Boundaries Are sexy

We are tired of walking a line that isn’t ours

We are done obeying all the rules

We no longer need to try and protect ourselves from ridicule

We are over being the 'good girl' the 'nice girl'

We are no longer willing to just do what we are told

We won't let the fear of loosing love stop us from being ALL of who we are

We are over making others happy
We are over compromising ourselves for others

We are no longer willing to bury deepest dreams, even if it’s just a little bit

For the woman who desires to walk her own line

To remember who she is in the world

To get clear on her unbridled desires and embody them...NOW

Now, we create our own line
We remember who we are
We say yes to our unbridled desires

We no longer compromise ourselves for others
We stop fearing the loss of love 
We stop walking on egg shells

We embodies La Ligne

We know that boundaries are sexy

It's time to walk the most beautiful, sexy line you will ever walk... La Ligne

Creates boundaries that serve you (and that bring LOVE closer)

Learn how to Stop compromising yourself for others

Get clear on your unbridled desires

During this 5 Module series you will learn the Elegant Femme way of creating boundaries that serve you and your desires NOW.

You will uncover the boundary conversation that has been blocking you from your next level of wealth, power and desire.

We will cover Time Boundaries, Relationship Boundaries, Money Boundaries, Energetic Boundaries, Health Boundaries ( and two more types of boundaries that will change it all.)

Learn how to speak your truth


See the reflection of you power as you create boundaires that grow with you at every level

Have a process to follow to ensure that the boundaries you are creating are truly in alignment with you

How to know when its time to uplevel a boundary

How to set and honor a boundary so it creates more expansion in your life

What to do when a boundary feels like its being compromised

Know how to get more of what you want when you have boundaries

Witness What Beauty Can Inspire


She is leading the feminine shift that is happening in the world right now.

Ali Brown



More love
closer relationships
More money
More time 


I have released guilt and I am allowing beauty in my life!

As I am in the releasing guilt part of my Frenchie exercises, I wanted to share something HUGE: I have been wanting to decorate my office for 2 years now. TWO. YEARS. I bought one gorgeous butterfly tapestry right away, and then daydreamed of filling my office with inspirational quotes & artwork, lovely smells and music but felt guilty about buying all of the stuff. Well, guess what? I bought the wish list of stuff! And I am SO EXCITED!  

Janet E

“I’m releasing illusions from my past and enjoying exactly where I am”

I feel like I am AWAKE!!! Ed and I went to dinner last night and I ENJOYED talking with him, sharing my ah-hahs and wins and just laughing and having FUN! Our server was TOTALLY FRENCHIE ENERGY TOO!!!!! My senses are ALIVE!  I AM releasing illusions from the past and ENJOYING EXACTLY WHERE I AM and my vision for my future! Now I feel the path has cleared for new clarity in my business, and my life. 

Sarah O

“I feel more and more connected to life in the present moment like never before. I feel alive!”

"My most important insight is that I have always been looking for permission to "enjoy" anything, especially anything directly to do with me... I've even hidden behind my children in order to allow myself to enjoy - "Well, they like to do that so it's ok if I do it... it's not for me, it's for them.." So-o fearful, so sad; I can't believe I lived like that.
Enjoyment" has always been of others' pleasure, others' decisions, others' achievements and made me feel more and more that I am watching my life as if it were a film, not really engaging in anything, just going through the motions...
Yet I've been in EF for just two days and already feel the huge joy of following the flow of enjoyment... and am completely amazed that I have more energy for all the mundane things - the "have to do" things - that dragged me down and accomplished them as if on the crest of a wave - the wave of enjoyment??!!
Am now really hopeful about the future, whereas before I could see no other way but "same old, same old.."
Thank you so much!

I am experiencing an amazing shift in my consciousness, my relationships are blossoming and I am experiencing more opportunities to expand my coaching business and it is all happening effortlessly!”

Elizabeth G

Ali R

"I completed my Frenchie and now that I have gone through the layers and the modules SO MUCH OF MY LIFE MAKES SENSE NOW! And I am feeling freer to truly ENJOY and learn what I really enjoy in life. "

Tara's knowledge is wide ranging and esoteric and yet her talent is in how she navigates it all, aligning her insights with what is personal to you and delivering her advice in laser sharp, straight-shooting doses that are both compassionate and kind. 
The conversations of that day set my heart alight, challenging me and tuning my focus into my own talents and beauty. There is a synergy Tara taps into, to create an environment of trust and intimacy in which so much truth and beauty is revealed.

Tara's trademarks, yes, but also how she navigates the world. I came away so full of gratitude for Tara and so filled with possibilities that she helped me to identify and co-create. Tara is an elegant master

- Julia M

where it all began...

I have heard a million times over that the way I teach boundaries is unlike anything else in the world.

When women learn boundaries this way their lives change can never unlearn this.

I have a high level of expertise in this area and there  is always more...which is what makes the way I teach boundaries so unique.

I teach a process that no level of success can outgrow. You will always know how to set a boundary that is in alignment with your next extraordinary level.

That doesn't mean it will be easy and it doesn't mean it won't stretch you. It will and it should.

Before I created this way of boundary setting I would struggle to keep a commitment to myself and often forget or ignore the boundary I had created for someone else.

I would say I was going to do something and then I would cave. I was so afraid of losing love that I wouldn't speak my truth. I would say yes when I meant no, and no when I meant yes. And the only person I was really resenting was myself.

Once I truly understood what a boundary was and starting creating them in this way...EVERYTHING changed. And I do mean everything.

The excuses (and people) I was hiding behind no longer had power over me. I started to make aligned decisions based on my desires. I started to feel a new level of confidence with my clients, with my husband and with my children.
The way I showed up in the world changed and everything around me felt it. Yes my relationships. but also money and opportunities. I was now honoring more of my power and it was obvious.

I will be teaching you the depth of boundaries and how to create them at every level of success.

If you are joining me for the advanced Business Boundaries I will also teach you everything I know about creating boundaries in business and with clients that have supported me in creating an almost 10 million dollar lifestyle brand. 


We are here to see the reflection of our power.

Elegant Femme Boundaries support you to be a magnet

A magnet for opportunity.
A magnet for even greater love.
A magnet for LIFE.

We are here to embody La Ligne

My journey with Boundaries



This program / course / membership is the only one of its kind because...

IT does this really cool thing.

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Boundaries Foundation

5 Pre-Recorded Modules with Tara

Playbooks for each session

Private FB group

$555 (Immediate access)
(payment plan available)

  Boundaries Foundation +BUSINESS Boundaries

ALL  5 modules in Boundary Foundation + Playbooks

3 Live Business Boundary Modules

Access to advanced LIVE group boundary coaching session

1 payment of $1111
(value $7500)
*limited time*

What you receive...

Special pre recorded q&a bonus session

A chance to have Tara personally review your boundaries in business

When does the program start?

The foundation of La Ligne is available for immediate access. The Business Boundaries portion will begin 1/24/23. The full schedule and times will be released inside the group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make it live, are the calls recorded?

We alternate call times to have as many women possible  be able to join a live session. That being said we have clients all over the world and it would be  impossible to choose a perfect time. That is why  we loooove replays. The energy, the vibe and the transmission will be just as powerful in the replay.   All replays will be held in the private fb  group.

Is this program included in the Tout Est Possible Year long Immersion?

Boundary Foundation IS included in the yearlong Tout Est Possible Program. However, the Business Boundaries portion is not. If you are in Tout and would like to join us for Business Boundaries please email info@ElegantFemme for your upgrade link.


What is the difference between the Boundary Foundation and the Business Boundaries Course?

The Boundary Foundation is the overall foundation for creating and honoring boundaries in relationships, in decisions and in desires. If you are desiring to take boundaries to the next level in a professional setting-this is exactly what Business Boundaries is for. You do NOT have to be an entrepreneur or run your own business. You could be a teacher, or in corporate or be an entrepreneur or a coach. We will be talking about how to specifically set boundaries in these settings. Including raising prices, dealing with clients, honoring your truth etc. There will also be an exclusive HIGH level Q&A inside of Business with Boundaries and an opportunity to have me personally review your boundaries.