the event of the year
January 21st 


We are Already successful,
this is about even more success...
the way we really want it in 2023.

It's about even more trust

We desire a creative process to the Year.

one that moves beyond logic and creates results that don't make sense.

we desire to go beyond the doing and into the depth of what is calling us.

we are over regular planning and want to tap back into our magic, back into our feminine.
And utilize our masculine in a way that serves us.

it's about saying YES at the highest level possible with our souls leading the way

in Union
In 2023
with ALL of who we are



co-create the year you desire

“This is soooo powerful… am trembling, excited…”

– Irina M. –

“When I did this in July, I wrote in Sept ”do millions”, and found myself on a private chartered plane for work called million air. This process is magical sooo fun, (I) never expected that!!!”

– Amanda –

“I’ve never come across anything like this before! “

– Dianne C. –

“Awesome Tara! I am still mulling over all the ideas and inspiration that came to me from this workshop! There’s so much more in my heart that I want to share about how this workshop has opened me up and aligned me to have a fantastic year. I feel like because of this workshop, I opened the door to everything I want to experience this year. Thank you for being you!”

– Kristin P. –

What she said 

Chère femme,

There is a place inside that knows...

You know you have all you require inside.
You know everything around you is a reflection of your inner world



January 21st 12-2pm est

For the The woman who isn’t afraid to dream. She desires to co create at the highest level possible with God.

She knows she is here to live her greatest desires and is called to honor the fullness of who she is this year and always.

She is not willing to allow a year to go by without being fully committed to her deepest truth.

She desires to feel her power and leadership and intends her year to reflect it.

In SCD you will co create your year in a potent and magical way. What lies under the surface of desires will come forward and be visible to you in the most beautiful way.

The depth of what your Soul is seeking to experience will be apparent.
You will witness the miracle of your heart felt desires clearly defined.

In an Elegant Femmes proprietary process you will be guided along with your FemmeTypes to define exactly what you desire this year.

You will create the first 6 months of your year and leave this potent workshop knowing what you want, why you want it and shift into a place of creative power and confidence to allow it.

*Session will be recorded*

Bonjour, Chérie

I’m Tara

Frenchie, EnNeAgram 4, ManifestinG Generator, Author, Fashion Designer, Lover of beauty and soul

Elegant Femme was born when I healed my own relationship with desire. Miraculously, that journey revealed my life’s purpose–– to support women as they awaken the truth of their feminine souls.

This work is ethereal, it’s transcendent, it’s transformative. And you, too, can let go of unworthiness and guilt to reveal beauty and truth. Trust yourself, femme. You were created to experience the pleasure-filled life you desire.

Mentor, maman, & creator of the FemmeTypes that guide women to their most sacred & heartfelt desires.