Gift yourself permission to live authentically.

"It’s not always pretty, but it’s always beautiful." 

As women, we ignite the truth of our hearts when we awaken our soul-rooted and harmonious feminine energies.

She embraces pleasure and prosperity. She doesn’t run past the beauty surrounding her, but revels in the magic of it. The universe is working for her, not against her. Whether it’s a slow walk on the beach, a designer bag, or a precious moment with her child— abundance surrounds her and she gracefully receives it. She doesn’t feel the need to explain herself. Instead, she owns her Beautiful, Soul-Led   life  — guilt-free.


Well, you’re not alone. It’s challenging to invite powerful feminine energetics when you feel trapped in your own life.

Feeling “trapped” resonates with many women, and for good reason. We’ve spent countless years so laser-focused on success that we can’t stop operating in “make it happen” mode. Unfortunately, “make it happen” mode is forceful, masculine, and unsustainable. How does this translate in a femme’s life? Sometimes as weeks, months, even years that feel unbalanced and uninspired. Or as an unshakeable sense of disappointment that you’re settling for less than what you truly desire. 



It’s time to receive the beauty that is meant for you.



One that awakens your senses and outpours beauty and pleasure.

One that gifts your body the time and attention it’s asking for.

One that savors precious moments with the ones you love most.

One that uncovers the impact & influence you feel called to. 

One that is abundantly beautiful, soulful, and feminine–– from the inside out.

Tara here – soulful femme with a Frenchie natural essence.

The Elegant Femme story and my personal story are deeply and intrinsically linked. Years before I created the FemmeTypes, EF programs, or ran a multi-million dollar business, I was a young woman in need of healing power. After tragically losing my newborn son, I searched for answers. Through turning inward, I uncovered the beauty and abundance around me, and slowly but surely returned to wholeness.

I had countless experiences before, during, and after my healing journey that led me to live out my life’s purpose. From obtaining degrees in International Business, French, and Psychology, to years of intensive IVF, to living in France with my family, to designing a clothing line featured in Paris Fashion Week–– each moment has delivered me spiritual growth and feminine power. Now, I support Elegant Femmes around the globe as they do the same. 

This work is sacred, truth-filled, and transformative. It starts when you allow yourself to awaken desire and receive the eternal flow of beauty you’re called to. Exhale, mon amour. Your Beautiful, Soul-Led life is waiting for you.


I’m the Founder & CEO of Elegant Femme, a French clothing designer, and a mentor for women returning to the truth of their souls worldwide.

My Story:

From the beginning

You need to know that I have been in some pretty tough places and then come out from the other side and built a beautiful life…

You need to know that I have felt what you have felt. That I have experienced self-doubt, shame, guilt, disappointment, hurt, anger, grief AND that through all of it, I have overcome and processed those experiences and feelings and allowed them to fuel me. They helped me create a life of freedom… instead of feeling as if I’m paralyzed with no choices.

I teach women around the world to do the same. It is not about getting rid of your story or forgetting your past, it is about a deep integration, an evolution that becomes a platform for a new trajectory. A trajectory for the beautiful life you are meant to live.

Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico to parents who loved the Southwest and animals–much of which I denied loving for the majority of my life, maybe out of spite or trying to be different. I always wanted to know I was unique and special in some way, and for most of my life, I felt I was too average and ordinary.

Stood up for my friend who was being sexually abused by her older brother and received a harsh phone call from her mother. She screamed at me and told me to mind my own business and that I had now ruined her son’s chance of getting into West Point. I questioned my self-worth and felt rejected and betrayed. This defining moment haunted me for years and taught me the courage it was going to require to take a stand for what I believed in…

Moved to Julian, California; dreamt of golden beaches and sunshine, ended up in a town known for apple pies and horse-drawn carriage rides. I went to school in a one-room schoolhouse and walked home from school every day on a dirt path full of Manzanita trees … SERIOUSLY

How I created my Beautiful Soul-Led life...




Convinced my mom to drive me 30 minutes away and transferred to Ramona High School so I could learn how to speak French. I inherently knew Spanish just didn’t light me up. I was the brand new girl in school, was scared and introverted which led to other high school girls calling me stuck up and bitchy. .

Visited Tahiti and heard French for the first time, This trip was a life changer as my entire body responded and I KNEW I needed more of this feeling…ALIVE.



My Story:

Over the course of my life, I have lost my first-born son, overcome an eating disorder, been divorced and remarried, moved away from my home country AND moved into my version of my beautiful life. I created a successful business that’s assisted thousands of women to awaken to their deepest calling. Been blessed with 2 incredible boys and a loving husband of 15 years and started a fashion line. Below, you will find the details of my journey, the heartache, and the triumph. It is my intention that the reveal of my story offers you hope, inspiration, connection, and deep permission, so that you too can live the life you were born to live. Your own version of your Beautiful Life.

Was told by my French teacher my freshman year in college that I should give up my major in French since I wasn’t very good at it. I went home crying, considered her comment and then chose very deeply that I would rather fail doing something I loved than listen to someone else’s opinion of what I was capable of… I graduated from college with a double major in International business and French. My dreams of changing the world were not far behind.

My first trip to France and it changed my life forever. Stepping foot on that land I knew I was home…my body responded with such pleasure and joy, now I know it was my Indie speaking to me, a pure deep resonance with my soul’s calling.

Met the love of my life, my husband Dave in a bar in Arizona! (I know of all places). It was an immediate soul connection and we found out a year later that our grandparents were neighbors in New York in the 1950’s and his grandfather was a doctor and delivered my aunt and uncle! Talk about destiny!

I found out I was pregnant at age 17 and felt lost and afraid. My ‘perfect good girl’ status was one I was petrified to break and although my parents had always told me they would love me no matter what…I was too scared to let them down. I carried this in silence, worked extra hours and overtime as a waitress and had an abortion. I would not say the act itself is something I am “proud of”. It haunted me for years. I will say I am proud of that young woman who at such a young age took a stand for her truth and honored what she believed was right for her. This opportunity brought forward such a powerful gateway for self-forgiveness and self-compassion.





I began to communicate with my FemmeTypesTM. I didn’t know what they were or even have that name yet. Every day I started journaling with aspects of myself and began calling them Frenchie, Indie, and New Yorker. I made a choice to heal from the wound of losing Mason and the FemmeTypes were my salvation. Shortly after, I began coaching other women who had lost children as a way of healing and giving back.

God blessed us with two healthy baby boys and my time was spent discovering motherhood in a new way. My soul felt more connected to a level of impact and influence with the FemmeTypesTM and I began to create business plans and visions for how I might be able to impact this world with my gifts.

Making it real. We sold our custom home and downsized as we began to choose what we really wanted next. I wanted to move to France and travel the world and I knew that creating a virtual business was the way to go. Elegant Femme was in the works with visions and plans of how the FemmeTypesTM could assist women in living their most fulfilled and beautiful life.

We gave birth to our first baby boy in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was a mom and I felt incredible purpose. Our son, Mason James was born beautiful and as I held him in my arms, I knew my life would change forever. He contracted a virus and died in my arms 6 days later. I left the hospital with a pregnant body and no baby…and went home to an empty nursery. This was the most challenging time of our relationship by far. The divorce rate for couples who lose children is over 85%. Every day, we had a choice to let this consume us or rise into the power of this experience. After a year of depression, anger and perceived powerlessness I heard a deep calling to choose life.





Elegant Femme was officially on the map and within one year we were over 6 figures in revenue. Dave left his corporate job of over ten years to join me in creating the most transformative personal growth company for conscious women dedicated to beauty, travel, and soul.

We moved to FRANCE! We put all of our things in storage and headed to France on vacation;)…we never came home. I had never felt so free. Our business grew to over a half a million within three years and we never looked back.

I went to fashion school in Paris and began my next dream. A life of fulfilled desires is what fuels me and I knew I needed to follow this deep passion. I was so scared to enter into fashion, so afraid I would be seen as selfish and materialistic. I wanted to change the world through consciousness and I didn’t understand why I so longed to make beautiful lingerie. I trusted myself and followed my calling all the way to French lace and Italian cashmere.

Sent in a video to Jeff Walker and became one of his first product launch managers. Dave and I attended the 4-day seminar with a vengeance and invested over $10,000, in ourselves to take this leap.





Fulfilled my husband’s dream of sailing around Greece for one month–he was the skipper. One of the most romantic and exciting adventures yet…next up–around the world.

Paris Fashion show…hard to believe but true. Our cameraman was from Christian Dior and our photographer from Chanel. We held our first catwalk and opened the show with a 55-year old model, Sylvia Gobel who has walked the runway for Yves Saint Laurent and Azzedine Alaia. Received a standing ovation from the Parisian Press for our “I am Beauty” campaign and were featured on Fashion One TV for over 400 million viewers.

We moved to Paris as Elegant Femme continued to grow. Our company transformed the lives of thousands of women around the world with a team of women around the world. The FemmeTypesTM transformed the lives of thousands of women by assisting them to follow their soul and life purpose.




I have chosen to take a sabbatical and not work from the beginning of June – September. During this time, I will be sailing with my family, exploring new adventures…and RECEIVING.

I am being asked to share a powerful level of truth with the world and I need time and space to receive it. We need to REST in order to RECEIVE.

My intention is to set forward a brand new way of BEING in the world and honoring ourselves as women.

I am taking this sabbatical so I can be more of the woman I am here to be, the soul I am here to honor and allow my life to be even more spirit led. In the meantime…our team is here. See you soon!


Beauty, Soul, & Joy-Inspiring Pursuits


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I love the sleek lines and edge of Balmain classics.  And Céline Will always have a place dans mon cœur.



guided meditation


Sunday Mornings


J’adore ‘Seat of the Soul’ with Gary Zucav

Long walks on the beach with our fur babies.  Just listening to the ocean puts me at ease.

celebrity cocktail


You can’t go wrong with Laurent Perrier champagne or a gorgeous glass of Côtes du Rhône 



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