It’s time for something new…(Official Announcement!)

As I sit here in our family beach house, I can hear the banging of nails and wood slightly in the distance.
Typically, that may sound annoying- yet it is music to my ears!

You see, it is official– we’ve moved from Paris to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.



Non, for NOW;)

Every life stage that we go through allows us to open to the possibility of something new and this can be SO hard ESPECIALLY when we have wanted something different for SO long!

I saw a quote last night when I was going to bed, and it so touched me…

“Everything that I hold will eventually be gone. Subsequently, the quality of my life will depend on whether I choose to appreciate those things now or wait until “then.” -Craig Lounsbrough

Today, I am inviting you into your new NOW.

What is it that is true today?

When you allow yourself to be quiet, can you hear it?

Before my sabbatical, there was a whisper in me…a desire to slow down, wayyyyy down. To rest, to breathe, to be in nature…but I was so attached to what I had, too afraid to let go.

I invite you to open today to the gorgeous awareness of all that is true NOW and increase your level of receiving in your NOW.

PS. Speaking of NEW…I will be holding a brand new training next week. I have NEVER shared this content before, and I will be opening up a program that has been in the Elegant Femme vault for over 5+ years! Join me on a BRAND new training next week; you can register early here!

PPS. I’d love to hear what you think about this…join the conversation and share your thoughts and insights in the comments section below.