The BIG 5 (EVERY connected relationship anchor laid out for you right here!)


Have you ever found yourself working on one area of your relationship and feeling like you are doing a really good job but you are STILL not getting the results you desire?


Have you felt like as soon as you get one area of your relationship working (intimacy for example) maybe it feels like your finances fall apart?

Today, as promised, I am going to lay out each of the 5 anchors for you so you can clearly see the dynamic present for you in your relationship.

We created the 5 anchors to show the complexity inside of relationship and what is actually required to allow your relationship to fully serve BOTH of you.

Inside of each anchors there are components that will show you exactly what you need to focus on in each area.

So instead of spinning your wheels or getting confused by what to do, now you will know what you need.


Start with commitment! ( uggghh I know this may sound obvious but I am actually really serious. You must commit FIRST to yourself and then to your partner!)

This is part of our 5 essential anchors to a connected relationship Commitment is part of the PROMISE.

The 1st anchor.

Dave and I share a comprehensive Relationship Assessment that reveals unconscious patterns you have picked up from your lineage.

You’ll see how these “patterns” affect you and your partner in your relationship…

And what to do to stop having those negative thoughts or behaviors from getting in the way.

This is just one aspect of the 1st anchor (The Promise). We go more in depth of this and all 5 anchors in the coaching program Live We Fully.

What else can you do to FOCUS on your relationship?

Communicating properly ( which means authentically) will enhance your relationship.

This is one that took us a while to figure out!

Sure it was easy when things were going as planned. Or when we had extra money in the account. Or when we went on vacation.

Conversations then were easier.

But we developed ways to talk about the tough stuff.




And general disagreements about just about anything.

Once Dave and I knew how to communicate AUTHENTICALLY with one another we became in sync and connected.

We understand each other.

We know how to get our point across in a way that is respectful and respected!

And this is why Communication is part of the 2nd anchor.

In the Connection factor we bring you through a 7 part process to being heard and understood.

And we introduce you to what we call a Love Assignment.

It’s a beautiful system that opens you up… to WANT to get closer to your partner.

Now the next logical place we focus on in relationships is none other than Intimacy.

We call this 3rd Anchor – Ground Zero!

This one is about SEX.

The importance of it. How to make it a more consistent part of your life.

We don’t shy away from the importance of it.

And we also help you flush out what’s happening under the surface that’s getting in the way of you and your man having a more intimate relationship.

And this brings to light our 4th anchor.

Roles & Responsibilities.

Do you want to experience harmony in your household?

Getting clear on who does what and when. Will go a long way.

You can get to a place where you love what you are doing in the house. Where you know what you are responsible for.

We help you identify the stuff that has to get off your plate so you are free to focus on what lights you up.


We bring you through a process complete with checklists and a powerful grading exercise to identify what’s most important. What inspires you. And equally as important what drains you.

You’ll receive a conversation starter to bring these awarenesses into your relationship so you’re both on the same page. And your following a plan together. (Even if he doesn’t go through the exercise with you)

And this brings about the 5th Essential Anchor.

The Horizon!

The Horizon is all about you and your partners vision.

First we bring you through a detailed process to create your individual vision.

As Dave says “if you don’t know where you want to go then your sure to never get there.”

What it means is if you’re not clear on your vision then life will happen to you.

Then we help you create your couples vision. What is important for both of you to experience together.

This is a beautiful way for you to open up to exciting conversation.

To engage him… even if he has felt closed in the past (we teach you how to go about this in Live We Fully especially if your partner is not taking the program with you;)

Wow now you have ALL the anchors and the components inside of each anchor.

You can go forward and utilize these inside of your partnership and make incredible movement knowing what to focus on…


You can have Dave and I support you and assist you through each of the 5 anchors so you can integrate, open and receive the relationship you deeply deserve.

Our brand new Live We Fully program starts next week and we would love to assist you.

Find out how to join us HERE….

This will be the ONLY time we are offering this program live in 2018!

We are inspired to assist couples to live a life of inspiration, power and prosperity together as you continue to create your Beautiful Life!

With love and Beauty,

PS. Thank you for sharing how much your relationship means and what it is you really want to be experiencing, we have been so moved and we are so excited to assist you in this next level of partnership AND your Beautiful Life!

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