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Love Yourself. Right Here, right now,
without having to prove, change or do anything

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forty days of


With a twist

LOVE your self
The way you love others…

Join tara marino in celebrating
40 days of gratitude with a twist

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.


Join us and receive:

  • a gratitude guide welcome pack
  • gratitude templates
  • Quick Daily check in Videos for 40 days
    to keep you motivated and focused on what matters most

Over the course of 40 days you will:

  • Undo self-sabotaging behavior
  • Increase your level of receiving
  • Know yourself to be enough, just as you are
  • Learn to love yourself the way you love others
  • Open to a greater level of abundance, grace, inner wisdom and peace
  • Set up and dedicate a practice
  • Learn how to let things come to you

Join the Movement
The world needs this and the world NEEDS YOU.
Just as you are…

Join tara marino in celebrating
40 days of gratitude with a twist

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.

Allow the end of this year
to prepare a new foundation.

Allow this closing
to be conscious, loving and heartfelt.

Allow yourself
to open and receive greater levels of love.


“Tara I love this! Thank you SO much for creating this amazing 40 day GRATITUDE with a Twist! I absolutely love that we’ll be going inwards to hold that powerful loving consciousness within ourselves. And you are right, we hold SO much love for others, and it’s a beautiful opportunity to really connect within. Thank you for sharing this, you are SO wonderful. “

– MariCris

“Such a beautiful program and so able to be applied immediately. This is has such power, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– Lyne

“I am so grateful that you created this beautiful and generous offering. I am so grateful for being a woman who says YES! to the opportunity, for enjoying the feeling of opening to receive more love from the divine and for committing to 40 days of practice. Thank you for creating this space to practice, uplift ourselves and all women. I am grateful for you sharing your inspiration!”

– Cathryn

“This program takes me on a path that I have been desiring to explore. After decades of working on self improvement, I have been yearning to gain the approval of others thinking that I can learn about myself through the eyes of my family, friends, colleagues. Usually feeling disappointed that I just wasn’t enough or that I should be better. I feel this 40 day challenge will help to build my self-esteem and confidence. At age 64, it’s time!”

– Rene

“I love the idea of turning gratitude inwards! This is the time of the year when it is most stressful for me so it feels wonderful to be part of this 40 day practice. And I already know it will be slightly a challenge to be grateful from within with some aspects of my life, but I am up for it! Thank you Tara for doing this with a twist!”

– Carina

“I love this gift you have put together for everyone. The idea of loving ourselves right here and right now without the “up-leveling” (that I always want to do) is really a beautiful idea. God loves us no matter what, so we should be just as generous and loving with ourselves! Thank you for your authentic example, it really helps to hear them!”

– Veronica

“Thank you, Tara, for this opportunity. I experienced resistance before Day 1. I was allowing myself to be in the holiday frenzy, and even though our Thanksgiving was peaceful, I experienced guilt for not doing more. Boy, do I need this!!! I am having to really take time and focus on each thing I feel and write or it automatically becomes about someone else. Thank you, thank you…hugs!”

– Marilyn

“I am truly enjoying this 40 days of gratitude, especially today when invited to play this new game ‘I love myself now because’… This new game really brought new meaning and something shifted inside of me.”

– Nqobile

“This is amazing and I love it. As women we need to take care of ourselves and see how great and wonderful we are. You give so much knowledge, information, time and grace to the courses. Your leadership is not only encouraging, but your light, spirit and dedication to share you knowledge and experience with us, to help us live a better and happier life, because we are encouraged to take time for ourselves.”

– Dianne

“I’m learning a great deal about how to be a loving, constant friend to myself. The process you taught about a few days ago of turning our love for others back on ourselves was palpable enough to be something I could feel right at the center of my heart!”

– Jennifer

“This is the second or third time I’ve done this process with you. And it is ALWAYS helpful, growth-inducing, and a gain of deeper awakening. And this is because we do this process from wherever we are within our own never-ending evolution towards self-actualization, just as an infinitely upward-spiraling energy. Thank you Tara for generously being there yet again with such an invaluable process to support our becoming who we can be fully!!!”

– Karen