No more settling, no more pretending...

Ready to live your beautiful soul-led rich life?

enough of the pressure, enough of  the anxiety,
enough achieving, enough proving...

Is it time that you were truly free?


So your life looks pretty good on the outside right? Maybe even close to perfect. And you have worked you a$$ off for that...but deep down it's not pleasing you. You feel trapped in a life you thought would make you happy.  And you are grateful, God forbid we forget that...and THAT ma cherie is part of the problem.  You are so stuck in trying to do it right (including knowing you are supposed to be grateful, and strong, and make money and take care of freaking everyone and everything) that you have begun to dim your light.

You secretly yearn to escape from it all. But you are an overachiever, you have always done everything right. So why aren't you happy? Your bank account may be suffering, or maybe your health...Maybe it's your relationships, or a little bit of ALL of it.

How would you live if you had nothing left to prove?
What would your life look like if you based your decisions on joy?
How would you move throughout your day and what would you spend your time on if you KNEW joy was your purpose and money was inevitable?

What does living a Beautiful Soul Led RICH life mean to you?

This is what we will be exploring together during the first part of 2022 together.

You don't have to do it alone.

It's time to finally live rich

“Honestly, working with Tara  changed my WHOLE DAMN LIFE.”

- Melissa

Here's What You Need:

More time to honor what is really calling you

Tired of taking care of everyone else, and yet you feel a certain super power by doing so. You are spread thin inside (and you mask it oh so well...) but that little voice keeps getting louder. When are you going to honor what is calling you? (and stop using money as an excuse not to)

Better EVERYTHING. Better health, better sex, better bank account...ALL OF IT 

Stop doing what doesn't bring you Joy. Stop pretending you have to hustle. Stop making it so damn hard, and stop OVERCOMPENSATING for those you love

Freedom to do whatever the hell you want

Café lounging, nature walk strolling, deep conversations, swimming, long beach walks, cozy hugs from your kids, lavish pets with your fur babies, inspired projects, star-gazing, novel reading, wealth building...YOUR RICH LIFE

The ONLY 10 week course to support you to SIMPLIFY, HONOR and CLAIM 
so you can be FREE to live your Beautiful Soul-Led RICH life NOW

femme riche


teach me plz

plenty of time, plenty of money

Your new mantra. Put down the hustle, stop over complicating your life. First you will bring things to completion that are no longer serving you. You will create a new WEALTH RESERVOIR of time and money. You will know exactly how much you require to create and receive. You will begin (or enhance) your monthly wealth building strategies. You will get clear on what you want money for and STOP exchanging your time for money.

Course breakdown:

teach me plz

Well-Being on steroids

Wake up as if you've been on a juice cleanse for months. Your health is a new priority (look I know you think you take care of yourself...but let's get real) You will focus and allow your Mental and Physical Health to take center stage. Is it time to stop drinking? Maybe it's time to give up the gym and move your body in ways you love. Maybe you need to finally address that voice that is telling you something is not right in your body. You will do a deep dive into your health from a place of devotion, honor and respect for your life.

teach me SVP

love-let it all in

Yes you love deeply, but you also guard yourself. You have so much pressure to perform and take care of others that you don't let all the LOVE in. You are afraid of letting others down, but even more afraid of depending on others and letting them fully in...what if you get used to it and then they leave (or you grow even more and leave them?) So you constrict and keep the love at a bit of a safe distance. Time to feel safe to let it ALL in. Here you will increase your capacity to receive love from the divine and it will over flow into ALL of your relationships. Let yourself be loved fully, whole-ly and uniquely as YOU

teach me plz

Beauty is...everything

The world is ready for a new era.  An era that appreciates beauty like never before. You will be exploring Beauty at its core essence and what it means to you in your life and how to honor it. How does Beauty enrich your life? What elements of Beauty do you require in your surroundings, in your home, in your business? Whether it is the stunning melody of music, the expression of art, the lines and blossoms of nature, Beauty will be expressed in your life uniquely through your environment and your experiences. You will learn to choose quality over quantity, celebrate and be healed by Beauty each and every day.






chÉrie you will...

How does this sound?

Fill your calendar with your dream activities that make your heart and body happy.

Create a wealth reservoir of relationships that bring more love into your life and gift you with more energy.

Finally let go of addiction to achieving and feel courageous and BOLD to live life on your terms.

Surrender and embrace beauty in your life as you heal anything that has stopped you from experiencing beauty in your life 

Replace soul sucking  obligations with joy filled choices and receive more in a month than ever before.


Allow anything that is not bringing you joy to come to completion


Create a new vision for Wealth in each of the foundational categories of your life


Embrace a new level of freedom, courage and BOLD choice as you live your Rich life-NOW


How it works

"I truly mean this; working with Tara is a Portal. A before and after. It was totally worth every decision I made to be join!


"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz!"

next review

A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

Alors... On y va!

"I accessed more of my personal power, personal charm and grace working with Tara then ever in my life!

Elegance, Grace, Beauty – All hallmarks of both Elegant Femme and its Founder Tara Marino. Joy, abundance, happiness and personal freedom –and Tara assists in bringing them forward. We are fortunate to live at this time of rapid change in the world and it is our opportunity (and,yes,obligation) to bring forth the best in each of us to enable us in living fullfilling lives in this turbulent time.

joie de vivre!

Phyllis embraced Joy in her life at 65

"I went from pushing through everything in my life to living in my flow."

Working with Tara was absolutely life changing! My relationship improved and I just suddenly saw a lot more of what I wanted and who I was. I`'ve opened up a flood gate in terms of recognizing all my further steps that allows me a more natural flow  instead of pushing things more quickly forward.

Anita is no longer pushing

"I went from not trusting myself and feeling trapped in my life to making choices that serve me every day. I feel FREE"

My life is BEAUTIFUL! I am experiencing my new found fun of enjoying my life. I am feeling my own balance, my own swag, the rhythm  within me! It's wonderful! I feel so blessed everything's that I GET to experience in my life.

Victoria is living her Beautiful life NOW


'If you are considering joining this program, the one thing that I will tell you is to absolutely trust yourself. go for it because there is magic on the other side. '

In the beginning of 2021 I sat down and made a list of what brought me joy. I then made a note of how much income that certain thing was bringing in. I made an enormous discovery…the things that were bringing in income were also the things that didn’t spark a huge amount of joy in my life.
I keep thinking I needed to do them just a little bit longer, while I reconnected with my joy. But that wasn’t working. I was under the illusion that having a new baby would give me the permission I needed to finally move into joy and say goodbye to the things I wasn't loving in my life. My exit strategy so to speak. After 5 IVF cycles, 2 IUIS, 2 reversals, a Tese procedure, a year long adoption journey, I finally released the illusion I didn't need to suffer a moment longer in order to say yes to the JOY I was truly seeking… This led me to a new level of freedom. And a new level of my Beautiful Soul-Led RICH life.

And now it's your turn...

You're tired of being the strong one. And if you're anything like me, you need help to give yourself a break, take the pressure off. To be soft, feminine & supported You just want someone to tell you it's ok to step back and honor what you need-NOW.

you're in the right place.


Join us today and receive an exclusive invitation

Brand NEW bonus! I wil be teaching you how to uncover your unique Je ne sais quoi. You will leave with a greater level of confidence, clarity and understanding of your unique brand in this world (no you don't have to have a business-this is the brand of YOU. Also will be sharing Parisian secrets on uncovering your special something.

OUI OUI I'm in!

Be spending your time and energy on projects that bring high reward — both financially and creatively.

Increase (or start) your wealth building portfolio. 

Clearly connect to your body and own your health confidently

Have a clear aligned plan vision for living your life in all 4 foundational categories

Know how to communicate and receive love from others without diming your light (or your desires)

Attract  and experience Beauty in new ways. Trust yourself with the healing powers of beauty in your life

By the end of Femme Riche, you will...


“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I can not express how deep this has been for me on every level. ”

- Christine m.

I have taken a lot of programs in the past. I didn't think would work for me.  And yet it did. Tara's programs are not cookie cutter, she goes deep and holds you accountable in a loving and self-honoring way. 

"I had done lots of personal development and self-help programs. But I still felt disconnected from my life, and always felt stressed out."

- Julie c.

Now I feel like a new woman! I have gone from spinning my wheels to launching my new business and attracting paying clients.

After losing my first born son, I made a commitment to live my life fully. We moved to France for seven years, lived in the French Alpes and then in Paris. Sailing is my husbands fav activity and soon became a family dream. We now live in the Outer Banks NC and built our beach house. At almost 46 years old I am happier, wealthier and more in love with myself and my life than ever before. My definition of my Beautiful Soul-Led RICH life is  RECEIVING my desires from joy not suffering. Co-creating with the divine.
Wealth building strategies that support my unique essence. Spending and investing money in alignment with my values. Trusting life and prioritizing life giving activities.
Enjoying SIMPLICITY and no longer over complicating. I am NO LONGER available for busy. nothing is more important than my own JOY-NOTHING
 I live a S L O W Riche life that J'adore 
-What does living RICH mean to you?

Five years ago, I was  tired and overwhelmed. I had created a 'successful life-but felt trapped, busy and felt so much pressure to perform to sustain it all...

13 years ago I created Elegant Femme, we grew fast. I had a big team, was doing lots of live events. I was jet setting all over the world, living in Paris, holding fashion shows...and I loved it all.
Until I didn't.
My Soul began to crave a slower, richer life. I wanted to stop being so busy, I wanted my wealth to grow without needing me to perform. I wanted to take a step back from achieving and start receiving from a feminine place. 

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

Femme Riche is the only course of its kind...
It's unique "Je ne sais quoi"

A FEmme Riche...

RECEIVES her desires from joy not suffering.
She co-creates with the divine.
She understands wealth building and has strategies that support her unique essence.
She spends snd invests money in alignment with her values-and owns her values FULLY.
She trusts life and prioritizes life giving activities with her time.
She enjoys SIMPLICITY and is done over complicating her life. and beauty are foundational pillars in her life.
She expresses herself creatively in the world.
She is no longer willing to sacrifice her happiness to make money.
She lets go of activities/people/places and things that she has outgrown…even when (especially when logic tells her not to.)

Une FEmme RIche

Eliminates anything that doesn't serve her desired experience of wealth, health, beauty or love. 

Success, true success is the simple experience of herself healthy, wealthy, in love and surrounded by beauty in all ways…always. 

She slows down in her life and is no longer available for busy.

She knows there is plenty of money and plenty of time, this truth reflects the way she walks and laughs and enjoys her way through life.

She trust in the divine knowing of her Soul…

She is RICHE

10 pre recorded modules

6 pre recorded welath integration meditations

connect with conscious women

Follow a proven roadmap

This program includes everything you need to experience your rich life.

Femme Riche will change your life...
IF you are ready and committed to show up for YOUR life.
No one else can commit to the life you desire, no one else can give you the clarity of 
what living Rich means to you. No one else can invest in YOU-
Are you ready to show up in a way you never have before?

A strategy for building and increasing your wealth

A system for honoring your body in elegant and graceful ways

Slowing down and creating from a place of authenticity

Building a life that will ensure your continued growth without overwhelm or pressure.

Bring things to completion that are no longer serving you so you have time for what lights you up

Feel more balanced, rested, and in alignment with your relationships, while you experience more beauty then ever before

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


"The purpose of nature is the advancement and unfolding of life, and everyone should have all that can contribute to the power, elegance, beauty, and richness of life." Wallace Wattles

You came here to live a Beautiful Soul-Led Rich life. It is up to you to explore, claim and honor the unique expression of God through you.
You and only You can live the life that calls you.

This      for you if:

You are ready to finally stop achieving and start receiving

You're not willing to trust yourself

YOu ARE a light seeker and desire more feminine energy in your life

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO show up for you

you're ready to stop denying yourself true wealth (in every way)

It's probably        for you if...

YOU'RE committed to the hustle and wont let go



live your beautiful soul-led rich life 


When does the program start?

The course starts April 13th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the calls live?

OUI OUI! Tara will be teaching 3 of the modules live. In addition, you will receive past recordings and witness the growth and evolution of other women who have said yes to living Femme Riche.

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes, we have clients join our programs from all over the world.  Each live call will be recorded and added to your membership area.


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