Indie Insight Bonus

 This training is only available until Tuesday, July 19th.

This is a powerful, bonus training that assists you in going even deeper into your Indie. 

Here is a peek at what you will learn:

  • How to Ignite Your Intuition
  • Following that intuition with pleasure
  • Making (and following through;) on decisions
  • My personal process when I’m is feeling less than whole (you can use this at ANY time to connect to your Indie)
  • The ONE thing that has really freed my Indie – and allowed me to be who I really want to be (in fact it allows us to realize who we really are)
  • The specific questions I ask to set my intention
  • Follow through – Why don’t we do what we know?
  • The #1 mistake women make around intuition (what it is REALLY about it will surprise you)