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Right for you?





Right for you?

Is this just a fancy trip? I feel guilty about spending money on myself…

I understand that many women feel guilty about taking care of themselves. That is part of the major problem, and many women know this. Sometimes women want the Paris Experience, but they are so afraid of what someone else is going to think about them ‘galavanting’ off to Paris when the world needs them. I know women fear being selfish and yet that mentality has caused a huge level of people pleasing and resentment and THAT is what causes divide and divorce. Honoring yourself, going to a place to RESET your soul is a gift, not a fancy trip. At the Paris Experience, we go deep into your current life vision, what is not in alignment in your life and help you create a vision that reflects the real you.

I understand this is not a guided tour, will I see the city at all?

Yes, you will! Although this is not a standard guided tour, you will be escorted to my favorite spots around the city that have been chosen to enhance the level and intention of the group. We have been doing the Paris Experience for over 4 years and I choose special experiences for each group based on where the women are and what they are seeking. It is not a cookie-cutter experience. It is an incredibly intimate experience that allows a woman to feel seen, honored and truly celebrated in her beauty. At any time, when I say the word beauty, you can exchange that with truth.

What are the lasting changes I can expect from attending the Paris Experience?

This really depends on you. Prior to coming, you will be guided through a process to set your intention for this trip, create a theme and have your own success criteria.We do this to assist you in being a full participant in your experience. The Paris Experience isn’t delivered to you as a bystander, you are IN it and a piece of the creation. This teaches women to once again be active participants in their life and ask for what they desire so they can receive what they require. Having these elements will assist you in the clarity you require to bring home the transformation you have been seeking.

As I mentioned, we have women who have changed their entire business model and structure, gotten married and entered into brand new relationships with their husbands. All of this is amazing. However, for me the most impactful and lasting changes when a woman recognizes who she truly is and what she is capable of, once you ignite that in a woman it is very difficult to forget.

I see it as a gorgeous launching pad…what better way to step out into the world than off the platform of the Eiffel tower with a baguette under your arm?

Seriously, with that you can take on the world in whatever way you want!

I’d love to support you on your journey… If you’re still interested and want to know the details on the Paris Experience answer the question on the right. Then you’ll be asked 1 additional question on the next page. And my team will be in touch with you to discuss the details.



Experience your true Beauty

See how women’s lives have been transformed through the Paris Experience



I found that real beauty and truth can only come from within, from truly listening to that inner voice, the one that needs to heard but which we so often choose to ignore. I need to accept myself completely and allow my inner confidence to shine though, I need to know and accept that I am worthy, deserving, powerful and strong – and that all of these contribute to the beauty and truth that is me -I no longer need to “people please” to feel complete or validated, I can be me and be empowered.



I crossed a memorable milestone today with the recording of my first video shoot. It was exactly as I intended – an elegant,sensual,beautiful experience and I felt soo supported and loved all the way through…


Carla Zanoni

After the Paris Experience, I am floating on air, transformed. I feel very confident and strong and secure in myself. Many people have asked about my trip and are surprised at my appearance. I am glowing and walking taller. It’s really amazing.

I also feel closer to my husband, despite my fear that doing something like this apart from him would drive us apart. He could see my growth and feel my heart open and for that I am grateful.

The Paris Experience is an invitation to delve deep into a sense of receiving. We women are accustomed to rejecting or placing ourselves last on our to-do list. I really liked and respected Tara’s elegant way of offering the experience to those who wanted it, while lovingly accepting when someone was not quite ready to participate.


Jia Ni Neo

The Paris Experience is a magnificent experience where you start to deepen your relationship with pleasure, and your ability to love others and yourself even more. You will emerge a completely different woman, and you will become so much MORE of the woman you’re here to become – inside and out!

I feel like the entire experience was perfect – I definitely allowed myself the permission to FULLY receive and trust that I WILL RECEIVE exactly what I require to be the woman I’m here to become, and everything that happens is ALWAYS for the highest good of All concerned.

I now believe that every time I own my truth even more (and stand up for my truth & my little girl), I become even freer to just be. Other people start to see what is possible for them… My mom told me that she’s so proud of me…

Paris allowed me to trust my intuition even more, to trust my Knowing… And to integrate Elegant Femme concepts into my life and business on a deeper level because my living vision and intentions for Paris have all come true… 😉


Trez Ibrahim

The Paris Experience was amazing. Tara is wonderful and being in Paris was magical. Being in Tara’s home surrounded by all the beautiful women, I opened up to a whole new set of possibilities for my life and my future. I feel fabulous and ready to take on the world.


Irina Marycheva

Oh, the Paris experience is hard to describe. If I just name the actual things we saw and did it wouldn’t be enough. There were feelings, discoveries. But yes, it was about beauty and about finding yourself. It is about feeling very feminine. It is about luxury and it was about the life that any women would love to have.

It is about trusting yourself. The Paris Experience is discovering love for yourself.

Paris is the discovery that I may love myself now and enjoy my life now. I need to trust myself. I need to listen to my inner voice and follow my path. When you really love yourself, you are willing to share your love, joy with other people. So this discovery is very big to me (as I mistakenly thought that loving yourself is selfish – no. It is inner warmth and energy that helps to go your true path and share great things with other people)


Christina Szegedi

In Paris I saw glimpses and received visions of my future life. I know where I want to go and what I want to create in my life. In Paris I felt like getting to know myself again.

We got to see Tara’s new home in Paris and really experience the old soul of Paris in this old building. I also loved the tea time chez Angelique. Being in the Hamam was so beautiful and special and to share it with all the other women. I was so happy to meet Tara’s family and see how they go through the days as a family. The dinner party with the private chef was so amazing and that night there was a very special energy in the group which made us connect on a very deep level.

Paris is an opportunity to connect with your feminine essence, breath in the old and wise beauty of Paris and own and share your own beauty & truth.