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Yes, You Really Can Transform Your Life in a Matter of Days by

Embracing your Feminine

(without feeling high maintenance, selfish or guilty!)

Beautiful femme... Before I share any more with you, you have to see this…


What she's saying…


You saw that, Oui?

After just weeks in the program these women honored themselves first and felt MORE successful then when they put everyone else first.

They are feeling more beautiful without feeling selfish OR high maintenance. 

And connecting to those they love
(without feeling guilt)

And I am going to help you do the same

How would it feel to...

Create flow in your life, and feel good every day without being overly driven. Enjoying your gorgeous tea or café and looking in the mirror with pleasure at the woman you see.

Stop pushing yourself so hard. Allow life to lavishly support you, instead of reaching, obsessing about achieving or playing small.

Experience less resentment, more enjoyment as you become happier and more yourself both in your body and your relationships.

Feel more confident and secure to bring even more beauty and freedom into your life as you create closer connections and intimacy to those you love

I am Tara Marino

the Femme behind this extraordinary and direly needed F is for Frenchie program.

I’m the premier women’s boutique coaching mentor for women in the world who desire beauty and truth on the physical and spiritual plane.

Which is just a fancy way of saying women who desire to be connected to their Soul and the REAL world…whether your expression of beauty is a Bottega Venetta bag or an ashram you can have BOTH!

Over the past 15 years I’ve helped thousands of women create their Beautiful Soul-Led life and experience their deepest soul’s calling.

The world is primed for the energy of the Frenchie right now…women need it, the world is stuck in force, proving hardship and its killing women, and men.

JOY has to be a priority.

LIGHT has to be a priority.


YOU honoring yourself FIRST-has to be a priority!


I created F is for Frenchie to help women like you embrace their feminine so they can feel beautiful and powerful in every area of their life…without feeling guilty, selfish or unspiritual.

See you inside?

Not all in yet?

I was once where you are right now…

 Back in 2002 I was feeling lost in my life.

No matter how much I seemed to do, I never felt like I was doing enough.

I was sacrificing my health and well being trying to take care of everyone else.

I felt guilty for everything, spending money, time on me and I felt like

I could never say no to anyone.

I was in full-on people pleasing and was eating my emotions.

I didn’t like my body and was treating it like &^%!

My dreams felt so far away….

I was stuck in the hustle and I felt the only way to be seen as powerful and successful was to ‘get er done.’

Uhmmmm non merci

Let me give you a peak at what I have been able to experience in my life by embracing the feminine...

Oui Oui! S’il Vous Plaît

Et Voilà

it's your turn


Confidently activate permission for beauty, play and joy in 5 weeks without feeling selfish, guilty or unspiritual!

Are you ready to look in the mirror and cry happy tears when you see the beauty you have allowed in and experience results like these?

(even if loving yourself feels so far away right now)


Here are all the beauties waiting for you inside of

5 gorgeously curated F is for Frenchie modules.

You will have a step by step process to embrace your feminine and remove any beliefs of the feminine being weak so you can finally enjoy your life

4 Frenchie
Beauty books

This will save you so much time & MONEY!  I have spent thousands of dollars curating the best products, lifestyle brands and easy ways to take care of YOU first.

Each book is curated with beauty and will walk you through each powerful activation of your Frenchie FemmeType including links to my personal favorites (for makeup, skin care, intimacy guides and more. 

If you loved the Sears catalog as a kid and get giddy every time the Restoration Hardware catalog shows up now, you are going to SWOON over these!

Enjoy 5 curated magazines


Mais... PLUS POUR TOI...

There is more for you!


Fb lounge for Femme

interaction with other gorgeous women who are ready to unleash joy in their lives now– PRICELESS

In addition to the entire F is for Frenchie program,
you are also going to receive these powerful gifts with purchase
to support your feminine activation


Access to our 30 day dress challenge

This was one of our Femmes FAV parts of the program

Beauty Sleep Guide Download


Ready to Experience beauty, pleasure and joy without feeling guilty, selfish or high maintenance?


Total Value =$8500





30 day! 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you do all the program and submit your assignments and do not get results we will give you your money back

By now you are probably noticing that this is not your typical 'personal growth' program

Seriously I am not just 'talking about joy' and then you actually go around rushing and forcing…

I actually meant it.

F is for Frenchie was created for you…

The gorgeous ambitious woman who is over always having to be the ‘strong one’.  You are over the struggle, the force and the ‘have to’s in your life...

You are longing for

Please Note: This is not for you if you are not willing to let go of the struggle, if beauty is not important to you or if you are committed to seeing the feminine as weak.


  • 5 gorgeously curated- F is for Frenchie modules.  You will have a step by step process to embrace your feminine and remove any beliefs of the feminine being weak so you can finally enjoy your life!  
  • 4 Frenchie Beauty books will save you so much time & walk you through each powerful activation of your Frenchie FemmeType including links to my personal favorites (for makeup, skin care, intimacy guides and more. 

    Enjoy 5 curated magazines 

    *Why the Frenchie?

    *Freedom to play and Enjoy

    *Beauty Sleep and Sex

    *Permission for External Beauty

    *My personal fav’s for a Beautiful Soul-Led Life

  • Online coaching and support in your FB group
  • 3 recorded Frenchie Integration Sessions to support you in your own personal activation.  Listen in as Tara coaches women 1:1 so you can benefit and apply the wisdom from the comfort of your own home.

PLUS Fb lounge for Femme interaction with other gorgeous women who are ready to unleash joy in their lives now-Priceless

Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive an email with your login and membership information.  You will receive immediate access to each lesson which includes a powerful video training and a curated workbook to support you.  Over the course of the next 5 weeks you will receive support inside of your private Frenchie fb lounge from our amazing coaches.

You Can’t!  You can not JUSTIFY an experience and RECEIVE from it at the same time.  It doesn’t work.  It’s like oil and water.  As soon as you move into justification energy you cut off your receiving energy.  I see it happen all the time.  

And this is EXACTLY why you are here…so you no longer feel the need to justify anything you require!

I have found that when women invest in themselves significantly, their results and their commitment reflect their level of investment.

Yes!  You have 30 days from the day of purchase to receive a refund.  If you take F is for Frenchie and go through the process and complete the steps and turn it in-and do not feel 100% overjoyed…please let us know and we are happy to refund you.  That being said YOU MUST SHOW UP and you must do the process, or you will not get the results you are seeking.  We are only interested in supporting women who are serious about their growth and evolution.

Enroll in F is for Frenchie today and be saying

Oui Oui!

It allowed me to flow in my life, which is what I felt was missing and holding me back. I’ve been too driven and rigid in my life.

Now I shine!

I stopped pushing myself so hard. Instead I allowed my day to lavishly support me, rather than reaching and obsessing about achieving or playing too small.

It created more fun and a deeper connection with my husband.

I become happier and more myself

Less resentment, more enjoyment


It gave me the freedom I was seeking!

Activating my Frenchie made me more confident.

Less negative and judgemental internal messages, more peace of mind, freedom to create.

Made me more sociable, more secure and not so shy in meeting men

I experienced more authentic living and daring to love.

Are you ready?

Total Value =$8500