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The 9 Layers of the Indie

Your Connection to Authentic Power, Intrinsic Self-worth and Graceful Leadership

Dearest Elegant Femme,

“The world needs you, will you answer the call?” These words echoed inside my heart and soul for years. I had NO idea HOW to answer ‘the call’. I would sit at night and pray, pray for answers, for guidance. “What was my purpose, why was I here? God please just tell me and I will DO it!” I wanted an answer and I wanted it now!

Do you know what I heard? Do you know the response I got? “You already know, all you have to do is choose.” Choose? Are you kidding me? I wanted God to TELL me. And so I waited for the ‘divine download’ of my purpose and I waited…until one day I realized what I had really heard and that I did have a choice. I had a choice to allow my life to mean something extraordinary, I had to claim it.

This is what I am inviting you to do…CLAIM your life!

I invite you to prepare yourself for a sacred conversation. It’s a conversation for the most fundamental and powerful aspect of your Femme Types.

It’s a conversation for BEING

Who are you being?

In any given moment where you are residing inside yourself changes everything…everything.

     You see there is a knowing inside that we are capable, worthy, powerful and deserving and yet we are ‘clouded’ in the fear that what if we are wrong, what if we really aren’t all that? But what if we are? What if you could allow yourself to experience the fullness of your truth? What if you could grant yourself permission to follow your intuition, step into the most authentic part of who you are and let the approval of others no longer be what stops you from being…YOU?

When you align yourself with your Indie, you allow yourself to be who you really are at your core. I used to think we were here to become, but along this journey, I have (with the guidance of my own Indie) come to understand that we already ARE and this process is a deep unfolding of the permission to embody that woman.

Right now I would like to speak to that aspect of you. The aspect of you who knows you are here for something extraordinary. The aspect of you who chose to come into this life to have impact and influence.

If this is true and it is just about “Being”
and we don’t even have to become…why the struggle?
Why do so many people still feel trapped?

There are some MAJOR misunderstandings about what it means to grow and evolve.


A lot of ‘personal growth’ focuses on changing or fixing something. You are not broken and you do not need to be ‘fixed.’


You do not need an outer authority to make your decisions for you.

The Indie assists you with two basic concepts


Your Indie assists you in finding your own inner compass…creating your own inner guidelines, and sources courage to follow them. This is not about me (or anyone else) telling you what to do, this is about you allowing yourself to BE who you really are…

Out of SyncCommon traps in the faux Indie

  • Being overly ‘nice’ and confusing this with spirituality
  • People pleasing as a distraction for stepping into your truth
  • Playing small and not honoring your value
  • Being overly ‘realistic’ and not relying on faith
  • Needing a 100% guarantee to move forward
  • Waiting…and waiting….and waiting… for someone else to tell you it’s ‘ok’
  • Compromising your inner integrity to ‘hold on’ to something (or someone)
  • Fear of becoming lazy or unmotivated if scarcity isn’t your main driver
  • Misunderstanding that fear goes away if you are doing the ‘right’ thing
In syncWhen you are in sync with your Indie

  • You understand that no one knows what you need but you
  • You stop looking for authority outside of yourself
  • You stop waiting for others to make decisions for you
  • You honor your inner knowing
  • You create a new relationship with your inner leader, one That is compassionate, not aggressive
  • You follow through because you want to and are called to,
  • Not because you HAVE to
  • You take a stand for what you believe in and let go of the
  • ‘Need’ for everyone to like you
  • You honor and value your time by structuring your life and
  • Priorities in alignment with your truth
you are not alone

I know that I am here to release the illusion of a deep-seeded pain
so we can shift the consciousness of the planet in a global, economic, and social scale.

And I know that because I activated my Indie.

What is your purpose?
Who do you need to BE to live that purpose?

You are here to share your truth with the world.

In order for you to step into that place, you truly need to allow yourself to be healed. That’s your Indie.
And that’s what we’ll do together in this powerful, sacred program.

You know that you know. You know you’re ready. Give yourself this gift today.

This exclusive program is very limited, and I’ll be accepting applications.

This is your invitation to

The Indie is your source – until you open up to your self-love, self-trust, and self-compassion, it doesn’t matter how many programs you take.

Until you step into that authenticity and allow yourself to be really visible with your Indie and with others, your desires don’t manifest.

Once you connect your Indie, everything shifts… and your desires become available with ease and grace.

You may be experiencing some anticipation or even anxiety about stepping into this level.

It’s normal to have some fear and trepidation.

If you are truly ready to say YES to yourself and your desires, you’ll also be experiencing some excitement.

It will lead to the biggest transformation you’ve ever experienced.
I’m inviting you here now, because you are ready.
I couldn’t take you here before Live You Fully –
the foundation of what’s next for you had to be set.

You’ve chosen to live life
awake and engaged.

And now it’s time to step into what’s next –
step into the next level of transformation
– the next level of your Elegant Femme.

Enhancing your Indie

will assist you to:

Make decisions from the Inside Out, rather than the Outside In.

Know that you can only make the RIGHT decision.

Know that you are capable of creating the transformation you desire.

No longer apologize for who you are or what you are here to share with the world.

Know your own Value.
(this will completely shift your relationship with yourself, others and your business).

Uncover and ignite the power that has been lying dormant in you and TRUST that power.

Give yourself permission to go to your next level (without having to prepare anymore).

Your Indie is that piece of you that speaks first
and she speaks very softly.

She’s that wise woman. She’ll just give you a little nudge, she’s not going to hit you over the head, she’s not going to drag you, she’s not going to take away your free will or make you feel obligated. She, in fact, is quite the opposite… She’ll just whisper.

We’ve spent an amazing few weeks together, and the transformation and expansion that I’ve witnessed is nothing less than miraculous. And even still, I know something more is available to you. I know because I’ve opened to my own Indie, and guided dozens of other women to open to theirs.

You can Trust in yourself
and Step Into this now,
like so many have done before you:

Laura Brzegowy

Laura Brzegowy

The 9 Layers of the Indie has been the most profound experiential program I’ve ever taken part in

To date, the 9 Layers of the Indie has been the most profound experiential program I’ve ever taken part in. Never have I grown as much in a 9-week span as I did then.

Every woman truly opens herself up to the experience steps into a new way of “being”, in relation to herself, and to her life. Upon receiving the knowledge available within the Indie program, one simply cannot live life in the manner she once did. Her new found awareness will keep her in alignment with who she’s become, not who she was. I say this with authority because of my own personal experience, but also the experiences of the many women that I’ve taken the program with.

You will find yourself immediately utilizing the information within the 9 layers naturally, and on a daily basis.

No two times that you break open a layer will be quite the same. That’s why I chose to take the program a second time with Tara. I wanted to be in her energy as I experienced myself in a brand new way. For so many reasons, I believe this is Tara Marino’s greatest creation; a divine gift to womankind that I’m so grateful to have taken part in.

Jonita Dsouza,London, UK

I feel more and more connected to life in the present moment
like never before. I feel alive!

I have experienced an amazing shift in my consciousness as I moved through the different layers of Indie and would love to scream out loud for other women to experience too! The Indie program was exactly what my Indie was crying for after I had discovered my Femmetypes. As I passed through each layer, I started to feel more and more connected to life in the present moment like never before. I feel alive!

I am experiencing an amazing shift in my consciousness, my relationships are blossoming and I am experiencing more opportunities to expand my coaching business and it is all happening effortlessly!

Jonita Dsouza,London, UK


The 9 layers of the Indie affected my life in ways I could never have imagined.

I took the Indie program during a particularly challenging time in my life, and each layer was there to support me during that time. I’ve revisited the layers since then, particularly after the sudden and unexpected death of my Mom this summer, and the layers of the Indie gave me such comfort and growth. I now look at myself and my life in such a different way! I respond to things from a different place because of the new awarenesses I have from my Indie. I loved The Power of Sensuality and thought I “knew” my Indie from that program. Little did I know just how deep my Indie is and what she has to say to guide me through my life!

I am so grateful for my Indie, and for the Indie program. It truly helped me grow this year in ways I never dreamed possible.

So, why is this program


The chemistry of the group is part of what makes this program so special. The 9 Layers of the Indie isn’t for everyone. You have to have a burning desire to make big changes in your life. In order for this program to transform your life, you must be willing to go deep and do the work.

The only way I can be sure the chemistry will be right is by having you apply to the program. In the application, there are some questions that will help both you and me get clear if this is right for you. In the event this is not a fit for you at this time, you will know within 48 hours of sending in your application and we will refund your payment. If you have been accepted we will notify you and you will receive the detailed information to begin this life-changing transformation.

The 9 Layers of The Indie is a very potent program… to have this level of intimate personal coaching with Tara makes this a highly affordable and impactful group-coaching program.

In order to have the impact I want for you we cannot allow more than 40 women into the group.
This allows me to give you personal attention.

Dana Canneto, New York

Dana Canneto, New York

The 9-layers of the Indie was one of the most pivotal,
transformative few weeks of my life.

Not only did I become a better person on so many levels but everything around me started to shift for the better such as my relationships. I have taken many programs in the past and since the 9-layers and nothing would ever compare. I now utilize the 9-layers of the Indie process in my daily life.

It allowed me at the time to see who I really was at my core, to open up to my truth on a deeper level, to experience the richness and fullness of life through the eyes of my soul and to really see where I was rejecting myself so that I can shift that way of being and so that I can react to circumstance in a whole new way. I am writing this and feeling as if I have “no words” yet can write forever on how much this program transformed my life.

It was after the Indie program that I stood up at Tara’s live event and had the courage to share my story from such a deep dark vulnerable place and at the same time awaken to what it was that my soul was calling me to do here in this lifetime. I would never have been able to do that without going through the Indie program and being able to have my Indie show up in that way. I would have stayed stuck in fear. Nonetheless, I still have the recordings and listen to them often, whenever I feel I need to utilize the process or just as a reminder for me, these powerful steps. I have such gratitude for Tara for showing up for me when she did and for my saying YES to myself at that time when I had no idea what I was stepping into.

Listen to Dana’s story here.

Jia Ni, Sydney, Australia

I have quantum leaped as a woman in all areas of my life.

Having completed the Indie program and now having a strong relationship and connection with my Indie, I am guided by my indie daily in all that I do in my life and business. Every single day I use the tools Tara has taught me to create incredible opportunities for my life and business, experience more self-confidence and self-worth, as well as being able to hold my space with power and speak my truth in every situation! I have quantum leaped as a woman in all areas of my life, thanks to my connection with my Indie. If you have a desire to experience the Indie program – I highly recommend going for it – the experience has changed my life!

Jia Ni, Sydney, Australia

Petra Ooms, Netherlands

Petra Ooms, Netherlands

The Indie program was incredibly valuable for me.

Before I thought I had an understanding of my Indie, but oh dear, I had no idea at all. The Indie program was incredibly valuable for me to understand what cycle my Indie goes through and how she specifically supports me in my unfolding and grounding in my being. There is so much opportunity she lovingly creates for me, and even though I don’t always recognize it right away – she is always there for me. Through this program, I have come to feel I can trust that, and relax into that.

The 9 Layers of The Indie

Program Details

It is important to note that I will not disclose the 9 layers in public. The program is designed to take you on a magical, transformational ride. The magic happens by not knowing the layers in advance. Having them revealed to you on the journey is the process. It is what works. It is what will change your life.

I appreciate that you may want all the details in advance. It is in this moment I have to ask you… does this feel right? Is there a piece of you inside that is longing to live your truth? Are you tired of pushing against your own flow? Are you ready to step into your life in a new way, from a place of confidence and inner knowing? Are you willing to take it to the next level and experience things in your life you have only dreamed of?

You have been through the Power of Sensuality. You see what I see. Changes are happening. I’d like to accelerate those changes with you. So continue to trust…

Trust Yourself.     Trust your Knowing.


Indie LayerModules

Each week you will receive an audio module where we go deep into that week’s Indie Layer.
You will have action steps and accountability on how to move through each layer.

9Live Q&A Group
Coaching Calls

We will open the lines up and I will personally coach you and answer your live questions.
This is an amazing format where you not only get to learn from your own questions but you also get incredible insights from the other women’s questions.

new yorker


So let’s talk to your New Yorker for a bit. She wants success. She wants results… and She wants details! Now the reality is your Indie will be making this decision. If it feels right to her, you will join the 9 Layers of the Indie Program. However, in order to feel good about making this investment in yourself, you need the New Yorker details first.

The 9 Layers of The Indie Program is a very deep… very personal group-coaching program. We cannot allow more than 40 women into the group. This will allow me to give you personal attention. By keeping the group smaller you will get enhanced results.

Choose the Perfect
indie program Experience for You.

You have two options
to join the Indie program

This is an opportunity for us to speak privately about your life, your purpose and your impact in the world. We will use these valuable 30 minutes to get clear on what your Indie is truly seeking so you are more confident, aligned and clear to follow that knowing. I no longer offer one session private calls, so this is truly a unique opportunity.

If this feels right… If you’re ready to make big changes… If you’re ready to do what it takes to live the life you truly desire… then say yes–and join us below. After you submit your payment an application will be sent to you to complete. As stated above if I do not think this program is the right fit for you we will send you a refund within 3 – 5 business days.

For the first time EVER I am offering a 10-payment option. This is the most affordable plan we have offered for the Indie. The first payment is due today. The payments are spread 30 days apart. See all the details below.

Choose your program and method of payment

Sofia Wren,,
Baltimore, USA

I’ve completely gotten the value of my investment and so much more

The Indie was a fantastic course. I feel like I have completely gotten the value of my investment and so much more. It reminds me how stepping into the woman I am meant to become is worth more than any dollar amount, so I am so glad I did what I needed to do to sign up. The entire course felt so luxurious and wonderful, not like any other course I have taken. I so looked forward to each piece.

Now I feel the path has cleared for new clarity in my business, and my life. My site is already updated with a new welcome video declaring my mission in the world. I’m telling more people, I’m taking better care of myself, and I cleared so many blocks during each of the layers. The best part is that these tools are now mine for the rest of my life, and I can revisit them over and over again to serve me in the future. Thank you Tara–you are a genius!! I hope anyone reading this will sign up because this is a life changing process.

Sofia Wren,,
Baltimore, USA

3-Month Full money back guarantee.

I’ve done everything I can to make your transformation simple and achievable for you.

My intention is to remove every possible barrier to you giving yourself the time and ability to do this without guilt or remorse.

However, I understand you may still have some uncertainty about whether or not The 9 Layers of the Indie is right for you…

BUT the biggest risk we take is not making the shifts we know we require in our lives NOW. Let’s work together to make TODAY the day you commit to YOUR beautiful life.

I am 100% confident that The 9 Layers of the Indie will assist you in creating YOUR beautiful life. So confident that you can go through the entire program and if you feel that it has not dramatically improved your life, we will give you a 100% refund.

You have 3 months to go through the entire program! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied just turn in your completed templates to and we will process your refund within 3-5 business days.

I look forward to assisting you in living your desired life. Your Indie is the key to you being fulfilled, content and…well happy.

Take this step and join The 9 Layers of the Indie. I so look forward to getting to know you on a much more personal level and witnessing you as the woman you truly are!

With Love and Beauty always,

LeslieAnn Manley,

I know that I am in the right place

That was an amazing call. I have lived my life in an emotional fog never daring to figure out what was not right. This lead to feeling that I was not living my own life but living on the fringes of others. I know that I am in the right place. Thank you.

LeslieAnn Manley,

Pasha Millican, Texas, USA

Pasha Millican, Texas, USA

My experience in The 9 Layers of the Indie assisted me in
reconnecting to the deepest, wisest part of me.

My experience in The 9 Layers of the Indie assisted me in reconnecting with and learning to listen to the deepest wise part of me. It moved me into greater depths of self-acceptance and self-love. It helped me take ownership of my life by recognizing the power of choice in every moment. I am forever grateful for saying yes to this amazing opportunity.

Catherine Campart,Switzerland

One of the best decisions I had taken – and it’s really just the beginning of such an exquisite journey….

The 9 layers of the Indie had a very profound impact on who it is I allow myself to be today, how I think, how I set my daily priorities and ultimately where I am heading with my life. It definitely opened the gate for me to a much deeper and more honest connection with myself, Spirit and ultimately with life in general. Cherry on the cake, I met some absolutely amazing women with whom I am still deeply connected.

I am forever grateful that Tara offered such a beautiful, profound program and that I without any hesitations, joined. One of the best decisions I had taken – and it’s really just the beginning of such an exquisite journey….

Catherine Campart,Switzerland

Miri Scortzario

Miri Scortzario

I have never felt so safe in being myself

I trust Tara’s intention is creating an environment to hold each one of us in love in this process.

Because her intention is so strong and pure, the community of women that she gathers is creating this beautiful space where we can all be expressed, loved and celebrated.

I have never felt so safe in being myself without the fear of being judged or expecting to be liked or echoed.

Emily Niewendorp,

I know that I am in the right place

It was amazing to see how I have a deeper, fuller understanding of each step, how important each layer is, the experience I have with each one now, how it has helped me and assisted in healing and my place in the world.

The tools from the layers I use every day probably, and they’ve become a natural part of my life so that I’m more aware of the choices available to me at each crossroads I find myself in life. There is a satisfaction and settlement to leading my life in the direction I choose and being an example of the world I want to see.

Emily Niewendorp,

Kathryn Lively

Kathryn Lively

Absolutely Priceless . . .

I have never felt as safe and as held and as welcomed in any other group that I’ve ever been in so that experience in itself has been absolutely priceless. So I thank all of you for that.

Adele Wiejaczka

During this program I found love. . .

Learning to love myself outside of external factors in life. My entire internal self-talk has evolved into this loving and caring dialogue toward the way I view and see myself. Because of my newfound admiration and affection for myself, I have learned how to stand up for my needs in a feminine way and have brought romantic love and a long-desired community into my life. Now I am learning how to bring prosperity in a financial and career sense into my life.

I LOVE Myself so much. . .

Effortless interactions and relationships in my life have evolved. Plus, I LOVE myself so much in these interactions. I feel like I am truly being seen for the first time as my true self.

I found romantic love

LOVE….During this program I met and have developed a romantic relationship with a man. It’s the most graceful relationship I have ever had. At times I still can’t believe it’s true….and I LOVE myself with him so much. We are better people together than apart.

Adele Wiejaczka

Sally Mercedes

Sally Mercedes

I feel fully transformed this year

My deepened connection to my Indie has been a tremendous gift. Through her, I have taken even more risks this year, all with confidence, courage, and grace.

I feel fully transformed this year, and it all started by saying YES to my Indie and honoring that she led me to the 9 layers. My intuition has never been stronger, and I’m so blessed and grateful for it.

Tami Baum

Today, I am the best version of me that I can possibly imagine.

The Indie program reshaped, redirected, and restored my life.

With all honesty, I feel that I would still be playing on the merry-go-round of victim and boundary-less living without getting to know who my Indie is. My life felt like an empty vessel with days idling by, with no self-love, no self-value, nor self-worth. Through the gentleness of the Indie program, and the wisdom of your direction and guidance, I was able to let go of the most devastating parts of my past, forgive myself, and heal.

Today, I am the best version of me that I can possibly imagine.

Tami Baum

Mary Taylor Doucet

Mary Taylor Doucet

I really do feel a sisterhood that’s expansive and uplifting

I’ve met women who are willing to be genuine and open themselves up to their desires and all their vulnerability.

I really do feel a sisterhood that’s expansive and uplifting. It’s hard to find women like these in your own backyard. Thank you all very much, and Tara thank you for doing this in such a genuine honoring way.

Jennifer Jackson

I feel like I am walking a foot off the ground.

The Indie program was and continues to be so inspiring for me. Beginning with my vision, which continues to expand, it is no longer just a vision. It is coming alive. I feel like I am walking a foot off the ground.

I am living my desire…
I have made a new commitment to myself to allow myself to shine and receive.

Jennifer Jackson

Lori Elgin

Lori Elgin

The gateway to myself and freedom from what everyone thinks

Meeting and falling in love with my inner essence my soul has lead me on a journey of deep peace and love. I have learned to truly listen appreciate and honor my wisdom.

The indie…

The gateway to myself and freedom from what everyone thinks to what I really know is my truth

The indie is my ally and I am back into the course again…just for me.

Annie H. Kim

It’s really happening. . .My living vision is coming true!!

It’s really happening! My living vision is coming true! I am feeling very grateful… This work we are doing is VERY powerful!!! ♥

Annie H. Kim



The Indie Program was exactly what I needed

For me, I just “knew” the Indie program was for me and was exactly what I needed at the time. It’s funny, I know my life has changed so much since taking the Indie Program…but this inquiry has me desiring to go back through my Indie notes to see just how it affected me.

Being part of the Elegant Femme Community and all the programs have been so tailored to who I am that it feels the Universe has served them up just for my own curriculum in Realizing Who I Already Am.

They have blended together as I have integrated so much of the material – and so I thank you for this opportunity to go back over my Indie 9-layers notes as a part of my year-end review.

Mayra Perez

This opening of my Indie in my life has been magical.

Experiencing the 9 levels of the Indie allowed me to see my life in a different way.

This opening of my Indie in my life has been magical. Thank you so much Tara for bringing this program to my life!

Mayra Perez

Jan Schochet

Jan Schochet

Feeling intensely connected

This program is already instigating a lot of changes. Wow. Feeling intensely connected for the first time in a long time.

Choose your program and method of payment