Right now, I want you to prepare yourself for a sacred conversation. It’s a conversation for the most fundamental and powerful aspect of your Femme Types.

It’s a conversation for BEING –

When you align yourself with your Indie, you allow yourself to be who you really are at your core. I used to think we were here to become, but along this journey I have (with the guidance of my own Indie) come to understand that we already ARE and this process is a deep unfolding of the permission to embody that woman.


You see there is a knowing inside that we are capable, worthy, powerful and deserving and yet we are ‘clouded’ in the fear that what if we are wrong, what if we really aren’t all that? But what if we are? What if you could allow yourself to experience the fullness of your truth? What if you could grant yourself permission to follow your intuition, step into the most authentic part of who you are and let the approval of others no longer be what stops you from being…YOU?


That’s the basis for the ease, grace, and joy that infuses everything Elegant Femme. And it’s available to you now. When you’re Being, you can allow yourself to Enjoy – and the doing happens naturally. I’m inviting you to gift yourself the ease, grace, and power of your Indie now.


We’ve spent an amazing few weeks together, and the transformation and expansion that I’ve witnessed it nothing less than miraculous. And even still, I know something more is available to you. I know because I’ve opened to my own Indie, and guided dozens of other women to open to theirs.



It will lead to the biggest transformation you’ve ever experienced
I’m inviting you here now, because you are ready.
I couldn’t take you here before the Power of Sensuality –
the foundation of what’s next for you had to be set.

You’ve chosen to live life
awake and engaged.

And now it’s time to step into what’s next –
step into the next level of transformation
– the next level of your Elegant Femme.

Enhancing your Indie will assist you to:


Make decisions from the Inside Out, rather than the Outside In
Know that you can only make the RIGHT decision
Know that you are capable of creating the transformation you desire
No longer apologize for who you are or what you are
here to share with the world
Know your own Value (this will completely shift your relationship
with yourself, others and your business)
Uncover and ignite the power that has been lying dormant in you and TRUST
that power
Give yourself permission to go to your next level (without
having to prepare anymore;)

Your Indie is that piece of you that speaks first
and she speaks very softly.

She’s that wise woman. She’ll just give you a little nudge, she’s not going to hit you over the
head, she’s not going to drag you, she’s not going to take away your free will or make
you feel obligated.She, in fact, is quite the opposite… She’ll just whisper.


You can Trust in yourself
and Step Into this now,
like so many have done before you:




I had no idea my poor Indie had been quite so neglected and just how important she has always been to me – and how the incongruences in the way I have been living and the inauthenticity of my settling for “its ok I suppose” and not standing up for what it is I truly want in my life (and know deep down I could draw towards me with much more ease!) have been totally draining me.
Jules Anderson



The 9 layers of the Indie brought me connection to other beautiful, powerful women, from around the globe, that I now call friend.
Lauri-Ann Robertson



You’re not Alone

I know that I am here to release a deep-seated pain in women
so that we can shift the feminine consciousness of the planet in a global, economic, and social scale.

And I know that because I activated my Indie.

What is your purpose?
Who do you need to BE to live that purpose?


The Indie is your source –
until you open up to your self-love, self-trust, and self-compassion,
it doesn’t matter how many programs you take.
Until you step into that authenticity
and allow yourself to be really visible with your Indie and with others,
your desires don’t manifest.


Once you connect your Indie, everything shifts… and your desires become available with ease and grace.
You may be experiencing some anticipation or even anxiety about stepping into this level – and while this level isn’t for
everyone, and you must distinguish that using your knowing – that’s normal. It’s normal to have some fear and trepidation
– and if you are truly ready to say YES to yourself and your desires, you’ll also be experiencing some excitement.

And I want you to know –

You are here to share yout truth the world
In order for you to step into that place, you truly need to allow yourself to be healed. That’s your Indie.
And that’s what we’ll do together in this powerful, sacred program.

You know that you know. You know you’re ready. Give yourself this gift today.

This exclusive program is very limited, and I’ll be accepting applications.

So, why is this program
by application only?

The chemistry of the group is part of what makes this program so special. Being Sensually Authentic isn’t for everyone. You have to have a burning desire to make big changes in your life. In order for this program to transform your life you must be willing to go deep and do the work.

The only way I can be sure the chemistry will be right is by having you apply to the program. In the application there are some questions that will help both you and I get clear if this is right for you. In the event this is not a fit for you at this time, you will know within 48 hours of sending in your application and we will refund your payment. If you have been accepted we will notify you and you will receive the detailed information to begin this life-changing transformation.

Sensually Authentic is a very deep… very personal group-coaching program. In order to have the impact I want for you we cannot allow more than 25 women into the group. This will allow me to personally coach you through each of the 9 layers of the Indie. This will allow me to give you personal attention.


Sensually Authentic
Program Details

It is important to note that I will not disclose the 9 layers in public. The program is designed to take you on a magical, transformational ride. The magic happens by not knowing the layers in advance. Having them revealed to you on the journey is the process. It is what works. It is what will change your life.

I appreciate that you may want all the details in advance. It is in this moment I have to ask you… does this feel right? Is there a piece of you inside that is longing to live your truth? Are you tired of pushing against your own flow? Are you ready to step into your life in a new way, from a place of confidence and inner knowing? Are you willing to take it to the next level and experience things in your life you have only dreamed of?

You have been through the Power of Sensuality. You see what I see. Changes are happening. I’d like to accelerate those changes with you. So continue to trust… Trust yourself. Trust your knowing. We are in this together.

Here is what I will share about Sensually Authentic.

I have perfected this program over the past few years and have found it is magical to have 2 pieces per week for 9 weeks.


9 Indie Layer Modules

The 1st piece of content each week is an audio module where we go deep into that week’s Indie Layer.
You will have action steps and accountability on how to move through each layer.

3 Live Q&A Group Coaching Calls

Each week we will open the lines up and I will personally coach you and answer your live questions.
This is an amazing format where you not only get to learn from your own question but you also get incredible insights from the other women’s questions.

9 Recorded Coaching Calls

So let’s talk to your New Yorker for a bit. She wants success. She wants results… and She wants details! Now the reality is your Indie will be making this decision. If it feels right to her you will join the Sensually Authentic program. But in order to feel good about making this investment in yourself you need the New Yorker details first.

Sensually Authentic is a very deep… very personal group-coaching program. In order to have the impact I want for you we cannot allow more than 25 women into the group. This will allow me to personally coach you through each of the 9 layers of the Indie. This will allow me to give you personal attention. By keeping the group smaller you will get enhanced results.

Click Here to Join

If this feels right… If your ready to make big changes… If your ready to do what it takes to live the life you truly desire… then Say Yes. And join us below. After you submit your payment an application will be sent to you to complete. As stated above if I do not think this program is the right fit for you we will send you a refund within 48 business hours.

I also know a payment plan might be desirable to some. So I am offering a 3 payment option. $797 due today. And 2 additional payments of $797 paid in 30 days apart. The total if you decide to go with the payment plan is $2,391.


 Choose your mode of payment



I look forward to assisting you in living your desired life. Your Indie is the key to you being fulfilled, content and…well happy.
The Indie is what changes everything. One you are able to channel her power correctly
you will KNOW you already are the woman you are here to become.;)

Take this step and join Sensually Authentic. I so look forward to getting to know you on a much more personal level.

With Love and Beauty always,

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