Grateful List 2012

I am so grateful and so thankful for…

  1. My thick hair.
  2. My yellow tea cup.
  3. My strong relationship with Nico and Dom.
  4. The way Nico dances in the kitchen.
  5. The way Dom smiles and swaggers when he scores a goal.
  6. The way Dave says “I love you soooooo much baby.”
  7. The way my brother Chris hugs me so tight.
  8. My sister’s determination to not settle in her life.
  9. My brother Mike’s connection to nature.
  10. My brother Mike’s connection to his truth, without apology.
  11. My mom’s spontaneous nature and the way she loves surprises (that’s where I get it from).
  12. My Dad’s patience and his ability to feel the calm within the storm.
  13. My improved relationship and respect for my father- in- law.
  14. My awareness around Pete and what he is here to teach me.
  15. The way I have grown this year.
  16. My ability to begin to release Superiority and Inferiority.
  17. My transformation through the layer of luxury.
  18. What I’ve learned about Networking from Joe Polish.
  19. The way Kevin Donahue believes in us.
  20. My even more conscious relationship with my body.
  21. The yellow paint in my office.
  22. The breathtaking view from our living room especially when the clouds get tucked into the valley below.
  24. Joan White, the fairy godmother of fashion.
  25. Every single one of my clients and their ability to go deep.
  26. Daniela and Christopher-the way you are here for us, we feel at home with you.
  27. Dori and what she brings to enrich us and EF every day.
  28. Brenda and her willingness to BE with us fully – EF is grateful too.
  29. Moriah and the love and dedication to the EF vision.
  30. Arthur and his ability to run as fast as we do without ever complaining ;).
  31. Luchie-welcome we are happy you are here with us.
  32. When Dom asks me to tickle his feet.
  33. The bright look in Nico’s eyes when he asks if we can bake a cake.
  34. My ability to release expectation and surrender even more fully to my purpose.
  35. My new found understanding of life more unattached yet committed than ever before.
  36. My hazel eyes that seem to get brighter every day.
  37. Beauty = Truth
  38. That I met Marco and he believes in our designs.
  39. That Natalie came into my life at just the right time.
  40. The red mesas in Ramah.
  41. The way my Dad says, “Tara, I’m proud of you honey.”
  42. Ana – we love how you support us and we love your onion sauce creations.
  43. Freshly ironed sheets.
  44. I am living the life of my dreams…in FRANCE (I still feel this strongly).
  45. Hot roasted espresso…from Italy (Paris does pretty well too).
  46. Incredible orgasms…many of them.
  47. My ability for increased pleasure.
  48. Dave’s deep love for who I truly am.
  49. Dave’s willingness to grow as fast as I am;).
  50. Soy candles that smell like Rose.
  51. Sheila’s power and dedication to fulfill her purpose.
  52. Lori’s deep love for her characters.
  53. Leonna’s regal veins.
  54. Claire’s beauty.
  55. Leslie’s ability to let go and see her true self.
  56. Diana’s Indie.
  57. Bonnie’s connection to sky and earth.
  58. Irina’s soft humor.
  59. Josephine’s sincerity.
  60. The lessons I learned from EFI 2.
  61. Dancing to Carla Bruni in my kitchen in France when in 2009 I danced in my kitchen in Santa Monica.
  62. Reading for pleasure.
  63. My ability to smell the sky and taste the sun.
  64. A healthy digestive system.
  65. Incredible mobility and flexibility in my body.
  66. I fell in love with Paris and she fell in love with me.
  67. The way Dave laughs when he knows the boys are misbehaving – but he just can’t help it.
  68. Dave’s hands.
  69. My ability to say YES – no matter what.
  70. The way my mom takes care of the boys and they love her pea soup.
  71. The love Dom has for Guinness.
  72. Nico’s natural ability for sports.
  73. The way Nico loves doing homework with me.
  74. The way Dominic avoids homework at all costs;).
  75. My Dads sausage and bean creations.
  76. Tea with my mom – some of my favorite moments.
  77. Mike’s love for the boys – the ways he feeds their tummy’s, they adore his mushrooms with brown sugar!
  78. The growth I see in Bob and Dave’s relationship – respect.
  79. That I chose to stop drinking – I love myself so much for this.
  80. Business Class
  81. Living visions
  82. My Frenchie’s deep knowing about her beauty.
  83. My Indie’s awareness of the truth in life.
  84. My New Yorker’s new found ability to create without being attached.
  85. Standing desks
  86. Coeur de Pirates
  87. Les Duponts – we love you.
  88. Mr. P – thank you for seeing me.
  89. My love of design.
  90. Renee and her love of spirit.
  91. Meeting Stacy and the immediate love we have for speaking the same language.
  92. Meeting Lucy on the plane.
  93. The way my dad works around the house and LOVES it.
  94. Soccer games on Saturday, stale coffee, conversations in French.
  95. Lanvin ballet slippers.
  96. Vintage stores in Paris and LA.
  97. My god daughter how she brightens my life.
  98. Oh my Rose, my Rose, my Rose…your wisdom and openness to give.
  99. French Café music.
  100. Oh la la hot croissants from Paulina on Cherche-Midi.
  101. Meeting Lalita and our many café breaks in Paris.
  102. I am in LOVE really in LOVE with every person I meet; my life has changed forever this year.