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As I sit here and write to you, I’m touched by my surroundings. I would never have thought I would be here today.

In fact, if I had gotten every MY way..I wouldn’t be here today. Thank God I didn’t have my way…

Instead, I was led down an unconventional path.

My intention in sharing this letter with you is to open up to a new level of honesty both together and also inside of yourself.

I will share with you how I’ve utilized an unconventional path again and again in my life to live out my Soul’s Purpose, AND how you can too!

Sometimes we feel like God/Spirit/Universe is missing in action, that our lives are HARD…

Sometimes life hurts…

Sometimes we feel lost, confused, angry, jealous, scared…

Sometimes we doubt things…including ourselves.

I GET it! And I want you to know I really get it…

I feel so many women are over the hype, over the million and one things to do and just…over ‘it’ in general. The constant push inside to strive, to prove, to validate their worth.

There is a deeper knowing inside, a deeper, more reliable and sustainable truth.

Are you over trying to prove yourself?Are you over trying to force your life? Are you tired (exhausted) of feeling like you are doing all the ‘right’ things but not getting where you desire?

Real women are ready
for a different conversation altogether.

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What if you followed your deep inner knowing without second guessing yourself?

When you gift yourself permission to follow what is true for you (really true), your life shifts.

Here’s the thing….

You may have a hard time even knowing what your truth is. Or maybe you think you know, but you have a hard time honoring it.

To make things even more complicated, your truth is often buried under a bunch of ‘shoulds.’

Which means that even if you feel you are following your truth chances are it may still be clouded with the safety of what you think you should want/have/be.

Your truth is often ‘hidden’

(sometimes even from yourself)

So how then do you know, really KNOW?

Ok, let’s get real.

The KNOWING you have been taught to rely on is often not your REAL KNOWING.

I used to think that if I was following my “correct” path, I would feel so confident inside I would KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that whatever I was intending was right/correct/aligned/best for me…

So I would wait to make decisions until I KNEW they were right(holding pattern anyone?)

WHY do we do this?

Because the ego LOVES certainty. So very often, we (and this happens to the most spiritual of us btw) think we have to have ALL the answers before we can make movement in our lives.

So we PLAN. We think the plan will guarantee us what we want.

The ego LOVES a 100% iron-clad guarantee.

Guess what?

It doesn’t exist!


I know, I hear you…

It can be hard to let go of that level of control and admit inside that you really don’t know (at least not the way your ego would like you to know.)

So great, where does that leave you?

The knowing that you are seeking is a Faith-Based Knowing.

A faith-based knowing is a feeling, a connection, a relationship inside that sounds a bit like this…

“I really don’t know what is in my highest good, what I DO know is that whatever happens I will be ok. In fact, whatever happens really is in my best interest.”

ugghhhhhh totally frustrating right?

I mean come on just tell me if it’s going to work or not. Then I can save myself the pain, the despair, the doubt, the…


You see all of what you experience, all of it…is guiding you somewhere special.

Your unique, unconventional path is
being laid out for you in every given moment.

An unconventional path is a way for you to reach your highest level of transcendence, evolution, and fulfillment as a soul. The path that your soul requires to take evolve, remember and recognize itself fully.

The very essence of an unconventional path is that it may seem that you are actually going OFF course.

At least for a while.

It may even be that you are going in the ‘wrong’ direction at times.

So if it is true that your soul has a path, if it is true that there is a unique unfolding of you in this lifetime, AND if it is true that your life is orchestrated in a way that supports your highest good…

What is left for you to DO?

I mean come on, you have to DO something right?


Yes and No.

Let’s start with the no.

No, you don’t have to chase it, force it, push it, make it…In fact that will typically bring you further away.

The Yes is…

You must identify the difference between a personal focus and a Soul-Led focus in your life so you can get what you want and more….

What is a personal-led focus?

This is a focus based on your ego’s idea of what needs to happen in order for you to get what you want. Let me be clear this ISN’T a bad thing. In fact, committing to a personal focus can sometimes (not always) get you what you want. Yet, it doesn’t get you what you NEED.

A personal focus is limited.

How do you know if you are chasing a personal focus?

If you are overly attached to the results. If you feel inside of yourself that x needs to happen in order for y to happen and in a specific ORDER.

In a sense, you put blinders on. You create your OWN path, your OWN way.

Yes, yes, this is very feminist of you, and I applaud your drive…


It is limited, and it is EXHAUSTING.

Here is the thing.

A personal focus usually makes a lot of practical sense. It is very logical. It is a plan that you can sink your teeth into. And you like a plan; it makes you feel safe…

For example,

I want to have a baby, I can not have a baby naturally so I am going to do an IVF cycle and that way I can have a baby.

I have no idea where that example came from, but that gives you an idea.

Here is another one…

I feel whole and complete when I am in France. Therefore, I must live in France for the rest of my life to feel whole and complete…

Another random example, so bear with me…

Right now think about your own ‘limited’ beliefs on the HOW you can get what you want…

Think about something you have wanted in your life for a long time.

Maybe it’s a soul mate.

Maybe it is to travel the world.

Maybe it is to start your business.

Maybe it is to write your book…

Whatever it is, bring it forward for yourself right now.

Now think about the LOGICAL way you have thought you need to go about that a+b=c right?


But it should…right? It SHOULD work!

I mean come on God, I am doing all the ‘right’ things!!!!

…or maybe, just maybe, you are being asked to shift your focus

  • If you are finding yourself longing for more in your life, or less in your life.
  • If you are craving a shift, if the ‘thing’ you feel you want to experience in your life (husband, money, lifestyle, etc.) is not in your reality…

I am going to invite you to consider a more effective approach.

Yes there is another way.

One that often alludes us (even the most evolved…

And I want to share it with you

I am inviting you to consider a Soul-Led focus…

All about




So what is a Soul-Led focus?

A Soul-Led focus comes from a different place entirely. It comes from a place that feels illogical.

In fact, a Soul-Led focus might seem in complete contrast/opposite direction from where you want to go…but you feel CALLED.

You will want to argue with your Soul-Led focus.

It might go something like this…

“What the *&^& do you mean, leave Paris? Why would I do that? I LOVE Paris, I am whole here. What do you mean leaving will bring me into a greater sense of wholeness-are you nuts?”

(again random example)


If you are longing for a husband maybe your soul-led focus sounds something like this…

“What do you mean I should focus on my book? What does that have to do with finding a man? How could spending time on writing bring me any closer to a relationship? It doesn’t make SENSE!”

Yep, Oui, YES..your Soul-led focus will not make ‘sense.’ It may seem like you are going in the opposite direction of what you want at times.

Your unconventional path…

How you can follow an unconventional path by identifying your Soul-Led focus to experience and EMBODY your most beautiful life

My dream ever since I was a little girl was to move to France. Back in 2009, I was walking with a baguette under my arm in 108-degree heat in Arizona so I could get a sense of the life I longed to live. So when it was time to leave Arizona where did we go?

I followed an unconventional Path and we moved to Santa Monica California- FARTHER away from France (wrong direction!). But because it was a true Soul-Led focus, I was actually many steps closer to the fulfillment of my vision.

Hindsight is everything right?

Here is how it really works
Your ego will want you to know IN ADVANCE that it will all work out. It will want to connect the dots, to see how it may play out. Your ego loves the logic.

Yet…your ego is limited.

Your Soul-Led focus is unlimited.

Your Soul-Led focus will open you up to a greater plan. To a more expansive way…

It will open you up to a fulfillment you have never known.

So how do you go about discovering your Soul-Led focus?

First, it’s important to recognize that most women are not honoring their Soul-Led focus (even if they think they know what to focus on.)

Believe me I have been there…

And it’s OK…

In fact, it is ok (even GREAT) for you to have the experience of following a personal focus, because it gives you useful feedback. (if you accept the feedback *I will share more about this later)

So let’s look at something for a moment.

How can you identify if you have been following a personal led focus and that it is time to shift into a Soul-Led focus?

  • You may feel a little nagging inside, but you can’t put your finger on what it is
  • You have some success in your life, but something still feels incomplete
  • You long for something in your life–and have for a long time (husband, body shift, abundance, etc.) and the MORE you focus on it, the harder you try…the further away it feels.
  • You may feel like you are moving backward–away from what you really want–yet, you are DOING all you can to make it happen
  • You feel deflated, tired, ‘over it’–and if you admit it to yourself–a bit desperate
  • You find yourself angry (maybe even angry at God- and you are a pretty spiritual person!)
  • You feel confused and out of options.

You can either try harder OR…

You can LET GO.

You can let go in a way you never have before and follow a new focus.

The focus of your Soul.

How in the &^% do you do that?

So glad you asked;)

I created the Embody Process in 2011 to support women who were ready to allow their Soul to Lead in their lives.

After my sabbatical this past year I reconnected with the importance of my own soul-led focus and reflected on my own life.

Every quantum leap in my life was paved by an unconventional path, following a Soul-Led focus.

“In order to honor your unconventional path you must learn how to EMBODY your truth”

So what exactly happens in this program?

You will learn how to powerfully embody your truth, identify your soul led focus and follow your unconventional path.

Going through the Embody program was life changing. I’m not just saying that. It Literally Changed My Life.

Prior to the program, there were aspects of my life that felt out of alignment and some pieces that were missing. I was no longer feeling as connected to the Universe and was unsure of what I was being called to in the next steps of my life.

Once I uncovered my Soul-Led focus, every step of my path started to become more obvious and the Universe started to shift things around based on what I was desiring and asking.

Throughout each of the modules, I finally started to feel back in alignment with who I am and what I am here to do. I was reminded of the power in surrendering to my highest good.

The program gave me the courage to leave my high paying job that was no longer serving me and pursue becoming a certified crystal healer. In addition, one of the clear visions I got about my path is that I was meant to return to Elegant Femme as a team member (I was here a few years ago)…. and voila, it actually did happen!

I am now living a divinely fulfilled, happy life and am confident of the path being shown to me as I am now completely connected again with the Universe.

The Embody program is truly one of the greatest gifts!

Week 1

The process starts with The Embody Equation which is based on the science of exponential power (which is what happens when you follow your soul by the way.) A+B no longer equals C, it equals infinity!

The beauty is that The Embody Program is designed to assist you in uncovering your Soul-Led focus, so your Unconventional Path is revealed to You. Once your Unconventional Path is revealed, you will have clarity about WHICH actions are truly yours to take…NOW

Your unconventional path might be to write book, go to Italy, take singing lessons…

Truth is I don’t know what your unconventional path is–it’s likely YOU don’t know. What I do know is that when you commit to and follow this process your unconventional path will be revealed to you!

Week 2

Inside of The Embody Equation you will be guided through a process called “The Beauty Truth Analysis.” This is the key that allows you to identify your true Soul-Led focus at this time.

This is really important, your Soul-Led focus changes based on what you require to learn to receive the highest level of fulfillment, peace and alignment.

Once you have identified your Soul-Led focus it is time to ALLOW yourself
to Embody that focus and follow through with your intentional actions.

Week 3 + 4

Week 3&4 focus on infusing Trust & Permission into your Soul-Led focus. SO you know WHAT to do or not do to honor your unconventional path.

In essence which actions are aligned for you now?

Week 5

This week is all about assisting you in constructing the new boundaries you will need (both internally and externally) to embody your Soul-Led focus. When you make a shift in your life and startfollowing your true north, *&^ may hit the fan. It’s normal, it’s powerful and you’ve sooooo got this! (And yes I will help!)

Week 6

Is about taking it to The Next Level and learning how to live this way. You will learn the practical application of your Soul-Led focus and your unconventional path.

You will know:

How do you continue to Embody it?

How do you follow through?

How do you ACT in accordance going forward?

We will spend 6 weeks together infusing Permission, Trust and the Power of your FemmeTypes into your Soul-Led focus so you can receive exactly what your soul is seeking at THIS time.

This is the most freeing, heart opening process I have created to allow youth FOCUS on the ONE area of your life that is requiring movement at this time.

So here is where you want to know what you get out of it right?

So can I promise you a million dollars, a cute new Italian husband, or shedding 20 pounds?


Why do this then?

Why bother?

How in the world will you justify this investment to your ego? (or your husband or your accountant or your mother?)


What if you didn’t need to justify anything? What if the longing to experience this program was enough? What if the longing to EXPERIENCE YOURSELF inside this program was ENOUGH?

What if following your inner calling to be a part of this energy WAS ENOUGH?

What if you are happier in the end?

What if you are more fulfilled?

What if you feel a new level of peace inside?

What IF you realize you are enough?

What if you feel whole…

(even without the husband, the $, or the boys of your dreams!)

WAIT – what???

What if you feel good about exactly where you are NOW?

What is the point of that????

This is where it gets good….really good.

THIS is where the magic happens.

When you allow a Soul-Led focus to come forward you ride on the energy of your Soul. You will experience peace like never before. The ‘knowing’ of your personal focus will no longer DRIVE your life. You will know that you are led to exactly what is yours in perfect time.

Not just know it as an idea..you will EXPERIENCE it as a truth inside of you.

So that is what this program is all about.

If I could narrow it down to a couple of sentences (obviously, totally not my thing!) I would say…

is for women who are called to live life differently. Women who are willing to forsake the path of ‘logic’ and let go.

You must be willing to focus on ONE area of your life (not dictated by you, but by your SOUL)

An area of focus that is congruent with your soul’s calling (no matter how illogical it may seem.)

You must be open to DO things differently than you have before!

This program is for women who value their happiness above their external image. (I know not easy these days!)

You must be WILLING…

To make a new commitment to EMBODY YOUR message, YOUR loving in the world.

You must be


to let yourself

be loved

If you are still here after this long-winded journaling session–God
bless you ;).

And you are feeling the call to experience yourself; your Soul-Led
focus, with me over the next 6 weeks…

Join us(you can see the nitty, deets

3 live Q&A calls | embody chic time saver guide | private

Bonus 1

3 Live Embody Calls
with Elegant Femme
Master Coaches

VALUE: $1500

These live calls will allow you to receive personalized attention to your Soul-Led focus and well as deep clarity on decisions and actions that are in alignment with your Unconventional Path. These calls are powerful, personal and women LOVE this precious time of accountability for break through results they can’t get on their own!

Bonus 1

3 Live Embody Calls
with Elegant Femme
Master Coaches

VALUE: $1500

These live calls will allow you to receive personalized attention to your Soul-Led focus and well as deep clarity on decisions and actions that are in alignment with your Unconventional Path. These calls are powerful, personal and women LOVE this precious time of accountability for break through results they can’t get on their own!

Bonus 2

Embody Chic Time Saver Guide

VALUE: $497

This gorgeous Chic reference and support guide will be your personal map through the program. As you follow discover and follow your Unconventional Path, this tool is something you will return to over and over to assist you. It will be here to assist you so you can reference exactly what you need WHEN you need it.

Bonus 3

Private Community

VALUE: priceless

The level of support, collaboration and authenticity that exists in our private groups is one-of-a-kind ;). Wait until you join with powerful women around the world who are committed at this next level! The conversation, energy, and expansion you will feel are truly priceless!

Bonus 3

Private Community

VALUE: priceless

The level of support, collaboration and authenticity that exists in our private groups is one-of-a-kind ;). Wait until you join with powerful women around the world who are committed at this next level! The conversation, energy, and expansion you will feel are truly priceless!

Embody Price

100% Money back guarantee!

We know this process will help you uncover your Soul’s Purpose. Just take the program and follow the step-by-step instructions. The process makes it EASY!

You will experience an incredible transformation as a result of joining Embody. If for any reason you don’t feel like it’s worth double the investment, let us know within 60 days from the day you joined and we’ll send you a FULL REFUND. No Hassle! No Questions!


Will this be the only time in the history of the world that you can take this program?

I doubt it. I have no plans for if/when. What I can say is if you are in the waiting game, you are in the personal arena. If you are feeling called, I invite you to cross the threshold of later and honor the now.

What if I have already taken so many programs? How will I know this will work for me?

I invite you to approach this opportunity in a BRAND new way…

If you are like many of our clients, you are TIRED of taking programs, tired of trying to make it all work, you have done tons of programs, journaling, etc and you are feeling like you are STILL dealing with the same &^%

What if you approached EVERYTHING differently including the opportunity to join this program?

What if you saw it as an experience instead of a fix?

What if you saw it as a celebration instead of a HAVE to.

How much time will this program take?

This transformation is an investment in time and money. I would invite you to block out 2-3 hours a week to truly receive what is here for you. There are a couple of ways to look at the investment of your time. You can ask how much time it will take or you can look at how much you will receive. And see what is the biggest priority for you in your life right now. If you are a woman dedicated to your connection with your Soul and you intend to live out this life without letting a piece of you and your Unconventional Path go uncovered…is there anything more valuable you could spend your time on?

How is the program delivered?

Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive an email with your login and membership information. You will receive immediate access to week one which includes a powerful video lesson and a workbook to support you in beginning to uncover your Soul-Led Focus. Over the course of the next 6 weeks you will receive your weekly lessons and workbook support.

Is there any live support with this program?

Yes you will receive 3 live group support calls during your Embody journey to make sure you can ask questions and receive personal guidance as you discover your Unconventional Path.

When are the live group calls?

The live group calls will start January 25th. In addition, the calls will be recorded so you can listen to them again, and at your own pace, if you are not able to attend a live call.

I am afraid to invest in myself? How do I justify the investment?

You Can’t! You can not JUSTIFY an experience and RECEIVE from it at the same time. It doesn’t work. It’s like oil and water. As soon as you move into justification energy you cut off your receiving energy. I see it happen all the time. And remember I have personally been there. I am not coming from some pie in the sky or ethereal idea of what works… I have lived it (and continue to live in, I am in nooooo way perfect).

I have found that when women invest in themselves significantly, their results and their commitment reflect their level of investment.

What if my husband does not want me to spend any money? How do I prove to him this is worth it?

Although it’s not easy for women to admit, we often can hold ourselves hostage to someone else’s ‘ok’. I used to do this ALL this all the time. In fact, I used to hide charges from my husband (more than once!) and it always left me feeling guilty and secretive.

So what to do? First you must align with your desire and intention for this program. Why do you feel called to it? This is a powerful question for you to answer and a necessary one for you to receive full value from anything in life (not just this).

When you gift yourself permission to get real inside, you will often find that your own fear will surface. For example, being afraid of failing, the fear of not following through, past behaviors, a fear that you are not worthy of spending the $, etc. It is ok to let this come up and CHOOSE to honor what is true for you.

Once you have come into alignment inside THEN (and only then) have a heartfelt conversation with your husband from that place. No proving, no justifying, but a true heartfelt “this is really calling me and I deeply want to honor that knowing inside of me” place.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes we have an affordable payment plan of 9 payments of $97. You can get started for only $97 today and begin to activate your Soul’s calling now!

Do you offer a refund policy?

Yes! You have 60 days from the day of purchase to receive a refund. If you take Embody and go through the process and complete the steps and do not feel 100% overjoyed…please let us know and we are happy to refund you. That being said YOU MUST SHOW UP and you must do the process, or you will not get the results you are seeking. We are only interested in supporting women who are serious about their growth and evolution.

You will have the opportunity to BREATHE and RECEIVE in brand new ways.

You will be nourished in many ways.

You will be LOVED.

The rest is up to God…I have learned over the years I require to leave a LOT of space for spirit.

When I try to ‘fit it all in’ over commit, or stick to a plan…it limits what is possible.

I will share with you, I am not an ‘easy’ coach. I will not always tell you what you want to hear. I will not underestimate you or walk on eggshells.

That being said, I will not claim to know what is best for you, or ‘force’ any belief, activity or energy on you.

I am here to bear loving witness to your unfolding, your knowing and your precious embodiment.

Are you a woman who desires to…embody your truth to the best of your ability and committed to your Soul’d evolution?

DO you desire to commit to the loving, to the perfection of your own SOul’s journey?

Do you desire to KNOW (and more importantly EXPERIENCE) that it is less about what you do and ALL about what you EMBODY?

If so…

Just say YES!

Embody Price

100% Money back guarantee!

We know this process will help you uncover your Soul’s Purpose. Just take the program and follow the step-by-step instructions. The process makes it EASY!

You will experience an incredible transformation as a result of joining Embody. If for any reason you don’t feel like it’s worth double the investment, let us know within 60 days from the day you joined and we’ll send you a FULL REFUND. No Hassle! No Questions!

The Embody Program came at the perfect time as I was in the midst of changing a huge aspect of my career.

I was able to take aligned actions that were supportive of what I really wanted to Embody.

It helped me prioritize and become aware that I was living to please others rather than embodying my soul’s truth.

I now have a deeper confidence in my ability to change what is not working for me without worrying about pleasing others or disappointing them.

There is more freedom and expansiveness that I have experienced since making the changes. I am grateful to have a framework to evaluate various soul-led focuses in the future as circumstances in my life evolve.

I discovered Tara in the fall of 2016 and took Live You Fully before moving on to the 9 Layers of the Indie, but it wasn’t until going through the Embody program that I found my Soul-Led purpose.

For too long, I had measured success by a job title. I thought that if I wasn’t climbing the corporate ladder I wouldn’t be considered a success. Embody helped me discover that my path lay in another direction and opened up a whole new direction for me.

Embody allowed me to give myself permission to see that my soul’s vision was not in alignment with what I thought I had to be to fit the definition of success.

I’m currently working on my business plan to make money with my photography and take it from being a hobby to being my passion that I can share with the world and earn a living with.

My Soul-Led focus had been calling to me for some time, yet I ignored it, and put it off for far too long. It was an area of my life that was a great cause of stress and inner turmoil… my finances.

Over a three-year period (following the purchase of our home, and the necessary renovations), our financial situation had become a chronic source of stress and anxiety. I could not bring myself to address the situation, and didn’t have a clue where to start.

In addition, the shame of not having it ‘all together’ in this area of my life and at my age, further enforced my feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence. Just the thought of looking at the figures, brought on anxiety and overwhelm.

During the Embody program, I found the inner-strength and confidence I needed to approach this very sore topic in my life.

Last year was a pivotal year in my career growth. I was named to one of the most senior positions at the international newspaper where I work, I’d traveled to more than 20 international cities, was featured as a thought-leader in several publications and headlined conferences worldwide.

And yet, at the end of the year, I felt overwhelmed, oversaturated, burned out and out of touch with my body, relationships and true calling. I’d been busy on the achievement rollercoaster, working to achieve the goals I thought I SHOULD achieve, but had given little time or thought to what my soul desired for me.

Then, I signed up for Embody, returning to the Elegant Femme fold after a hiatus of nearly two years.

For me taking part in the Embody program was like finding the missing piece of a beautiful puzzle. It opened up new levels as well as strengthening a somewhat vague feeling that I had about my own next evolution. Or in other words my Soul-Led focus. This is one of the few programs where I really did my best to participate in as many of the live calls as possible – they were absolutely priceless with so many gems. My journal is quite the testimony to that :-). I still get chills thinking about one of the calls where Tara was talking about the importance of giving yourself the permission to shift your commitment. To ask yourself what do you want to complete vs. what do you feel you should complete. This seemingly small shift in perspective was huge for me! I can feel my shoulders drop just writing about it. And it helped me give my self permission to let go of half-done programs as well as projects and obligations instead of struggling to finish them just because I thought I had to. What a relief! I am much less strict with myself these days and find it easier to get still and ask what I really desire.

I took a faith decision to take the “Embody program” as something I knew deep inside will help me with moving forward in my life journey; the words “Soul led Life” deeply resonated with me, and I hoped that this would assist me in owning more of the decisions that I had already made in my life, decisions that changed the direction of my life completely. During “Embody” I had more clarity about my focus, that in some way has been around 4 years so far: “Organization”. This organization I understand was not only for maintaining a clean house, or having an schedule to follow, but the Organization was about releasing control, about releasing stuff, decluttering, letting go of ideas of identities, follow a new and more deep flow in my life, aligning with the Moon flow, with the Sun dance, with what feels better in my heart, with what my Soul is guiding me. I am still organizing around me and through me — it has been a deep year so far, intense and with a slow flow that feels so supportive to me. I realize this is not something I can do in one week or weekend

When I signed up for Embody last year, I was at a crossroads. I was feeling a myriad of things – overwhelm, disconnection and confusion over what I was supposed to “be”. I felt like I was wasting time and needed to go faster and figure it all out, but my body was saying, “STOP. Slow down. You need to listen to yourself.” Then Embody came into my life. Only by slowing down and working on myself was I able to get out of my rut. Embody helped me start that journey. I am a learner and also I am learning to DO and finish what I started – at my own pace and not the world’s pace. I also learned to enjoy every moment and be present with my family and with me.It has been a pleasure being mentored by Tara. She has such a knowledge of the inside of our Souls. She is able to articulate what we are feeling and validate our emotions in a way I have not seen anywhere else. When I listen to her teaching and advice, it feels like I know her and she is a friend sitting at my kitchen table telling it like it is! Truth, even when it is said in a firm

“The Embody program has offered me such priceless gifts, which continues to gift me with even more. This truly valuable program assisted me to tap into what my Soul was calling me forward to experience on my journey.When I first connected with Tara and the Elegant Femme team about the Embody program, I was at a crossroads on my journey and feeling quite exhausted around the pushing and pressuring I had been doing in my business and life. I had been devoting so much time in my business and not yielding the results I was desiring. So when this program came forward, I intuitively felt that there was something in it for me, even when I couldn’t see the whole picture.

I’ve always been a firm believer that we always grow, evolve and learn on our journey that’s why doing the program felt like the next best step. Little did I know that not only would this program offer me greater clarity around the next steps, but it would assist me to follow my own unique unconventional Soul Led path.

Initially before we went through the process to find our focus, my intuition was that I should focus on yoga and that’s what I thought would come up. But when we went through the process, I clearly got “self care”. So I chose to slow down and have fun with it.As I shifted my focus back to myself more, things eventually came back around to yoga. I now finally have a streamlined focus where I feel like I’m doing the “right” things in my free time and not too many things at once, as well as making a lot more movement with the development of my yoga sequences and approach. And….I’m enjoying it a lot more, which was the other part that came up for me to focus on. I think slowing down and putting more conscious attention to self care (even though mine was generally good) helped to create a shift in me, almost like it was a prerequisite to really having the drive and desire to put the level of attention into it that I am now.

Embody. How to even put it into words?!! I have boundless gratitude for Tara’s endless work of inspiring beauty, not only did I grow into a more accepting and whole version of myself but my intimate relationship became closer and my direction clearer. Never before have I been so calm and assured of decisions in my life.Through Embody, I discovered a beautiful framework for allowing myself to identify closer with the desires of heart. Yet it really goes beyond that- truly aligning awareness of ALL my senses and my feminine, I find life becomes an organic unfolding of co-creation rather than pushing and struggling. Not pleasing others or floating in a sea of uncertainty, instead I found power in honoring my femmes and growing the courage to live fully my own life, on my own terms.

Embody Price

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We know this process will help you uncover your Soul’s Purpose. Just take the program and follow the step-by-step instructions. The process makes it EASY!

You will experience an incredible transformation as a result of joining Embody. If for any reason you don’t feel like it’s worth double the investment, let us know within 60 days from the day you joined and we’ll send you a FULL REFUND. No Hassle! No Questions!