How to Set a Goal The Feminine Way

Learn how to set a goal in a feminine way and why setting a goal is different for us women.  In this video you’ll discover why setting goals may be the wrong way for us to begin in the first place.

One of the women in The Power of Sensuality program recently asked me this question.

“What is the difference between a goal and an intention?”

I feel it is so important for us as women to understand the difference between an intention and a goal.   And perhaps MOST importantly how to set a goal (or intention;) correctly so you receive the desired results you are seeking as a women (with ease and grace)

Seriously what would that be like?  If you are like me you have had some confusion around how to do this and even some frustration feeling “Well, why bother it doesn’t work”

I created this video for you to show you how effective this can be and the true difference
so you as a woman can start creating and RECEIVING in a way that is true to you
WITHOUT the fear of failing.

FemmeType Insight: This video is for your Indie,
allow her to enjoy your summer now and stop worrying about fall.


Your New Yorker loves to be strategic and with this understanding she
knows exactly where to focus her energy.

Your Frenchie is about enjoying when your energy is directed in the right
direction it gives her the ability to relax and enjoy without the GUILT.