It is a NEW day, a fresh day and ANOTHER opportunity for you to love yourself even more than you did yesterday. Today is a NEW day, I meet you here
Is it time you love yourself the way you love others? Imagine feeling the deep love you have for others for yourself. Imagine knowing you are enough…RIGHT here, RIGHT now. Just as you are. Join us in an uplifting of consciousness and LOVE yourself FULLY.
Frenchie Friday issue 1028JUN 2019 Happy summer! I’m writing to you from a little Greek café in the gorgeous port of Astros, smiling and enjoying my big beach hair! The ash-grey umbrellas that dress the pebble beach are already beginning to house families who have come from Athens to enjoy their holiday. Little bouts of […]
Frenchie Friday issue 0801MAR 2019 My external environment is so important to me, and it always has been. I used to think I was selfish for desiring gorgeous things in my life. I tried to talk myself out of it being important… You know the truth? A beautiful environment is a HEALING environment. My body […]
Frenchie Friday issue 0725JAN 2019 Share Share Share 1. say “yes!” This is a simple one, but I am telling you IT WORKS! The next time you are asked at the grocery store if someone can help you to your car, say YES! Or if they ask you if they can bag your groceries, or […]
Frenchie Friday issue 0618JAN 2019 Share Share Share The One piece of lingerie every woman should own Okay, so it may not be a secret but, I LOVE lingerie! In fact, one of my very first live calls I ever did for ElegantFemme was “What does Lingerie have to do with it?” You might be […]
Frenchie Friday issue 0511JAN 2019 FRENCH PHARMACY Beauty Finds One of my fav things to do when I go to Paris is to stroll into the nearest pharmacy and get my ‘goods!’ If you have not heard french pharmacies are like a covenant for French women. You can find so many goodies. Below you will […]
Download all 4 cards! Download Card #1 Download Card #2 Download Card #3 Download Card #4   It is time for MIRACLES – well it’s always time for that;) However, it is Christmas Miracle time – which for me feels a bit different. A bit more magical, peaceful and possible! We created some gorgeous Christmas […]
Joyeuse Fêtes! Here we are the 7th of December!  Wow! It is such a precious time of year for resting and receiving. As we slow into the season there is that beautiful opportunity to GIFT as well.In the past, I used to stress out over what to buy and then end up spending wayyyy to much […]
Ohhhhhh la la! I am so excited to share this with you! The team put so much LOVE into this for you. We have created once again our famous favorite things for your Femmes gift guide. Inside you will find all of our staff picks for the most beautiful and supportive gifts for your Femmes (and where to […]