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Reaching Your Full Potential


Hi, I’m Tara Marino. Over the past several years, I’ve helped thousands of women around the world finally live the life they desire, without sacrifice, guilt, or struggle.

You are probably wondering how I helped these women….

It includes fully embracing your feminine sensuality, in terms of how you relate to everything in your life. . .

More on that in a minute. First let me share a little about my story.

I literally went from being a stay-at-home Mom grieving over the death of her child, to HEALING through the discovery of the three FemmeTypes we all share, and then harnessing that same power to create MY beautiful life.

The life of my dreams.

Currently, I’m in the city my dreams (Paris). I have an amazing family (2 boys and a husband I adore), a 7 figure business that enables me to travel around the world, and just my newly born fashion line was just featured in Paris Fashion week.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I did all this…created the life of my dreams with the power of the FemmeTypes.

And this is possible for you too.

The life of your dreams might look completely different than mine, but you can create YOUR beautiful life with the power of the FemmeTypes…


Let’s take a moment to introduce your THREE FemmeTypes™…

Meet Your Indie, Frenchie, and New Yorker…

This is exciting for you because they will guide, support, motivate, inspire, love,
and FREE you to an entirely new way of life!

The FemmeTypes are how I healed after my son’s death…and I MORE than healed. I created the life I had been dreaming of since I was a little girl.

Even if you are not fully acquainted with all three yet, I suspect you will see glimpses of them already showing up in your life.

Right now, you may find they are out of sync. That’s perfectly OK …I’ll show you EXACTLY how to find your balance so all three can emerge in the most beautiful way. You’re going to love them!

Your Indie

This is the FemmeType that creates your BALANCE as a woman. Your Indie is the part of you that gives you access to the full glory of your intuition, truth, and authenticity.

If your Indie is out of sync you may experience:

  • Questioning your sense of personal value…
  • Feeling like you are “faking it”…
  • Being afraid to do what you REALLY want to do…
  • A constant crush of guilt if you put yourself first…
  • Confusing your true purpose with a sense of stress or pressure.


Your Frenchie

This is the FemmeType most women immediately feel is out of sync. Do you know why? Because your Frenchie is associated with PLEASURE!

If your Frenchie is out of sync you may experience:

  • Having tremendous conflict over your body image…
  • Desiring beautiful things but feeling guilty for your desire…
  • Overspending, overindulging, and overdoing things that do not serve you well…
  • Putting yourself last—and feeling resentful because of it…
  • Wondering when if ever it is finally going to be YOUR turn.

Right now that may evoke a certain feeling within you, perhaps even some confusion about what that means. That’s because your Frenchie contributes to your alignment with both your internal and external beauty, as well as your overall femininity. And these are areas that are associated with conflict for many women.

Your Frenchie is connected to your body image, your relationships, and the way you experience pleasure and fun. And most of us have been taught pleasure is a luxury, not a requirement to living your truth.

Stay with me, because your entire vision surrounding your Frenchie is going to change when you realize what Sensual Beauty and Truth are really all about.


Your New Yorker

You may instantly recognize her, because this is the FemmeType connected to DOING. She puts order into your life, and is associated with your prosperity, your organization, and the results you receive.

More than just the quantity of “doing” in expended energy, are the quality of effectiveness and balance. Without these, you may be spinning your wheels much of the time, resulting in overwhelm and exhaustion. I’m pretty sure as a woman, you absolutely know this feeling.

If your New Yorker is out of sync you may experience:

  • Working hard for little financial reward…
  • Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or exhausted…
  • Anxious because you feel there is never enough time in a day…
  • Stressed out, unfulfilled…maybe even angry…
  • Like you give, give, give…but it’s never enough.

The good news is, the key to balancing and allowing your FemmeTypes
to support you in experiencing your desired life is all here for you.

You require
ALL THREE of your FemmeTypes.

One is not more desirable than another. It’s not a competition,
and there is absolutely no judgment involved.
After all, don’t you already have enough of that in your life?

This is all about the FREEDOM to be fully YOU!

I suspect that right about now you are already feeling the imbalance of your FemmeTypes even as you read this. At your deepest core, you already know you require all three of them to support you.

You’re absolutely right about that. In fact…

Here’s How Essential Your FemmeTypes Are…
It’s not an overstatement to say my FemmeTypes healed me.
And they’re here to heal you too.

Today I’ll show you what worked for me, and for thousands of other women I’ve taught this to.
There really is a brand new day dawning for you!

So let’s begin here…

Your FemmeTypes Hold The Key…

tarasmile I feel such a fire within me to get this point across to you!

We’re not talking about some “plastic fantastic” fantasy of real life.

YES, it is absolutely beautiful, exciting, and breathtaking when you live your desired life.

But let’s face it—we still have other “real life” issues to deal with like kids with runny noses, dirty dishes in the sink, and what sometimes feels like the. need for a “day stretcher” just to have enough hours in the day for everything.

The beautiful thing is, you will find such power in your FemmeTypes! They truly hold the key for you to find REAL solutions for real life.

Your FemmeTypes are almost like loving guardian angels and wise pathfinders, opening you to receiving in such a powerful way that EVERYTHING changes!

And it’s not a static or immobilizing process…

It’s dynamic, flexible, and inspired—as it grows and infuses into your every day life in the sweetest possible way.

What you will realize is that while “real life” is happening all around you, you are coping and dealing with it in a much more effective, happier, and PLEASURABLE way.



“Tres Power Of Sensuality”
Your New Way of Everyday…

The Très Power of Sensuality Program is an inspired, multi-faceted
6-week online training that is deeply immersive, impactful, and transformational.

The schedule for your 6-week training includes:

SIX weeks of activation in the form of six training modules as listed below.

This will allow you all the time you require to fully embrace and internalize each of the essential components of your six-part formula without feeling pushed or rushed for time.


During the six-week program
you will have access to:

Video modules with Tara
where you will be guided through each of the six powerful components that will allow you to activate your Tres Power of Sensuality formula.
to accompany each training module.
Sensual Surge Video trainings with Tara
to add even more inspired revelations to your weekly calls.
MP3 Recordings, one for each module
so you listen from anywhere you may be, at your convenience.
Transcripts of your training modules
so you can read along with your training and highlight the portions most impactful for you.
to ask her your questions and get the insight your require in your life. This is a powerful time to receive personal coaching from Tara. (And we don’t know if this opportunity within Tres will be repeated).

Here are the six modules we’ll go deeply
into during your activation weeks…


Module 1
The Sensual Foundation

Together we’ll explore your three FemmeTypes: your Indie, your Frenchie, and your New Yorker. Not only will you fall in love with them, you’ll discover how to connect with each of them so you can be in alignment with all three. This is essential for supporting your desires.

You will also receive:
– The Daily Requirements for building your beautiful life
– Your SEVEN senses and how to ignite them (and why you want to)
– The truth about living sensually (this one thing will transform your life)
– How to know which FemmeTypes are out of sync and how to bring them in balance
– A simple way to bypass the behaviors that are holding you back

Module 2
The Sensual Circle

Think of the Sensual Circle like an invisible circle of energy surrounding you and protecting you.

This is the space required for you to access the deepest parts of what you desire, so you can call it into your life.

You know you need to set boundaries…but often as women we struggle with setting the boundaries that serve our highest good.

A crucial aspect of your Sensual Circle is setting boundaries..and I will reveal EXACTLY how to do that (you will be surprised!). This alone will tranform all your relationships

In module 2 I reveal secrets about setting boundaries and specific techniques that will REVOLUTIONIZE your life.

Module 3
Opening Up To Prosperity

It’s time to realize that receiving prosperity is a blessing you deserve! However, prosperity is about more than just financial gain, though that is definitely a rewarding part of it as well.

I’ll share an amazingly powerful process that allows you to receive abundance easily with the Notes to Riches technique.

It may surprise you to know that the very first step in attracting prosperity is not found in DOING more, as you will soon see.

This is so powerful, it can even heal financial disharmony that may haunt your relationships. You’ll finally be free to relate to prosperity in a sensual way that dissolves any barriers that have been keeping prosperity from your life.

Module 4
Opening Up to Pleasure

Perhaps you’ve been conditioned to think experiencing pleasure is something to be denied, or is somehow a selfish thing to do.

This kind of misplaced thinking creates mistrust within your body on a deep cellular level that triggers a “distrust” reaction when something actually feels good.

When you step into your sensual power, you’ll increase your capacity to experience three types of pleasure: Emotional, Mental, and Physical.

Instead of fighting with damaging cycles of deprivation or over-indulgence, you’ll find a refreshing balance that allows you to fully embrace and receive your desired life.

Module 5
The Magic of Receiving

Your ability to receive is what I consider to be your 7th Sense. Often overlooked by women, it is crucially important.

I’ll share powerful techniques that will allow you to open the door to receiving in a way that automatically impacts your prosperity as well.

The beauty of this is that it instantly frees you from negative feelings of competition, while simultaneously boosting your self-esteem and confidence.

When you do this, it creates a magnetic pull TO you and allows new and exciting opportunities to flow into your life with little or no effort on your part. This is what happens when you increase your capacity to RECEIVE.

Module 6
Sensuality On Demand

Now that you’ve experienced the power of saying YES to what you want for your life, you begin to LIVE your sensual power every day.

I’ll show you how to enlist the support of your three FemmeTypes so that you now experience a new way of every day as you LIVE the vision you’ve created for your life without apology or guilt.

But my darling one, of course I want to give you even MORE so you can luxuriate in receiving, which means…

Très Bien Again!
(Which Means Very, Very Good!)



I Feel So Blessed
“I feel so blessed to have stumbled across Tara and the Power of Sensuality! I’m excited as I begin my journey. Already, I feel more balance between all my FemmeTypes! I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with all of you beautiful women.”

I’m Living More Intentionally
“I’ve been living more intentionally and more awake in just the last couple of weeks since I started listening. I’m now more connected to the things I want and am starting to become more comfortable expressing that. Can’t wait to see how it continues to develop!”

I Love My FemmeTypes & They Love Me
“Thank you so much for the FemmeTypes. My life is so complete now with all of them expressive and alive! Friends have called me and said ‘I love how authentic you are.’ When I hear this, I know my Indie is present. I channel you Tara, and become vulnerable and completely, honestly myself. Thank you from such a deep place in me. I love my FemmeTypes, and they love me.”

My FemmeTypes Changed My Life 180 Degrees
“My FemmeTypes changed my life 180 degrees in terms of my relationship to myself, to my husband, and to others. Today I also have a business that is in complete alignment to my essence and calling. Plus I got to meet incredible, stunning, and inspiring women in this group. You are in the right place!”

My Life Is Blossoming Beautifully For Many Reasons.
“A long time daily journal keeper, Tara’s process adds extra fuel that deeply connects and moves me beautifully. Keep trusting your heart and follow your feelings—you are just where you need to be. Enjoy and celebrate the mystery and discovery!”

Today’s Call Was Exactly What I Needed
“Thank you Tara. Your courage, strength, grace, honesty, and self-love amaze and inspire me to grow to the fullest. I’ve been dividing and conquering myself all these years, and through Power of Sensuality, I realize and accept the fullness of who I am. I feel so much gratitude for this present moment. It’s truly a miracle.”

I’ve Lost 20+ Pounds
“My deepest thanks to Tara Marino and of course this amazing community without which I would never have had the confidence to do what I just did. This past November I began to allow myself to receive support around my body and health and have experienced a full transformation. I’ve lost 20+ pounds and feel amazing! I have had to move through all kinds of body image, self-worth and money stories and now I have a solid knowing that I am loved and I deserve to be happy!”

I Have Ignited The Power of Sensuality
“I am ready! Tara Marino, I really cannot express in words how deep this has been for me on so many levels. To uncover this part of me that is so deeply buried inside. I have ignited the Power of Sensuality within my self. I’m awake! This is just the beginning.”

A Renewed Energy Has Begun To Flow In My Body & My Life
“Infinite love to Tara Marino for creating the wonderful Power of Sensuality program. My skin is the softest it’s ever been in my adult life. My mornings are bliss with lemon water and walk in nature. I am clearing out my “old stuff” in my house, office, and computers. A renewed energy has begun to flow in my body and my life. My business is soaring. I’m launching a new collection of sensual bedding and a beautiful new e-commerce site to sell it on. I’m deeply grateful for my Power of Sensuality sisters for sharing yourselves in an inspiring and uplifting way to bring the group to new levels of acceptance and receiving. Blessings!”



Très Beautiful Bonus #1:
Our Beautiful for Life Event valued at $797!

Our Beautiful for Life in San Diego in 2014 changed lives. And I’m already breathing into something equally spectacular for 2015!

While I’m not quite ready to reveal the delicious details quite yet, be assured you will experience another exciting level of transformation when you attend Beautiful for Life!

Your admission to the upcoming 2015 Beautiful for Life event will be INCLUDED with your TRÈS Power of Sensuality investment today!


Très Beautiful Bonus #2:
Complete Video Download of our Elegant Femme Integration Trois Event

Wow. Simply Wow. That’s what Elegant Femme Integration Trois was! And since I’ve already mentioned how transformational it was, I want YOU to have access to it as well.

Now you can soak up every last drop of the life-changing inspiration and insights from EFI Trois simply by LISTENING!

As a member of Très Power of Sensuality, you’ll have access to the video files from the three-day Elegant Femme Integration Trois event. This is guaranteed to get you even more excited about attending the next stateside Elegant Femme event, with your Beautiful Bonus FREE admission!

We have NEVER done this before…

You will receive behind the scenes access Your Evolution Insight AND Your Natural Essence (This will be your biggest eye opener)


Très Beautiful Bonus #3:
The Simple System For Creating Everything You Want

This downloadable guide is a step-by-step process for allowing you greater clarity about exactly what makes you happy and fulfilled.

All you have to do is follow the path I’ve created, and amazing answers will emerge specifically for YOU! You’ll quickly see exactly what you want to do, where you want to go, and what is most important to you.

This is like having a personalized road map to fulfilling your dreams and making your desired life a reality! It truly is simple, but so incredibly powerful as you will soon see when you begin creating EVERYTHING you want!


Très Beautiful Bonus #4:
Your private TRES Power of Sensuality Community

This is where you get your daily blast of magic! I’ve seen it time and time again, and it is so inspiring. Frankly, I’m in awe of what unfolds within this inner sanctum of truth and beautify on a regular basis.

All you need is a Facebook account. Our team will take care of the rest. This is where you can rest easy with the support and camaraderie of the Power of Sensuality community. More than just a group of friends, it’s like a family of like-minded sisters who hold you up every single day.

Lifelong friendships begin here. Support, encouragement, and inspiration are literally at your fingertips. You’ll find women who “get you” in a way not even your other friends or family do. You’ll never feel alone in your journey again.

This literally is a PRICELESS Value!

Like a glorious rosebud waiting to unfurl its silken petals, when you are open to receiving and commit to stepping into your sensual power, the result is…


In fact scroll down below and take a peek at what really goes on in the Facebook group.


Lovely one, there is so much here for you. And I am so thrilled and honored to be your mentor and guide as you embrace your unique truth and beauty.

All you have to do is say YES while there’s still time.



I Learned From Tara How To Express My True Desires With Confidence And Say YES!

“Thank you Tara Marino and this beautiful community of women out to fulfill on living their lives as elegant femmes! This past week I manifested my dream car and it would not have happened had I not learned from Tara how to express my true desires with confidence and say YES and fully receive it as the opportunity came up this week unexpectedly, all happening with ease, grace and speed! Thank you!

“The Power of Sensuality has been nothing short of amazing! I discovered beauty within me for the first time. This confidence has had such an impact on my business that I was able to dive into a niche that I would never have thought possible for me before, but now that is the most profitable aspect of my business!”

“I signed up for your program because I was in complete overwhelm and needed some guidance.
Thanks to Tara, I now harness my feminine energy and am stepping back into who I want to be in the world! I got my sensual self back!

“Wow! Since I’ve joined the Power of Sensuality I cannot stop saying wow! My relationship with my fiancé took off and went to a much deeper level of love and trust than I have ever felt before in my life. I also launched my own program and have been experiencing incredible success. Thank you Tara!”


“I joined the Power of Sensuality at a time when I was feeling lost in my personal life and business life. Since taking this program doors are being opened everywhere.”

“Before activating sensuality in my life, I had done lots of personal development and self-help programs. But I still felt disconnected from my life, and always felt stressed out. Now I feel like a new woman! I have gone from spinning my wheels to launching my business and attracting paying clients!”

Power of Sensuality Is One Of the Most Powerful Programs I’ve Ever Done
“We all know that living your femininity is quite trendy at the moment, but none delivers the kind of topics you do. I love the idea of the three different FemmeTypes collaborating together. It gives you so much freedom and space to finally express yourself and be who you are. Love it!”




Try Très Power of Sensuality completely risk free…

I’ve done everything I can to allow your transformation to be simple and achievable for you, including an extremely affordable investment and multiple payment option.

I intend to remove every possible barrier so you may gift yourself the time and ability to do this without guilt or remorse.

However, I understand you may still have some uncertainty about whether or not Tres Power of Sensuality is right for you. ..

BUT the biggest risk we take is not making the shifts we know we require in our lives. Let’s work together to make TODAY the day you commit to YOUR beautiful life.

I am 100% confident that Très will assist you in creating YOUR beautiful life. So confident that you can go through the entire program and if you feel that it has not dramatically improved your life, we will give you a 100% refund.

All I ask is that is that you go through the entire program – all 6 modules and and complete the templates. Just submit your completed templates to and we will process your refund within 48 business hours.


I can’t wait to assist you in creating YOUR beautiful life. The one you truly desire.

See you inside!
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