Summer Fashion Essentials : 6 Summer Essentials every Elegant Femme MUST have

Every wonder what to wear during the summer months?
Searching for the signature statement that will change everything this summer?

If you are traveling a lot this summer you are going to love these items! And if you are not you are going to love them too;)

Women ask me all the time, what I wear, how I choose pieces when I travel
and so I thought I would share it with you in time for you to enjoy your
summer EF style.

I shot this quick video for you before I headed out on a plane to Dallas.
There are 6 key items Ca change tout (That change everything)

These 6 summer essentials will change everything for you!

Summer fashion essentialsSummer Fashion Essential #1

Panier: In French a basket it called apanier. It’s perfect for using on the beach, at the market or for travel. (You can pack your other summer essentials in your panier.)Look for baskets that have a lining inside and leather straps.

Summer fashion essentialsSummer Fashion Essential #2

Raw organic coconut oil: Many of you know how much I love coconut oil but this is essential in the summer. Coconut oil is packed with beautiful vitamins and anti-oxidants that your hair and skin will soak up (your Frenchie will thank you for this!) I always up my usage this time of year. You can also use it in cooking as well as in salads.

Summer fashion essentialsSummer Fashion Essential #3

Nail polish: I like to keep 2 colors on hand for the summer: Ballet slipper pink and something with a pop of color. You can wear all black, but a layer of polish will add flare and style to any outfit. (Be sure to pack nail polish remover pads as well!)

Summer fashion essentialsSummer Fashion Essential #4

Bronzing powder: Perfect to create that natural summer glow. My favorite brand is Guerlain.(If you’re traveling this summer, make sure to check out the duty free shop for the best prices.)

Summer fashion essentialsSummer Fashion Essential #5

Bracelet: Chose something with a pop of color or with gemstones. A bracelet will make your outfit unique and classic with a touch of fun. You can layer your bracelet with another piece of jewelry or it looks fabulous on its own.

Summer fashion essentialsSummer Fashion Essential #6

Side braid: This look is both very modern and fun. Wear your braid a bit loose; it’s perfect for a chic business outfit, and will also hold up well for traveling this summer.

FemmeType Insight: This video is for your Frenchie
Allow her to enjoy your summer now and stop worrying about fall.

Your New Yorker loves to be organized and know what she
is doing. Incorporating these 6 essentials in your wardrobe will give her piece
of mind.

Your Indie loves it when you feel good. So when you gift yourself the opportunity
to feel good on the outside she automatically increases her sense of value ans self worth.

Remember to leave a comment below.  Which of the 6 summer fashion essentials are you going to incorporate?