What if you leave him behind?

It’s now time to talk about something pretty sensitive…   Something we don’t often talk about as women.

My intention is to offer you some support, some relief and hope…

You’ve just discovered how Harvard has been doing a lifelong study on happiness and health since 1938.  And they discovered our relationships are the KEY factor in what makes us happy.

In fact, Robert Waldinger, the lead scientist of the Harvard study said this…

Close relationships, more than money or fame, are what keep people happy throughout their lives”  

This scientific study proved having a good, connected relationship is the key to happiness, aging gracefully, and healthier living.

OK. That’s all nice and good for some people…

But what about you?

Is a relationship that serves you, supports you and allows you to tap into your deepest desires available for you?

Can you really have THAT type of relationship?

A relationship that supports YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE?

For BOTH of you?

What if you feel like it is too late for you?

What if you have been married for years and you have tried to strengthen your relationship and you fear it isn’t as important to your partner?

What if you are afraid that if you keep growing you will leave him behind?

Dave and I have been through this…

When I made the commitment to grow into my next level, it was me taking personal development courses, going to seminars, getting coached… and Dave admitted to me that he was afraid of being left behind.

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure that I wasn’t going to leave him behind…

I mean what if I did outgrow him?

I made a BIG choice to live my life fully…no matter what.

And soon I recognized we had a chance to create something special together.

I LONGED to know what it felt like for us BOTH to be in our power.

Over the years we have recognized what made our relationship so special.

We were getting asked all the time at our live events how we have the relationship we do, how are we so in love.

Many of my clients told me they secretly longed for their own “Dave”;)

So we started to look at our relationship and see what it was that we had that was special, different, connected…

We started to document it. We refined it. We perfected the “little things” we were doing.

And we named it “The 5 Essential Anchors”. Dave usually adds “to a kick-ass relationship” at the end of it.


The system works.

It will help you have the soul-led, powerful, desired, relationship that assists you in going to the next level if your life AGAIN & AGAIN.

We share it ALL with you here…