Union Thank You

This conversation requires you to TAKE THE STAND…in your own life. In a very new and different way.

Join me next Friday, October 12th for one of the most powerful conversations and trainings I have ever done.

You will learn

  • What to do (and not do) with all the energy that is running through you
  • How to identify what part is yours and what is not
  • How to honor the truth of the collective and GAIN momentum during this time (instead of being derailed)
  • How to not go into Burden or fight energy but instead allow the anger that is surfacing to FUEL you into your next level
  • How this subtle (or not so subtle) energy of depression, sadness, and hurt can give you direction
  • What is it your SOUL is really seeking

In order to be able to do something BIGGER, you must get in touch with the BIGGER part of you…

This conversation is designed to take you places you have yet to uncover and set you free in ways you have been longing for.

See you there.