We need to talk about the Feminine

We need to talk about the Feminine.

It’s the KEY to your Freedom, Intimacy Pleasure in life…

  • What if you could be your most feminine beautiful self?
  • What if you felt the freedom to enjoy your life without guilt?
  • What if you could play in this life you have created, untapped and explore the beauty of the woman that you are?
  • What if it wasn’t too much work?
  • What if healing your feminine was the answer?

What if the BIGGEST PRIORITY In your life was to FEEL good?
(oh yes I know the resistance this brings up!)

Welcome to F…


On June 22nd I am holding a 5 week Frenchie Integration to support women who are called at this point in time to honor, heal and allow their feminine essence to be the KEY for their next level.


Oh la la…we are HONORING the Frenchie as the leading Femme in your life so you can

  • Learn how pleasure is the key to your Freedom (and what has gotten in the way!).
  • Creating a powerful self care routine that allows deeper intimacy, ease and permission (*this will include the creation of a unique Frenchie Friday routine*).
  • Re-awaken your most heartfelt relationships with your partner/spouse/desire.
  • Honor Beauty as a core component in your life and learn unique and easy enhancement techniques for a busy life style.
  • Integrate and PRIORITIZE the feminine in your life so you can ENJOY your value without pushing, forcing or overcompensting.


  • One live q&a every week to support you and your Frenchie at higher levels of play, enjoyment and pleasure.
  • Three times over the course of the 5 weeks you will be invited to participate in Frenchie Integration sessions. These are designed to offer high level, personal support and laser coaching on the Frenchie.
  • You will receive a new Frenchie Module each week.
  • In addition you will receive over 80 pages of our Frenchie Beauty book with my personal recommendations and links to support your Frenchie.
  • You will also be added to a brand new membership only Facebook group for this program with even more support and accountability for you.


  • You must be called to enhance the Feminine in your life now and sense she is the key to your next level (I will not be convincing you of this…).
  • You must fill out the below application as we are treating this as a high level Mastermind and energy, commitment and willingness are important.
  • You desire to ENJOY your life and you are willing to let go of struggle, force, deprivation and illusions of the feminine.

Please note* You can be new to Elegant Femme IF you meet the guidelines…
All Elegant Femme clients must be:

  • CONSCIOUS A conscious woman who wants to utilize the opportunity of all that is going on in the world to deepen her conenction with her soul and her Beautiful life.
  • COACHABLE You must be willing to do what I tell you to do. No matter how much experience you have or don’t have. Second guessing the process, going into your head or wanting things to be proven to you before you take action will halt your success.
  • COMMITMENT You must be commited to this conversation. This will bring up challenges, uncomfortable triggers inside and massive growth. You can be afraid, but you can not let that stop you! If you give up easily, this is not for you.

Disclaimer : This class will require work and commitment. You must show up and participate to receive results. In no way is your performance guaranteed.

I have been doing this for over 15 years, what you will learn is PRICELESS and TIMELESS it will be with you forever.


This is a $5,000 program

Elegant Femme masterminds start at 35k for 12 months=3k a month

However we are doing this LIVE for only…


You can also choose a 3 part payment plan for only $575/month.

Please note: once your application has been accepted, your spot is saved in the program.  Since this program has limited openings, there will be no refunds.


  • Enter your info
  • Confirm payment
  • Fill out the application form (*all forms will be reviewed by Tara if for any reason we feel this is not a fit for you we will return your investment and assist you with your next steps)

Step 1: Enter your contact info below so we can send you everything your require to integrate your Feminine and say yes to joy in your life