Is this really the key to happiness (and aging more gracefully?) – you MUST know this!

Now let’s get right to it and look into the big REVEAL on what will bring you the most happiness (and health).

Honestly, I was so surprised when I found out the massive effect this has on ALL of our FemmeTypes!

In case you missed it you can read Part 1 here.  The experiment they did on JFK and how it holds the key to happiness (GO Frenchie!)

If you recall an elite group of scientists found the secret to happiness and it all started in 1938.

Exhaustive medical exams noted everything from major organ function to the electrical activity in their brains.

They looked at their bodies inside and out to determine what it was that makes us happy

They found a group of dedicated men who would commit to LIFELONG testing in order to unlock what makes us humans tick and How We Can Be Happy.

So I know you might be thinking…  Wait?  It was an experiment on men?

I thought this was going to help my Frenchie!  And help me be HAPPY. Men don’t have anything to do with my Frenchie.  Do they Tara?

Well. As I said the experiment started in 1938.  And it began with only 238 men.

Because that “prominent” organization just outside of Boston that ran the experiment was none other than Harvard. 

Harvard found the key to happiness?

In 1938 they only had male students.

Apparently, it took them a minute to figure out how powerful us Femmes can be!

But fear not Harvard has been running this experiment for the past 80 years!

And they started following the decedents and their spouses of the original 238 which now includes plenty of women.

They have intensely monitored over 1400 people to see what makes them Healthy and Happy.

As time has gone on they have added the latest scientific techniques to the study.  Now the participants get MRI’s, DNA testing, and they have regular checkups every 2.5 years with a social

The results have remained the same.   The Key to happiness is the same for women and men!   So your Frenchie is covered (actually ALL of your Femmes will be affected!! )

And do you know what they found?  What is the key?

The key to being Happy and Healthy is tied directly to the quality of your relationships.

More than money.  More than fame.   More than anything else the Key to being happy is how good your relationship is…

What they found was if you focus on and have a real connection in your relationship you will be happier.

AND you will age more gracefully…  And you’ll be healthier!
One of the lead scientists said this.

the key to healthy aging is relationships, relationships, relationships.” — George Vaillant


Since my mission in life is to assist women in living their Beautiful, Soul-Led life I KNEW I had to take this study into account.

It isn’t often that we can see this level of scientific connection to our inner world!

My husband Dave and I have learned a few things about relationships over the years and we are committed to assisting women to receive the highest quality relationship possible(obviously the men benefit too!)

Now that you know how vital your relationship is to your health and well-being… It is time to talk about HOW TO HAVE THE QUALITY relationship that will give you the results that you desire.


Based on the exhaustive research by Harvard…

  • It improves your health.
  • Helps you age gracefully…
  • AND makes you HAPPIER.

I didn’t know this was one of the KEY’s to my success.

Healthy… Happy… and I’m 42 years old and I get told constantly that I look young for my age.
And my relationship with Dave has positively affected me.

But it wasn’t always like this for us.

Together Dave and I figured out a system to IMPROVE our relationship.  To be HONEST with each other.   To be fully  COMMITTED to each other.

To be TURNED on and BOTH GET WHAT WE want!

We have also discovered how to fuel our visions TOGETHER to live our most Beautiful, Soul-Led life.

Next, I will share how we do this.

You’ll have an action plan for how YOU CAN DO THIS in your relationship.

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