Living proof that living your heart’s
desires makes your dreams come true

Hello Conscious woman…I’m Tara Marino and I’d like to share a story with you and it is my intention to connect with you from a deep place of awareness and high vibration. I believe we as women are to come together and assist this planet in a new shift of consciousness. It is from that place that I meet you and share with you today…

Before I begin I think it’s important to mention my stance on women following their desires. I believe the opportunity we have during this space in time is to greatly affect the conscious awareness we are all participating in and I know that when we move towards our genuine DESIRES as women we do just that.

“Ahhhhh” I thought to myself as I nestled down into business class ready to leave sunny California and head back to the French Alps. It had been an amazing trip, full of incredible people and experiences that once seemed far out of my reach. I had just had dinner with Richard Branson, been chauffeured in a Rolls Royce, and wore the first piece of my fashion collection to a party only to be grabbed on the way out by a woman who worked at Oprah to ask me where I got my skirt! Yes all of these experiences in a span of less then a week.

Sounds almost impossible right? I mean what did I have to DO to MAKE these things happen? It used to seem impossible to live my desired life and now as I sat back into this luxury seat it had become well… just the way I live. (Now if your saying oh that’s nice good for you, bear with me 😉 I used to feel like that too when I saw “other” people living the life I wanted to live. I want to share with you exactly how I began to LIVE my desires instead of waiting for them to show up.

What would it be like for you if you knew that desires followed a specific process?

Desire Discovery Process

This process involves pinpointing your desires and which one to actually focus on now. It leads you through clarifying WHICH desire is perfect for you NOW, so you know how and where to focus your energy. I could see her face beginning to light up. I imagine your starting to breathe a sigh of relief. I often here women say, “What if I choose the wrong desire, or I can’t even figure out what it is? I know inside it has to be important, but I have been afraid to choose and afraid I would make the wrong choice.” Often women become overwhelmed in the desire process and we actually make it much more complicated than it needs to be. Don’t worry the Project Desires Road Map will change everything for you.

Apply for the Desire

In the second step you actually apply for your desire, much like you would fill out an application to attend a university or a job application. You must connect in a special way with your desire. This process immediately aligns you with your desires energy and you begin to set the stage for who you are required to become to fulfill the desire.

Voice the Desire

In this step you begin to become visible in your desire and give it movement by voicing your desire out loud to an audience. And yes it does matter who the audience is, you want to be very specific about who you choose to share your desires with. This step requires a high vibration atmosphere that can support and hold space for the desire to manifest AND be received.

Say YES to the Desire

Take the first action step towards the desire. This part is where the fun begins and you start to take real, strategic action. Many women get stuck if they are on their own in this step and get paralyzed. It is important to follow through on the momentum in this stage.

The Guilt Box

It is necessary to move through the guilt box on the road to your desires. Feelings of selfishness will rise to the surface, they are part of your process. In this stage you must understand the purpose of the guilt box and how to elegantly surrender to these emotions so you have space for the pleasure that will follow.

Increase capacity for Pleasure

In this step you must begin to increase your capacity for good things to happen in your life. Here you will learn how to maintain that good feeling and no longer be afraid of “what if it does happen.” This is an exciting and enjoyable part of the desire process. You will learn to linger here without force.

Superiority and Inferiority

In step 7 you will begin to feel superiority surrounding your desire. You will understand how to let go of feeling better than others and also see where you feel insufficient. This is a crucial part of the desire process. Without opening up to this stage you will never receive your desire. This is a clearing phase and is crucial to the desires organic unfolding. Stay open and expansive-do not DO this alone

Old Patterns of Behavior Surface

*Crave recognition, desire to be seen, not tolerating others, saving others, over responsibility -ALL FORMS OF DISTRACTION-BEWARE Fear people don’t wont like you in this stage, may start to contract, suspect-Need to ACT big to process this STAGE to reactivate focus

Critical Peak

Here you will identify your PEAK, this is the critical point at which the smallest input will result in the greatest shift towards your desire

The Breathing Room

Expansion technique In this step you must give your desire room to breathe. It is very common during this step to grasp and hold tight to the desire. Here you will discover how to move beyond the desire and into the truth that surrounds it so you do not self sabotage


This physical and emotional feeling proceeds the action that is about to unfold. It is a normal part of the desire process but you must know now to push through and allow it to fully develop within you. It is preparing you for the receiving aspect of your desire.

Pass it On

Desires are contagious and they are meant to be. When orchestrated correctly, a desires will help elevate another woman’s path. Desires are not selfish they are in fact a necessary part of our evolution. Here you commit to assisting another woman with her desires and open up to a collaborative desire effort that will in turn enhance your own ability to RECEIVE what you have been longing for.

I created Project Desires because I’ve been able to fulfill my own desires as a woman and have personally witnessed the power of this movement. As my desires unfolded, I began to uncover the secret…an actual roadmap to realizing my desires. The process I used to allow these incredible, sometimes unbelievable, desires to become a reality are available to you. Right now. Today. All you have to do is be open to receiving my gift to you.


It’s about allowing yourself to participate in your life in a new way. In fact, it’s the opportunity to participate in a new life…a life that is fun enticing, exciting and contagious. By becoming a part of the Project Desires Movement, you will be a part of a community of women who receive their desires in the right way. You will learn how to manifest these desires by accessing a roadmap specifically created for you. I will help you…

Determine specifically what you desire and know, without question, it was the right desire to choose.
Learn to receive these new desires into your life without any self-sabotage or guilt.
Find the FUN in these new life experiences and rejoice in the fulfillment of your new found desires.
  • Magic can happen
  • You can make small changes that manifest big movement
  • How to surrender during fearful moments and truly experience your desires
  • How to engage your desire so you fuel it instead of stop it in its’ tracks

You have heard about the law of attraction, but there is a huge piece of the puzzle that hasn’t
been shared…until now. Without this new piece, you will self-sabotage your hearts desires.
Don’t waste another second thinking about what you don’t have.


That is what the Project Desires Road Map will do for you…

It is time that as a woman you experience and understand you can receive your desires.

Once the desires process is revealed to you,
you will know which desire to choose AND how to bring it easily into your reality.

I am aware of what is required for a woman to invest in herself to receive incredible results and I want to be really transparent with you here. It typically costs thousands of dollars to be in our other programs.

Why am I telling you this? Because, I genuinely want you to know the value and transformation that is available for you here in the Project Desires Movement.

Now, Elegant Femme has given me the ability to do something I have always wanted to do and my New Yorker has found the strategic moment in which to do it.

It is my desire to offer an incredible program at a price that I have never even imagined before because it is now the time for Elegant Femme to open up to a larger audience, to support women from every aspect of life and give them the opportunity to step into their desires.

And I know what happens when one woman steps in the direction of her desires…she encourages and inspires other women to do the same. It becomes contagious! And I LOVE that. It is time for me to let go and surrender to what is being created here because it is far beyond me.

The investment in Project Desires is $47 a month! YES only $47 a month to commit to your desires! And if you know you are ready to take your desires all the way you have the opportunity to commit to yourself and your desires for an entire year. The Yearly membership is only $470. You receive 2 months free when purchasing the Yearly membership.

I want you to have the experiences you are meant to have in this world. I want them as much for you as you want them for you.

And you will be entering into a community of women that feels the same way. Imagine what it would be like to finally be surrounded by a group of women who feel like you do?


You will be given the desire process and understand the true unfolding of your desires. The creation of this program was born out of my alignment with quality and what we as women require to receive.


You will determine your most current desire and make incredible movement in experiencing it in your life.


This desires process will impact every desire that you choose to commit to in your life.

We honor our words with action. If for any reason Project Desires Movement doesn’t live up to any of these three promises, just drop us an email at for a prompt and courteous refund within 90 days of your purchase date.

Yes there is! What am I saying? I believe that everyone in the Project Desires community has a responsibility to have desires. Which means every woman must be open and committed to assisting desires to flourish.

We will have a special clause within the community that requires every woman (when the time is right, we will talk about when that is) to assist another woman with her desires.
Meaning you will assist another woman in opening up to her desires and this is part of the Desires process I cherish.

Giving back and paying it forward is what I long to facilitate in others. The community of giving and receiving is such a beautiful gift.

Let’s join the movement together and grow in achieving our every heart’s desire.

Define and receive your desires TODAY!

I look forward to our desire journey together. See you soon!

PS. I remember how scared I was to begin to step into my desires and I can’t even believe where I am today. You have the ability to begin to receive your desires in a movement and with support that has never before been available.

I know this is going to be THE community for women who want to really LIVE their desired life.

I look forward to welcoming you into the movement…