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Think about the last time you finished your to-do list. That night you laid your head on your pillow. What happened next?

Oh crap. Neurons fired and reminded you of yet ANOTHER item that needs to be added to tomorrow’s to-do list.

It’s endless.And your left in a cycle of feeling perpetually unfulfilled.Like you’re never going to get it all “done”.And this is a big reason why you feel like you waste time and miss out…

But how do you “fix” this?

Well, first of all, it’s important to know YOU don’t need to be fixed!

Deep down you know you are perfect. You know you are not broken.

But something gets in the way of that awareness and stops you from EXPERIENCING what you really desire.

Listen to me for a moment: You need to be EXACTLY where you are right now.

Nowhere else… Breathe.

I am serious, let that sink in.

In order for you to go to the next level, you must be exactly where you are now.

You need to be where you are right this minute in order to evolve into the woman you know you’re capable of!

You are in the perfect space right now
to grow to your next level.

I’ll share the way this happens next.

This is a critical part of you feeling more aligned, fulfilled, and on purpose with your day.

It’s a 2 step process. Once you combine Step 1 and 2, you’ll reach a new level of happiness in your life.

step 1

The Most IMPORTANT 10 Minutes of Your Day…

The most critical minutes are:

The first 5 minutes of your morning after you wake up. And the 5 minutes right before you go to bed.

If you don’t utilize these precious minutes in a way that serves you then you’ll never feel truly fulfilled.

You’ll be waiting for other people to make you happy.

You’ll be waiting for a new client, a new job, your child’s report card to be the source of your fulfillment.

And that’s not sustainable. It’s not in your control.

You can’t rely on outside circumstances to dictate how you feel. You’ll be “waiting” on others to fulfill you, to acknowledge you, and to show you your value.

Of course, you feel happy when your daughter gets an A in Math or when your husband decides to buy you flowers, just because.

The key is it can’t be the ONLY way you are happy (or sad).

You can’t depend on these things to happen all the time. Especially the husband buying flowers. Although I have found they can be trained to do this. But that’s for another time;)

So back to the 10 minutes.

What’s critical is that you utilize the first 5 minutes in your morning and last 5 minutes in your evening to connect with the REAL you.

When done properly you will tap into your authentic self.

And once you start doing this consistently, you’ll live a life you’re truly proud of. I call this “Living a Beautiful, Soul-Led Life”.

But how do you do this?

How do you PROPERLY CONNECT With your AUTHENTIC self during these critical 10 minutes of the day?

Before I share how to do it, I want to let you in on how the system was developed…

It came from a tragedy I experienced in my life that ultimately was the catalyst to changing thousands of women’s lives.

In 2002 my firstborn son Mason was born. He contracted pneumonia and died 6 days after his birth.

As you can imagine this crushed me. I was in complete shock. I was angry. Angry at myself, angry at the world and angry at God.

Frankly, I hated the everything for a year.

Eventually, I began to pull myself out of the fog.

Once I stopped asking “Why?” and started to ask “How?”… Only then did things start to change.

By asking this question I began down a path of healing and growth.

And as a result, I ended up discovering a powerful system that changed my life and thousands of other women’s lives as well.

The Powerful System that is Changing Thousands of Lives…

What I discovered was a life-changing framework that makes it EASY to love ALL of who you are…

I realized that we all have 3 unique aspects of ourselves called the FemmeTypes.

When you tap into them properly, you’ll be in tune and in sync with your true self.

They help you stay aligned. They help you feel authentic. They help the real you shine.

So, what are the FemmeTypes?

You have these 3 aspects inside of you called The Indie, The Frenchie, and The New Yorker.

step 2

Use the FemmeTypes to Connect with Your Authentic Self


Your Indie (when in sync)

Is that part of you that’s is fully aware of your value and self-worth.

She connects you to your sense of intuition and your sense of receiving.

She aligns you with your “Being”


Your Frenchie (when in sync)

Has healthy relationships

A self-honoring body iYour Frenchie assist you in knowing what pleases you (in all ways)

She is the part of you that embraces “Enjoying”.

New Yorker

Your New Yorker (when in sync)

Is the aspect that aligns you with power and prosperity

She’s organized

She’s strategic

She supports you in taking aligned action

Is about “Doing” the things that truly bring you the biggest reward


“Tara’s got something hot with her FemmeTypes.”

– lisa sasevich –

Since 2008, The FemmeTypes changed the way women live.

And then in 2012, a lightbulb went off.

I combined the “Most Critical 10 Minutes of Your Day” with the FemmeType system so myself and my clients around the world could AMPLIFY both processes and experience

I called the new process the Femme Flow List. It’s how you maximize your day so you feel alive and connected.

When these 2 powerful concepts are added together they create the framework for quick and meaningful change.

1000’s of conscious women are now using the Femme Flow List each and every day…

And now you can experience the transformation in your life with the Femme Flow List program.

Here is what you will receive when you invest in the

Femme Flow List Training…

8 mini video modules

8 mini video modules

These mini modules will go in-depth into how to take full advantage of the Femme Flow list system and the FemmeTypes. The system was built to insure your authentic self is fully represented in your day. No more putting your head on the pillow wishing you could get a re-do or start over. You’ll feel aligned with your truth each day knowing that with a short 10-minute process you made an impact and feel more fulfilled.

$ 197.00
digital training

Interactive workbook

At Elegant Femme we believe in experiential learning. Yes, you can absorb knowledge just by listening. But we are not trying to skate by and do the minimum. We want to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. And filling out the workbook along with the video trainings will ensure you get the most out of the program.

$ 97.00
>Bonus: mp3 recording”></div>
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Bonus: mp3 recording

You will also receive an MP3 recordinging of the training so you can bring it with you on your phone and listen while in the car, at the gym, or while running errands. I know you’re busy and on the move… Having the MP3s to take with you anytime makes it even easier for a busy woman like you to create balance in your life.

$ 97.00

Our intention here at Elegant Femme is simple. To shift the consciousness of the planet 1 woman at a time. And the best way we know how to do that is to give you even more support in living the most beautiful life possible. Your version of YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE! You will get guidance and support on how to further ignite the FemmeTypes and the Femme Flow List into your life.

The total value of the Femme Flow List Program with the bonus is $391.00


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“Doing the Femme Flow List makes me feel more in control and
more focused”


I have been doing the Femme Flow List for the last week and already feel
more in control, more focused and as though I am moving steadily forward!


“ffl is my northern star”


FFL is my northern star. The FFL helps me in embodying who I needed to be, what I wanted to enjoy and what I needed to get done in triggering situations has changed me, my context, my connection to others. But the biggest blessing of all has to be healing my Sensual Circle. Living within my own sense of honor is healing my body, my family tree, and my life. The sense of gratitude coming from that space makes me feel expansive and tender, but open.

60-DAY 100% Money Back

​​(And you can even keep the

risk Free

The Femme Flow List will positively change your life. I have no doubt about it.

I’m so sure of this that I’m willing to take all of the risk for you!

Try the Femme Flow List program out risk-free. If you’re not thrilled with the content or if you
don’t feel it is making a lasting change in your life than you can email us at team@elegantfemme.com.

Just let us know within 60 days that you are not completely happy with your investment and we will
give you a complete refund. And you can even keep access to the program.

There is no risk to you at all for making this investment in yourself. The Femme Flow list is an easy
to follow system that will increase your daily fulfillment and joy. You’ll finally put your head on
the pillow at night feeling a sense of satisfaction… knowing you truly honored yourself.

Make today a step in the right direction and invest (Risk Free) in the Femme Flow List program.

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Yes Oui! Add the Femme Flow Reveal Program to my order
(When you click this button you will be charged $69. ONLY click this button if you intend on receiving this one-time special offer)

My intention for you is to live your version of your Beautiful, Soul-Led life. If you also desire to
create a more fulfilling beautiful life than the Femme Flow List training will allow you to live the
life that is calling you..

I look forward to continuing to support you on your journey. We are in this together.

With Beauty and Truth Always,

Tara Ann Signature

PS. The Femme Flow List is a success habit that can change the trajectory of your life. It’s a short
process that creates the foundation for a more fulfilled and happy existence.

You have to take the first step and invest in yourself. Then let the Femme Flow list take over from