Your Divine Calling

"The Embody program has been a beautiful GIFT  in my life, I now have a deeper and more fulfilling connection to myself and my business"

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"The Embody program has been a beautiful GIFT  in my life, I now have a deeper and more fulfilling connection to myself and my business"

"I started writing my second book!"

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"Going through the Embody program was life changing. I'm not just saying that. It. Literally. Changed. My. Life."

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"Never before have I been so calm and
assured of decisions in my life."

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Bonjour, Chérie

I’m Tara

Frenchie natural Essence, EnNeAgram 4, ManifestinG Generator, Author, Fashion Designer, Lover of beauty and soul

Elegant Femme was born when I healed my own relationship with desire. Miraculously, that journey revealed my life’s purpose–– to support women as they awaken the truth of their feminine souls.

This work is ethereal, it’s transcendent, it’s transformative. And you, too, can let go of unworthiness and guilt to reveal beauty and truth. Trust yourself, femme. You were created to experience the pleasure-filled life you desire.

I have followed an Unconventional Path to create a successful 8 figure business, travel the world with my boys and start a fashion line that was showcased on the Paris runway.

I help women to be WOMEN again.

To embody their feminine and claim their power, in a way that is unique to the unfolding and expression of their Beautiful Soul-Led Life.

Mentor, maman, & creator of the FemmeTypes that guide women to their most sacred & heartfelt desires.


Embody is a 6-week journey to

Gracefully live your Soul's purpose and Enjoy a life that reflects the REAL you

For the woman who desires to trust herself fully.

who is being called to embody and embrace her souls calling

the woman who is devoted to prioritizing what matters most





Raison d'être...

And you catch a glimpse of it sometimes... are second guessing yourself


We’re here on this planet to live out our best lives. To experience the desires that light up our souls.

The irony is the conventional plan sucks. It doesn’t work the way we were told it would. It used to be…

Get good grades. Go to college. Find a good man. Have kids. Buy the house. Make your 401k contributions.

And one day, you’ll get to a place where you can finally live out your desires.

And this is exactly where we get caught in the trap and spend countless years missing out on what our SOUL truly wants to experience.

Don’t get me wrong. Many of the things in the list above are great. Some of them are exactly what many women want.

BUT what often happens is women get so fixated on the goal they are supposed to have that they end up bypassing what their SOUL truly wants.

I teach women to identify their Soul-Led Focus (SLF). When you discover what your Soul-Led Focus is and you follow your own unique, unconventional path to get there, your life will change.

When a woman taps into her SLF she has confidence in making decisions.

She opens up to her desires coming towards her instead of chasing them.

She honors her desires and trusts her intuition without second-guessing herself.

She feels the presence and intimacy of her Soul and God, which allows her to trust herself AND to trust LIFE

Too many women lose years and decades of their precious lives focusing on the wrong things. Going through the motions that they are “supposed” to do.


Are wondering if you are going in the direction you are meant to...

Feeling like the path that is actually pushing your desires further away

Feeling confused, lost and even ashamed (you're a spiritual girl you should know this right now right?)

Maybe your life is good, great even, but you feel that there is more for you

"Before Embody I was at pivotal year in my career growth. I was named to one of the most senior positions at the international newspaper where I work, I'd traveled to more than 20 international cities, was featured as a  thought-leader in several publications and headlined conferences worldwide.

Carla Z

"When I signed up for Embody last year, I was at a crossroads. I was feeling a myriad of things - overwhelm, disconnection and confusion over what I was supposed to "be”. I felt like I was wasting time and needed to go faster and figure it all out, but my body was saying, "STOP. Slow down. You need to listen to yourself." Then Embody came into my life. Only by slowing down and working on myself was I able to get out of my rut. Embody helped me start that journey.

Through the program, I have learned a new framework and process for staying in conscious contact with my soul's calling and am practicing that every single day, with gratitude, respect and commitment to living my life's desires fully."

And yet, I felt overwhelmed, oversaturated, burned out and out of touch with my body, relationships and true calling. I'd been busy on the achievement rollercoaster, working to achieve the goals I thought I SHOULD achieve, but had given little time or thought to what my soul desired for me.

Giving myself the gift of the Embody program helped me learn how to create space in my life for the quiet self-exploration I needed to clarify what I require.
During the program I uncovered my Soul-Led focus and I
*began working with a writing coach and am working on a plan to publish my memoir, which I have been "wanting" to write for years
*began working out with a trainer to lose weight and gain muscle (nearly ten pounds down already!);
*started communicating with my husband in a brand new way that centers on honesty, openness and vulnerability; and joined the
Creme (but that's ANOTHER story for another time)"

Vicki H


The process starts with

Learn the true essence of Embody and why is is the only "HOW" that you need

Open to the Embody Reflection and see what it is you are truly embodying in your life.

The Embody Equation.

Week 1

Feel empowered by knowing what has stopped you from embodying your full truth in the past 

Receive The Embody Equation and use the magic of geometry to open up one area in your life and ALLOW a transformation of clarity and deep desire to surface.

Begin to melt into your beauty as you understand the true connection with this powerful vibration and how it can ultimately change your life.

Plug into a more aligned and easy power for your Soul-led focus

Your Soul-Led focus changes based on what you require to learn to receive the highest level of fulfillment, expansion and enjoyment.

21 point Beauty truth analysis process so you can MAKE sure this is your truth, and let go of any should's or have-to's that have derailed you in the past

"The Beauty Truth Analysis."

Week 2

Uncover your Soul-led focus through the Embody Equation so you know where to put your time and energy (and stop feeling drained and confused about your life)

You will be brought through a STEP by STEP process and have your Soul-Led focus revealed to you

Trust yourself at higher level than ever before to move towards your quantum leap!

Infuse The FEMMETYPES into you S.L.F

Know WHAT to do or not do to honor your unconventional path.

Week 3/4

Take aligned actions towards your Unconventional path (without second guessing yourself!)

into your Soul-Led focus.

Trust & Permission


You will have CONFIDENCE and COURAGE at this stage

You will have CLARITY about WHICH actions are truly yours to take...NOW

you will need (both internally and externally) to embody your Soul-Led focus

Create new boundaries specifically for your Soul-Led Focus

This week is all about assisting you in constructing the

Week 5

Move through your day with confidence knowing you are doing exactly what you should be doing to follow your desires

New Boundaries

Uncover the truth behind EVERY Soul Led focus and how this will support you in creating boundaries that are unique to you and what your Soul is desiring to experience 

My personal technique that I have been utilizing for years that supports me in honoring my boundaries without apology or guilt. This technique alone could change your life

You will learn the practical application of your Soul-Led focus and your unconventional path.

How do you continue to Embody it?

Is about taking it to

Week 6

Integrate new beliefs about yourself and your ability to honor your Soul that will assist you in following through on what truly matters most

The Next Level and learning how to live this way.

Continue to infuse your "factor" into your life and allow this area of your life to fully transform. 

Be aware of the identity that is being called through you that will support your SLF

Allow your personal factor to saturate every area of your life, and know how to ACT in accordance with what you truly desire going forward?

The Embody Program came at the perfect time as I was in the midst of changing a huge aspect of my career.

I was able to take aligned actions that were supportive of what I really wanted to Embody. It helped me prioritize and become aware that I was living to please others rather than embodying my soul’s truth.

I now have a deeper confidence in my ability to change what is not working for me without worrying about pleasing others or disappointing them.

There is more freedom and expansiveness that I have experienced since making the changes. I am grateful to have a framework to evaluate various soul-led focuses in the future as circumstances in my life evolve.”

I now have a deeper confidence in my ability to change what is not working for me without worrying about pleasing others or disappointing them.

Veronica Quezada

Never before have I been so calm and assured of decisions in my life!

"Embody. How to even put it into words?!! I have boundless gratitude for
Tara's endless work of inspiring beauty, not only did I grow into a more
accepting and whole version of myself but my intimate relationship became
closer and my direction clearer. Never before have I been so calm and
assured of decisions in my life.
Through Embody, I discovered a beautiful
framework for allowing myself to identify closer with the desires of heart. Yet
it really goes beyond that- truly aligning awareness of ALL my senses and my
feminine, I find life becomes an organic unfolding of co-creation rather than
pushing and struggling.

Not pleasing others or floating in a sea of uncertainty, instead I found power
in honoring my femmes and growing the courage to live fully my own life,
on my own terms"

Veronica Quezada

It was truly transformational. The shift was huge... huge, yet it felt easy.

Adrianne Z

Suzanne Forbes

Asked Questions


How Much Time Will This Program Take?

This transformation is an investment in time and money. I would invite you to block out 2-3 hours a week truly receive what is here for you. There are a couple of ways to look at the investment of your time. You can ask how much time it will take or you can look at how much you will receive. And see what is the biggest priority for you in your life right now. If you are a woman dedicated to your connection with your Soul and you intend to live out this life without letting a piece of you and your Unconventional Path go there anything more valuable you could spend your time on?

How Is The Program Delivered?

Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive an email with your login and membership information. You will receive immediate access to week one, which includes a powerful video lesson and a playbook to support you in beginning to uncover your Soul-Led Focus. Over the course of the next 6 weeks you will receive your weekly lessons and playbooks to support your integration.

Is There Any Live Support With This Program?

This is a self-study program with immediate access and does not contain a live coaching component. This allows you to take the program at your own pace, pause, and reflect as you lead yourself through the most sacred unfolding.

I Am Afraid To Invest In Myself? How Do I Justify The Investment?

You Can't! You can not JUSTIFY an experience and RECEIVE from it at the same time. It doesn't work. It's like oil and water. As soon as you move into justification energy you cut off your receiving energy. I see it happen all the time. And remember I have personally been there. I am not coming from some pie in the sky or ethereal idea of what works... I have lived it (and continue to live in, I am in nooooo way perfect).

I have found that when women invest in themselves significantly, their results and their commitment reflect their level of investment.

Is There A Payment Plan?

Yes, we have a supportive payment plan available if that supports you.

Please note these are biweekly payments.

Do You Offer A Refund Policy?

Our programs are non refundable. However, we do intend for you to fall in love with the program and the way it's delivered so you have 48hr window after purchase that if this does not feel like a good fit let us know and we will honor a refund. After 48hrs there will be no refunds, no exceptions. Please ask any questions in advance of purchase so we may do our best to support you.

“Going through the Embody program was life changing. I’m not just saying that. It. Literally. Changed. My. Life.

Prior to the program, there were aspects of my life that felt out of alignment and some pieces that were missing. I was no longer feeling as connected to the Universe and was unsure of what I was being called to in the next steps of my life. 

Once I uncovered my Soul-Led focus, every step of my path started to become more obvious and the Universe started to shift things around based on what I was desiring and asking. Throughout each of the modules, I finally started to feel back in alignment with who I am and what I am here to do. I was reminded of the power in surrendering to my highest good. 

The program gave me the courage to leave my high paying job that was no longer serving me and pursue becoming a certified crystal healer. In addition, one of the clear visions I got about my path is that I was meant to return to Elegant Femme as a team member (I was here a few years ago)…. and voila, it actually did happen! I am now living a divinely fulfilled, happy life and am confident of the path being shown to me asI am now completely connected again with the Universe. The Embody program is truly one of the greatest gifts!”

Amy Basingstoke