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The Beautiful Soul-Led life podcast is your place for desire inspiration, soul-led conversation and permission for unlimited beauty. 



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“Because when a woman remembers her beauty, 
she remembers her wholeness.” 


Ready to embrace and embody Your authentic self and Learn How to Trust Your inner most heartfelt desires-while living a beautiful life-NOW?



featured episodes:

Real Talk:  The birth of The FemmeTypes

In this episode I reveal the 3 key elements that are necessary to support you in living your Beautiful Soul-Led life. However, what I share here isn’t about working on yourself, fixing yourself, or “becoming” something. This is about an unravelling, a remembering, and an honoring of the truth of who you are, and you’ll hear how you can do this in your own life.

I want you to start here, by meeting and getting to know your FemmeTypes like I did, and then next week we’ll go deeper into how you can tell if your FemmeTypes are in sync or out of sync. When you can do this, you will feel an extraordinary fulfillment with your own Beautiful Soul-Led life. 


Latest Episodes

ecouter to  the

The More...receiving more of what is calling you from the most aligned place inside

La Resistance

How to create your Beautiful Soul-Led life without pushing or forcing

Feminine Impact and Influence..without the burnout

Letting go...when it's time.

Plenty of Time, Plenty of Money

The space in between-moving from where we are into our desires

Julie Solomon on getting 
what you want and 
her new book

Graduation Vibes

Special Masterclass Episode: How to Set Elegant Intentions

Ali Brown- the feminine dynamic and what the works needs now.

Showing up as ALL of you

Leaps and Desires

How to integrate after a vacation

Who are you? what do you do?

Luxury, how to allow it

The truth of how I 'birthed' Elegant Femme

The essential structure for the modern woman

Episode 22: Tout Est Possible

The Transition Phase - The College Drop off

Episode 23: Ask for what you desire…

Aligning your values and priorities with the real New Yorker.

I was Paris! How to honor your truth when life happens!

Episode 24: It's NOT about the results

Episode 25: What are you really seeking?

Episode 26: Following Your Intuition With Confidence

Episode 27: Who are you?

Episode 28: The Power of the Divine Feminine with Dr. Alisha Das

Episode 29:  Je Ne Sais Quoi

Episode 30: The TRUE Art of Receiving Pleasure

Episode 31: What To Do When “Perfect” Isn’t Available

Episode 32: The Energy and Frequency of Luxury

Episode 33: What Happens When We're in a Space of Gratitude

Episode 34: Encore Episode: Feminine Impact and Influence...without burnout.

Episode 35: Creating Boundaries in a Way Which Serves You

Episode 36:The Gift of Presence 

Episode 37: It's Not Pretty, But It's Always Beautiful 

Episode 38: 2023: The Year to Fully Trust Me

Episode 39: Heartfelt Desires

Episode 40: Graceful Acceptance

Episode 41: How to start a new month and create space to receive

Episode 42: How to receive the most from life (even when you are frustrated or feeling off)

Episode 43: Irreplaceable

Episode 44: You have nothing, if you don't have this

You're going to adore this pod if: 


You need content for your life that feels like YOU.


You desire encouragement from someone who's been there.


You want to laugh while talking about all things beauty, soul, life and more.

This is for REAL women, vulnerable, heartfelt and deep convos that feed the Soul and connect with your deepest calling for life...

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I’m Tara,
YOUR Beautiful Soul-Led life mentor

About your host

I am here to support you in living the most authentic version of you. You deserve to look good, feel good, and embody your purpose in the world...on y va

Edgy yet chic, timeless and powerful. Can drop an f bomb and yet (mostly) mediates daily. Committed to growth and evolution. Loves a good deep convo about spirituality and fresh white roses delivered to her doorstep. Can stay at the finest hotels and yet go camping...ok glamping. She is feisty and sarcastic, super funny and magnetic.  

Jet matte black tuxedo pants by Céline, perfectly tailored, shiny black stripe down the side. High strappy black suede Isabel Marrant heels. Eres black bodysuit.  Balmain blazer in black.  Cartier bangles on her right wrist, Sunday morning dance parties in the kitchen. Setting intentions with the boys before soccer...and celebrating every chance she gets.

She loves BIG, she cares deeply and she is here to support women in releasing the illusion of a deep seated pain to shift the consciousness of the planet through beauty.

French obsessed, Ennegram 4,Manifesting Generator, Beauty Lover, Soul committed

what  she said...

The day I found Tara Marino and Elegant Femme is a day my soul had been longing for. My life has been forever changed from observing and being touched by her authentic, beautiful soul-led life and saying YES to my own.

- Michelle S


“This podcast is my go-to for long drives, my morning runs, and my daily commute to the city. I can't get enough.”

- Katy

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