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Help us inspire other women looking for the same transformation and we would love to gift you $500 to say


As a member of the Creme de la Femme, you already embody the essence of a beautiful, soulful, woman with a purpose…

And we all know that Like attracts Like

Other women in your life are looking to reach the same level of freedom, success, inner self-worth, balance, and overall enjoyment of who they are… the same desires that brought you to the Creme in the first place. Women who also need their FemmeTypes…

Here’s the easiest way to spread the love

When you send someone to the 9 Layers of the Indie program and they join and complete the same transformational process as you did – we send you a $500 gift to say MERCI.

The Indie mastermind is a catalyst for incredible change and it’s a gorgeous way to contribute to the shift in consciousness and increase your ability to receive!

Here is how you can refer someone who you think will benefit from the Indie mastermind.

  1. List the name and email of the person you are referring below.
  2. Send an introduction/referral email to that person and copy

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  3. Fill out your mailing address so we can send you your gift

The whole process takes just a couple of minutes and can impact their life forever…

I’m looking forward to speaking with your friends, learning about their desires, and seeing if we can bridge the gap to get them there.

I’m also looking forward to sending you your gift

Note: The person must not be on our email list or in our group at the time of this form submission to get the referral gift.

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Sample Email:

Subject: The best possible referral introduction for you to grow and evolve…

This program helped me tremendously

This program helped me grow and evolve (referral)

I know you will love this, it changed everything for me

Because you ARE the light


Per our conversation today – here is the introduction as promised.

As I said – I did Elegant Femme’s Indie program for myself and there is no possible better place I can refer you to ignite your truth, feel confident and remember who you really are!

Through this introduction, you can schedule a free 45-minute Indie session to talk through what’s not aligned in your life at the moment, and how the Indie and other FemmeTypes can support you. I honestly can tell you I have done so many programs, ‘worked on myself’, you know ALL of it, and this program and processes have taken me to places I have never been.

I copied their team here on this email so they can connect with you directly, I know these calls fill up quickly so I invite you to book it now.

Let me know if you have any questions and I would love to share.