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with Tara & Dave Marino

How to gift yourself permission to EXPERIENCE your Beautiful, Soul-Led life and uncover what it is you really want

“Nothing Ever becomes REAL until it is EXPERIENCED.”


tara jolla

For the first time ever, my husband and I are coming together to share with you BOTH the masculine and feminine perspective on how to Create, Live and most importantly EXPERIENCE the life you love.

Tara and Dave Marino

When I first started Elegant Femme I was often asked what gave me the ‘right’ to teach and coach? In fact one night at a very fancy dinner party in Hollywood I had an executive ask me just that! He asked me what I did and when I told him he said “Well what gives you the right to teach that? What credentials and training do you have?” And instead of justifying myself through my training or degrees I answered him very powerfully with my truth “MY EXPERIENCE gives me the right. My life experience and what I have grown through is what allows me to teach and coach from this perspective.”

Tara Place

In life we are often so busy trying to prepare, plan and process that we often forget the value of experience. Experience is how we LEARN, how we grow and how we RECEIVE the next level of our lives.

For the first time ever Dave and I are coming together to share with you the steps we have taken to create, live and experience our Beautiful, Soul-Led life (all the ups and downs of where we started and how we got to where we are today so you too can EXPERIENCE a life that reflect that real YOU!

We both really believe in living a life that allows you to be engaged and awake to the EXPERIENCE of you life. Not just a mere by stander-


“Experience is the teacher of ALL THINGS!”



In life we are often so busy trying to prepare, plan and process that we often forget the value of experience. Experience is how we LEARN, how we grow and how we RECEIVE the next level of our lives.


  • are feeling stuck in your life right now and know you are being called into your second act
  • have lived a life of success and know there is more for you.
  • are limiting yourself in some way but don’t know how.
  • feel foggy about your next steps but don’t exactly know what will please you


Do you know the TIPPING POINT to growth and increased consciousness?
ANSWER: It is a change in perception!

In order to allow this shift to take place elegantly you require to shift your perception THROUGH EXPERIENCE.

Together at our event Dave and I will lead you gracefully through a process of shifting your perception of yourself, your life, your capabilities and your desires so you may gift yourself PERMISSION to EXPERIENCE the life that is truly calling you NOW.

You are going to uncover:

  • Your own life philosophy (this was a defining moment for Dave and I that occurred almost 15 years ago and changed the entire trajectory of our life AND marriage.)
  • How to let go of guilt and obligation, especially to those you love, so you can feel free to live your dreams (we will share HOW we did this!)
  • Your main qualities in life and which one is a priority NOW so you can focus your energy units in one direction (important if you are feeling scattered and overwhelmed.)
  • How to speak to your partner about co-creation OR if you do not yet have a partner how to exude the calm confidence required to build a life together once you meet.

What Women Are Saying About Elegant Femme Events:

Such a beautiful venue and inspirational events last year! If you can possibly do this I highly recommend going! Unimaginable! Life changing!

– Wiluya –

The live events ARE too good to miss!

– Sally –

These events help me stay focused and committed in this journey.

– Michelle –

This energy of UNION is coming to the forefront to support you in enhancing your EXPERIENCE of life in a new, exclusive Event by Elegant Femme.

YOU Are Capable of Great Things.
You just need to Remember!

Dave is a master of helping you take real-world action, in accordance with your vision and your Femmes.

It’s how his brain is wired. And he’ll be bringing this QUALITY to our brand new event, Experience with Tara and Dave in San Diego this April.

Carrie Dale

Experince Event

Come to the “Experience” Event in San Diego

so you can follow the principles we used to EXPERIENCE the Most Beautiful Life Possible.

​During this 2-day event,
you’ll be guided to​:

  • Experience your life NOW (instead of waiting for the perfect moment)
  • Create your “Life Philosophy” (this one exercise changed the trajectory of our life)
  • Engage in our “NSM” process (Not serving me) so you can experience your beautiful life
  • Practical tools for creation (this is Dave’s forté;)

“Tara’s live events are magical. I’ve been to many live events over the past 6 years, and hers are by far the gold standard in every way. You will leave a changed woman”


“I’ve been to most of Tara’s live events since 2011 and they are transformative, fun, intimate, life changing. Both in the teachings from Tara but also, and importantly, with the other women who will be there. It is a time to go deep, without distraction, in a beautiful and elegant environment. Nourishing on every level.”

– sheila james –

What You’ll Recevive

$ 997
What you'll Recevive

1Ticket to the 2-day event in San Diego:

Over 2 days you’ll be surrounded by positive energy. Tara and Dave will support you to live your best life possible. You’ll be with an amazing group of women some of whom will become life long friends.

$ 997
What you'll Recevive

limited time bonus: Event Recordings

Receive the real and raw recordings from the recent NY event.

What you'll Recevive

absolutely stunning location

You’ll be transformed in one of the most beautiful locations on the west coast. La Jolla will offer both inspiration and luxury.

What you'll Recevive

event travel guice

This guide will give you all the details on where to stay. What to pack and wear. And how to prepare for the event.

Total Package Value of $1994!


It is time to EXPERIENCE life… NOW

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That’s why we are giving you FULL money back guarantee if you are not able to attend the event. Just email us and let us know by March 12th that you won’t be coming and we’ll credit your card back within 48 business hours. No questions asked. If something comes up after March 12th we will issue you a credit to use towards another Elegant Femme event, program or products.

You can email us at info@elegantfemme.com with any questions.

What Women Are Saying About Elegant Femme Events:

“New York was my very first live event with Tara.

I walked away from the event with so much more than promised and continue to receive blessings on a near-daily basis directly tied to my participation in the New York event.

My husband could tell a difference even talking on the phone with me and co-workers commented on the difference they witnessed upon my return.

My mother came to see me a week later and told me I was still radiating from the event! “

– Amanda McAdams –

“Soul Of Beauty & the Fashion Show was truly an amazing experience.

It was a time to reconnect & allow my soul to reorient itself to a new beginning, after a deeply traumatic time that could have seen me pull back in life.

Instead, it set me up to honor what had happened & move forward with ease and grace.

I am forever grateful for that experience & highly recommend to anyone looking to tend to their soul in a deep & profound way. With much love & blessings”

– Victoria Yornet –

Last June I stood up at Tara Marino’s LYF event and declared my desire to work on morning news.

Because of working with her and trusting my indie (my natural essence 🙂 many shifts have unfolded.

Including marrying my current career in medicine which will assist in changing how medical news is consumed. NBC/TODAY published my second piece yesterday.

I began to trust myself and my purpose… Feeling very proud… Thank you, Tara Marino! Thinking of you and holding space for your next addition!

– Rosemarie Beltz –


Would the Experience Event be useful for me if I haven’t taken one of your programs or attended any events?

​ It is ​NOT a requirement to have taken any of our programs or events in the past.

How much do hotel rooms cost?

We have secured room rates at nearby hotels starting at $150 a night. in La Jolla! In fact all the hotels we are recommending are within a 6 minute walking distance. Of course you can share a room to save additional money.

When should I arrive and leave?

It is best to arrive by the evening of Friday April 12th. You can fly out Sunday Evening after 8pm. This will allow you to relax and fully enjoy the Experience Event

Have Questions or Need Additional Support?

We are here to assist you. Just email us at info@elegantfemme.com and we’ll help you with any questions or support you need.