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My name is Tara Marino. I’m the founder and creator of Elegant Femme.

At Elegant Femme, our mission is to guide women to the fulfillment of their unawakened desires by BECOMING and embracing the timeless standard of allure, sensual beauty, realized desires, and exquisite experiences.

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Be Generously Rewarded For Doing Shockingly Little Work

We’d love for you to be part of this, because we believe the addition of Elegant Femme programs will not only enhance your business, it will support your desire to elevate women through transformational experiences.

The women who embrace Elegant Femme programs are deeply called to realize both their femininity AND their power, so they can more effectively impact their world.

Elegant Femme accomplishes this through dynamic programs and experiences created on the foundation of our unique Femme Type system.

The Beautiful Result?

Our programs allow women to LIVE their truth, without apology or guilt. The transformational changes for them are truly incredible, even to the point of being noticed and applauded by other successful women in marketing today…

“Tara Marino is a breath of fresh air for women worldwide.

I’ve seen Tara in action, and it’s truly awe-inspiring. Not only are her programs sensitive, insightful, and transformational, they’re so much FUN too!

And in the process, women discover their truth, their beauty, and their ability to live a life filled with joy as they peel back the layers of their feminine power.

Tara has a unique ability not only to hone in on exactly what women need, but also exactly how to guide them to their authenticity.

She is truly gifted, and all of her inspired programs and trainings are a reflection of her love for the women she serves.”

~ Rose Cole ~

“Tara ‘s got something HOT with her Femmetypes”
~ Lisa Sasevich~

As ethical entrepreneurs we undoubtedly share a common goal…

Deliver Unparalleled Value Through Our Programs

We also desire to serve our clients and YOU to the best of our ability. We understand your commitment to serving your subscribers by only offering high quality products you can be assured deliver full value.

Just take a look at the comments on this page, from both other successful women entrepreneurs who promote for Elegant Femme, and the women who have experienced profound breakthroughs from their personal participation in our programs.

I believe you will see you can be completely confident about delivering only the best to your subscribers.

There’s simply no question that there is a distinct shift and growing movement for women all around the globe. It’s undeniable, it’s insistent, and it is truly breathtaking…

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NOW Is The Perfect Time For Quality Programs
Specifically Serving The Unique Needs,
Goals, And Desires of WOMEN!

That’s where YOU come in!

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  • Beautifully created, thoughtful and inspired programs with outstanding customer support, serving both your subscribers and YOU at the highest level.
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We’d love for you to be part of our growing family at Elegant Femme

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And of course if you have any questions, just drop me a note. Our goal at Elegant Femme is to serve you as a valued affiliate in every way possible.

In love and beauty,


P.S. At Elegant Femme, it is our honor to guide women to more prosperity, balance, and pleasure in their lives. We sincerely hope you will decide to be part of this as well.

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“My deepest thanks to Tara Marino and of course this amazing community without which I would have never had the confidence to do what I just did.

This past November I began to allow myself to receive support around my body and health and have experienced a full transformation; I’ve lost 20+ lbs and feel amazing! I also have had all my sh*t come up and have had to move through all kinds of body image, self-worth and money stories and I now have a solid knowing that I am loved and I deserve to be happy! ”

~ Alison Wright ~

“Thank you so much for the femme types. My life is so complete now with all of them expressive and alive!

Friends have called me and said “I loved how authentic you are”. When I hear this, I know Indie is present. I channel you Tara, and become vulnerable and completely, honestly myself. Thank you from such a deep place in me. I love my femme types, and they love me. ”

~ Warmly, Miriah Stuart ~