Are you honoring your intentions?

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You know stuff right?  I mean years of personal growth, programs, books, and events!  YIKES. You KNOW this right?

I get it, I have spent decades “teaching” spiritual growth and evolution in a number of different ways, created courses on intention and…

I still needed to take a close look at this one!

Here is the thing, at higher levels of spiritual growth, the opportunity for continued mastery is sometimes very very subtle.

It can become very tempting to rest on our laurels and allow the ego to slide in…because after all; we know this stuff right?

Throughout my sabbatical, it became really clear that some of my actions had not been supporting my intentions.

One of my big intentions was to rest and have space.

Sure, I made some changes to some programs and slowed down a bit…but it wasn’t enough.

In many ways, I was still playing it “safe”.

When we go “all in” and truly allow our actions to support our intentions, what I’ve found is that it doesn’t feel safe at all (at least in the conventional idea of safe).

In fact, it feels super scary and really illogical.  Your brain won’t be able to make sense of how your intention will work.


Because you don’t “work it” the way you are used to…you begin to ALLOW IT!


There is a delicate balance between the making and the allowing, between the action and the receiving.

It is a sweet spot for truly aligning with your deepest intentions, the ones God has in store for you!

The really special, unique, precious ones that are meant for you and only you.

AHHHHH oh yeah, feel that!

Today, I invite you to slow down and journal a bit.

Are your actions in alignment with your intentions?

With love, beauty and deep intent,


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There is a simple and beautiful way to make & allow!

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