Indie New 2015


Dearest Elegant Femme,

Right now, I want you to prepare yourself for a sacred conversation. It’s a conversation for the most fundamental and powerful aspect of your Femme Types.

It’s a conversation for BEING –

When you align yourself with your Indie, you allow yourself to be who you really are at your core. I used to think we were here to become, but along this journey I have (with the guidance of my own Indie) come to understand that we already ARE and this process is a deep unfolding of the permission to embody that woman.

You see there is a knowing inside that we are capable, worthy, powerful and deserving and yet we are ‘clouded’ in the fear that what if we are wrong, what if we really
aren’t all that? But what if we are? What if you could allow yourself to experience the fullness of your truth? What if you could grant yourself permission to follow your intuition, step into the most authentic part of who you are and let the approval of others no longer be what stops you from being…YOU?

That’s the basis for the ease, grace, and joy that infuses everything Elegant Femme. And it’s available to you now. When you’re Being, you can allow yourself to Enjoy – and the doing happens naturally. I’m inviting you to gift yourself the ease, grace, and power of your Indie now.

We’ve spent an amazing few weeks together, and the transformation and expansion that I’ve witnessed it nothing less than miraculous. And even still, I know something more is available to you. I know because I’ve opened to my own Indie, and guided dozens of other women to open to theirs.




It will lead to the biggest transformation you’ve ever experienced
I’m inviting you here now, because you are ready.
I couldn’t take you here before the Power of Sensuality – the foundation of what’s next for you had to be set.
You’ve chosen to live life AWAKE and ENGAGED.
And now it’s time to step into what’s next – step into the next level of transformation
– the next level of your Elegant Femme.

Enhancing your Indie will
assist you to:

Make decisions from the Inside Out, rather than the Outside In
Know that you can only make the RIGHT decision
Know that you are capable of creating the transformation you desire
No longer apologize for who you are or what you are
here to share with the world
Know your own Value (this will completely shift your relationship
with yourself, others and your business)
Uncover and ignite the power that has been lying dormant in you and TRUST
that power
Give yourself permission to go to your next level (without
having to prepare anymore;)

Your Indie is that piece of you that speaks
first and she speaks very softly.

She’s that wise woman. She’ll just give you a little nudge, she’s not going to hit you over the
head, she’s not going to drag you, she’s not going to take away your free will or make
you feel obligated.She, in fact, is quite the opposite… She’ll just whisper.

You can Trust in yourself
and Step Into this now,
like so many have done before you:



I had no idea my poor Indie had been quite so neglected and just how important she has always been to me – and how the incongruences in the way I have been living and the inauthenticity of my settling for “its ok I suppose” and not standing up for what it is I truly want in my life (and know deep down I could draw towards me with much more ease!) have been totally draining me.

Jules Anderson


The 9 layers of the Indie brought me connection to other beautiful, powerful women, from around the globe, that I now call friend.

Lauri-Ann Robertson



You’re not Alone

I know that I am here to release a deep-seated pain in women so that we can shift the feminine
consciousness of the planet in a global, economic, and social scale.

And I know that because I activated my Indie.

What is your purpose? Who do you need to BE to live that purpose??

The Indie is your source – until you open up to your self-love, self-trust, and self-compassion,
it doesn’t matter how many programs you take. Until you step into that authenticity
and allow yourself to be really visible with your Indie and with others, your desires don’t manifest.

Once you connect your Indie, everything shifts… and your desires become available with ease and grace.

You may be experiencing some anticipation or even anxiety about stepping into this level – and while this level isn’t for everyone, and you must distinguish that using your knowing – that’s normal. It’s normal to have some fear and trepidation
– and if you are truly ready to say YES to yourself and your desires, you’ll also be experiencing some excitement.

And I want you to know – nothing will show up that you can’t handle—nothing.

In order for you to step into that place, you truly need to allow yourself to be healed. That’s your Indie.
And that’s what we’ll do together in this powerful, sacred program.

You know that you know. You know you’re ready. Give yourself this gift today.

This exclusive program is very limited, and I’ll be accepting applications.


How to prepare
for your call

The Femme Design Assessment is a powerful process that I developed to know exactly where you are with your FemmeTypes. You will be guided elegantly through this process by one of Elegant Femme’s Femme Design Consultants.

Together, you will determine what what you require next in your journey, and what will serve you.

To prepare for the call, I invite you to read through this page, take a moment to connect with your Indie and set a beautiful space for your Frenchie to enjoy this time.

As for your New Yorker… she is probably asking a lot of questions:

More details about the program
When does it start?
What is the investment?
What about my business? How will this help me grow my business?

Your New Yorker is a powerful part of you, and we will address her, but this call. . .this space is for your Indie. Allow her the space and openness to be fully present on the call and fully present to the process. This time is all about you.

Is it the Indie?

During your call, if it will serve both you and the group, your Femme Design Consultant will invite you into the program.
You will receive all the New Yorker details you require then. Until that point, allow your Indie the freedom
and openness to be fully present during the call.


That was an amazing call. I have lived my life in an emotional fog never daring to figure out what was not right. This lead to feeling that I was not living my own life but living on the fringes of others. I know that I am in the right place. Thank you

LeslieAnn Manley

I feel more free and sovereign than I ever have today. Thank you Tara!!!

Haumea Hanakahi

I still felt out of balance and was wondering what self love really was? I learned that really opening to the experience of pleasure was the extraordinary key to having beautiful balance in my life and such a care of myself. I opened up to a pattern in my life that had kept me in “limbo.” Not moving forward in my prosperity or love life. The gem of this is that I now know I can have both. With the support of Tara and the Indie, I have created a coaching business around this that empowers women to accept themselves and open up to “Love and Money.” “Ladies, Love and Money, you can have both!”

Laura Brzegowy

I trust Tara’s intention is creating an environment to hold each one of us in love in this process. Because her intention is so strong and pure, the community of women that she gathers is creating this beautiful space where we can all be expressed, loved and celebrated. I have never felt so safe in being myself without the fear of being judged or expecting to be liked or echoed.

Miri Scortzario

This program is already instigating a lot of changes. (begun by POS). Wow. Feeling intensely connected for the first time in a long time.

Jan Schochet

I have never felt as safe and as held and as welcomed in any other group that I’ve ever been in so that experience in itself has been absolutely priceless. So I thank all of you for that.

Kathryn Lively

It’s really happening! My living vision is coming true! I am feeling very grateful… This work we are doing is VERY powerful!!!

Annie H. Kim

This is really, really blew me away – the experiences and what has become available to me during this Indie course, and I mentioned once before working with you in the process of what I go through I feel like I’m home.

Emily Niewendorp

I’ve met women who are willing to be genuine and open themselves up to their desires and all their vulnerability. I really do feel a sisterhood that’s expansive and uplifting, and it’s hard to find women like these sometimes in your own backyard so thank you all very much, and Tara thank you for doing this in such a genuine honoring way. It’s meant a great deal to me.

Mary Taylor Doucet



During this program I found love. . .
Learning to love myself outside of external factors in life. My entire internal self talk has evolved into this loving and caring dialogue toward the way I view and see myself. Because of my new found admiration and affection for myself, I have learned how to stand up for my needs in a feminine way and have brought romantic love and a long desired community into my life. Now I am learning how to bring prosperity in a financial and career sense into my life.

I LOVE Myself so much. . .
Effortless interactions and relationships in my life have evolved. Plus, I LOVE myself so much in these interactions. I feel like I am truly being seen for the first time as true self.

I found romantic love
LOVE….During this program I met and have developed a romantic relationship with a man. It’s the most graceful relationship I have ever had. At times I still can’t believe it’s true….and I LOVE myself with him so much. We are better people together than apart.

Adele Wiejaczka