Lyf Affiliate Fine Print

Fine Print

But what you really want to know is what is in it for you! I get it.


My intention is to create an elegant solution for all of my clients and that means I want you to feel the same way. Loved, honored and deeply respected. I know what it takes to grow a business and all the love and energy we put towards it; sharing our lists with each other is a big deal. The male side of this industry (God love them), may do it a bit differently, but for me there is a lot of emotion involved in this. I’ve had my team assist me in creating some fun elements that add no time for you and enhance the process.


The top affiliate receives the choice of any of the prizes…

  • 1. Ticket to Paris Fashion show 2017 + a Pair of Christian Louboutin shoes to go with
  • 2. ½ private day with Tara in Paris France
  • 3. Spa day in your home town
  • 4. Tara Paris iconic black dress (this dress is a favorite among Paris fashion celebrities)


Yes, you will receive 50% of a 497$ program. Yes, you will receive future commissions on future purchases etc.

When we launched Live You Fully to our Elegant Femme community this past March we had incredible results. Our Awaken, Engage, and Experience webinar had incredible results. The women on the training absolutely loved this new HOT content…

Out of 181 women on the webinar we had 38 join our Live you Fully program! That‘s very respectable 20% conversion rate on the webinar.

Full disclosure: we had some of our superfans join us and we offered brand new content and a program that they were craving from us…


Elegant Solution: We will write all copy AND if you would like I can put some custom lines in about you and our relationship. This increases conversions like crazy and I love it


I would love to spend 15-20 min having you interview me on the topic and engage the audience. I get you are busy, we all are…but I have to tell you this makes such a difference and I don’t know about you, but I am more and more interested in helping more women spread their message and benefiting from it all around (including financially).

(where we will pay you)*

(if you want to receive a handwritten thank you)