The future is NOT female…

Bonjour les belles femmes,

So as I begin here let me share my deepest intention in sharing this is to open to the potential of a greater understanding, awakening and shift in consciousness.

Furthermore, to honor my own beauty and truth and to trust myself to voice what is inside without allowing the fear of ridicule, or criticism to stop me…

I feel it is obvious from my line of work and dedication in the world that I am all for women, and for nurture and most of all for love.

Over the years of my own growth and evolution I have learned (sometimes painfully) that we need to be aware of going into against energy. This can be challenging when we feel so strongly about something and especially if we feel we have been ‘wronged’ in any way.

So as you grow in consciousness, it is wise and supportive to be aware of any energy that you come up against as it can begin to close you off to the full receiving available to you.

Part of the path of growth is to seek out harmony, I have shared before and talked about in Live You Fully, that sometimes we must go to extremes in order to find that balance.

However, once you have over corrected and gone to the extreme, there is no need to repeat history and go to the other extreme again and again.

This can bypass the learning that was provided and creates a cycle of back and forth without the strength of harmony that is available.

Swinging back and forth on the pendulum from a matriarchal society to a patriarchal and back again is, I believe, not the answer and I feel the stance of “The future is Female’ is misleading at best.

As much as I support women finding their voice, honoring their truth and stepping into their power…I feel it is vital to avoid going to extremes and pushing out the value of the masculine.

So for me..the future is NOT female…

The Future is…UNION.

I believe we can learn from the extremes of the past and come together to support a more powerful understanding, connection and unity.

As a parent, I believe our kids would benefit from believing and understanding that is does not need to be one or the other in power…that masculine and feminine can be (and we are stronger when) the two operate in unison.

Would love to hear your thoughts,

With my love and deep healing intention,



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Here are some of the responses I have received regarding this article.  Let us know what you think by sharing in the comments below!

I couldn’t agree more!! Beautifully said!
Cristina Allred

Well put….. and I agree completely
Diana Sheridan

Daria Filip

ABSOLUTELY AGREE! You are the first person I have read to have the courage to say this. Thank you! Now THAT is a t-shirt I would wear.
Brandi Doss

THANK YOU. The hatred is so awful right now. I wish there were more voices of reason like you, Tara. For those of us who are busy trying to raise little ladies AND little gentlemen, this negativity is is both toxic and detrimental.  I more than appreciate your honesty and openness.
Sarah Sidney

I just had to respond to this beautiful email. Such a message of union is very much needed at this time- and truly inspiring! Thank you for your bravery, beauty and truth.
Christina Giles

Yes, this resonates with me.  Union and harmony. It’s beautifully written, Tara. Thank you for sharing and being willing to open yourself up for potential criticism. So many of us are speaking from our wounds instead of from our healing. Thank you for speaking your truth!
Anna Cooper

Amen sistah, amen!!!! That’s how I feel about what you said. 😍😘😃
Nicholette Lockwood

Yes I agree! We need to embrace both men & women respectfully.
Ruth Marston

Beautiful. At the second of need…..heart pounding with discord. Merci Mille Fois
Elle Rose

Absolutely. Amen, Lady T! We are reconciling duality at the highest level. Grateful to be on this planet with you.
Sarah Wayne

THANK GOD there is at least one person saying this! Such a detrimental message to our daughters. Wanted to applaud you on such a brave subject line.
Kristyn Melucci

This is one of your most powerful emails for me. It resonates with me especially during these times both personally and what I observe happening on the world stage amongst human beings and amongst human beings and Mother Nature.  I believe that is where the future is. Harmony in All and for All. The future is ONE.
Helenka Booth

Once again Tara you are on point!! I believe in the balance, harmony, union of feminine and masculine energy. The balance of those equally beautiful energies is where the magic happens.  I know this deep in my heart but we all know sometimes knowing something and implementing/experiencing it can be challenging for many reasons.  I’m currently working on opening up to inner guidance to balancing these two energies within myself. So that I can feel whole and complete within me and harmonize with those energies in the outside world.  Since I was a little girl I’ve been yearning to experience that big love, the one that I am allowing myself to start acknowledging again that is deep in my heart.  I’m desiring my soulmate (my husband) and children that he and I create together. I’m soooo desiring a family of my own and at the same time being a whole woman within myself, my own woman. That’s having it all to me.  As I write this I’m feeling a bit off kilter I guess because I’m acknowledging and sharing a deep desire that I’ve had for so long that through the twist and turns the bumps and bruises of life made me feel isn’t possible for me.
Ayanna Olusola

I always enjoy and inspire reading your emails, and as you said the majority of responses you received about the periodicity of your emails, I feel the same way, it is great whenever you feel to do so. For me is like always you have the right words or are stepping into what is happening with the energy, as you are voicing what is inside of me and I do not express out loud, usually :). And that synchronicity stills amazing me, I know you are one of my beloved teachers in this lifetime. Related the “Union”, for me is a strong confirmation for what I feel and part of my Soul’s calling, “Sacred Union”, “Sacred Marriage”, “Sacred Dance”, the importance and the time for walking (dancing) together in Harmony and Divine expressions, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, not need for extremes anymore, and we all are remembering and relearning to live in this way. And also my biggest work is with women, and with feminine energy, however looking and honoring the Union of both principles (masculine and feminine) in all Life.
Mayra  Perez

I AM deeply GRATEFUL, Tara!!!  for the ANSWER
“Your Femmes are the bridge between you and your higher self…”
Tara, I will continue to TRUST the Process with my Daily FFL…  And, ASK a different Question…
“What else am I being asked to learn?”
I too, am FAR from being complete with my EVOLUTION, I have so much more to LEARN.
And, I too, BELIEVE….  “WE ARE ONE”… The Future Is UNION…
Thank YOU for always sharing your Beautiful HEART… your unwavering LOVE & TRUTH!
I LOVE YOU, deeply
Bell Rushing

So true!! I have always been surrounded by strong women (in families and friends) but equally been surrounded by strong men (esp my husband), I have personally experienced the negative effect of the “battle” of the sexes (internal and external) and the infinite power from people (male and female) working together as individuals regardless of gender – not often enough unfortunately but when it happens it is magic….  thank you for this poignant reminder of the power of diversity
Kate Gondouin

Thank you for writing this Tara. I completely agree and love that you have put words to this. The future is Union. Not dragging people down based on their gender. Love it!
Rachel Marsden

Thank you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It’s very hard these days to sit back and watch the attempt to de-masculinize our culture.  It’s heartbreaking. If I had sons, I would be terrified for them. If I had daughters, I would likewise be terrified for them.  What is our world coming to? So much hate. So much animosity. Why? We are all in this together. We are all trying to live our lives, trying to give our souls for what they thirst for.  I’m a very strong and independent woman. But I do not even begin to portray myself as superior over any man. I love my husband immensely and would never disrespect him in that way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Tina DeSoto