Improve your relationship…one of our secrets

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Welcome back to the Chic Summer Series. We are sharing the best content to assist you in creating YOUR beautiful life. Today is special…Dave is joining me.

By the time you get this, we will be on our sabbatical, and you can bet we will STILL be doing what I share with you every day!

We have been married for 16 years, and I can truly say I find Dave sexier, more romantic and more understanding and supportive than ever. 

How is it we keep things going after all these years?

We Live Fully…together.

We share one of our daily secrets in the below video–it’s quick and easy.

And it’s FUN.

For us, this is our coffee walks…vision walks. We get up early and get coffee and on a walk together. This is our time to vision and talk about what we desire in our lives.

When you aren’t connecting with each other on a daily basis, you are missing the power of being in a relationship when two people come together and vision and dream.

If you are ready to manifest a life together that inspires BOTH of you.

If you are ready to go deeper and come together and have:

  • Better sex
  • Better communication
  • More alignment
  • More joy

And to have a “kick-ass” relationship as Dave says…

Learn more about our Live We Fully program here.

I can’t wait to hear from you…how do you want to connect to your partner every day?






PS. Wondering what the “Chic Summer Series” is? During the summer of 2017, I am taking a sabbatical, and we created a summer FULL of content to assist you in living YOUR unique beautiful life. You can read more about the sabbatical here.