2 Types of Fear you MUST know (the difference changes EVERYTHING!)


Or should I say “Hi y’all?”

Greetings from the very windy Outer Banks, where Hurricane Jose is showing us a very exciting welcome in our new hometown. Huge rains, winds, and waves are giving us a powerful sense of movement and…FEAR?

Actually, we are not in a location where the hurricane is bringing up this type of fear. I will call this Fear “Type 1”.

Yes, that is correct, today I’m sharing two types of fear with you.

It is so important that you can differentiate and discern which type of fear you are feeling.


One creates movement and expansion, and the other creates paralyzation and contraction.

Ok, back to Fear #1.

This fear is the basic primal fear that we feel when we face REAL danger. A bear, a lion, a hurricane…

This fear is there to PROTECT us and alert us that something is wrong and that we better back AWAY from a situation.

This type of fear has us back AWAY from a dangerous situation and is important to recognize.

If you have been confusing these two types of fear, you may find yourself backing away from things you actually want.

For example, maybe you tell yourself you are going to launch that program, or start that regime, or get on that dating website…but you don’t.

Instead, you feel paralyzed with fear. You feel stuck and contracted and you back AWAY from what you want.

Let’s look at Fear #2.

Fear #2 is that nervous fear that you get when you are moving towards something you want. The fear of failing, rejection, self-doubt, being laughed at, etc. are just some of the ways this particular type of fear can show up.

Here is what you need to know, this Fear is designed to assist you in growing and moving FORWARD, not away.

However, so many women get these two confused and react to Fear #2 as if it is a life-threatening Fear #1.

So HOW can you tell the difference?

I invite you to connect with your Indie and call forward your inner knowing.

The questions that will help you clarify and distinguish between Fears 1 & 2 are quite simple.

  1. Am I in imminent danger? Look at this from the REAL physical perspective. I know it can feel like you are going to die if you hear a ‘no’ from a client…but you will not.
  2. If I move FORWARD with this one thing (calling a client, having the body you really want, finding the love of your life), how will I feel?

Every time we grow, it can feel scary. I feel scared often! It is a part of evolution. I used to think if I was really doing the ‘right’ thing, I wouldn’t be scared, that I would have all the confidence in the world and just KNOW.

This wasn’t the case before, and it isn’t the case now. The very act of movement TOWARDS something requires faith and trust.

TRUST yourself to distinguish between Fears 1 & 2, and allow yourself the forward movement your soul has been seeking.

The subject and feeling of fear brings up so much for us…I’d love to hear what came forward for you around Fears 1 & 2–join the conversation below.

With love and beauty,


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